Instagram has recently announced that it is now bringing its Direct Messaging service to its website. The feature which was earlier app-exclusive is now available by anyone who visits the website on the browser of their computer (we will henceforth use the term PC for both Windows and Mac systems). This means you will now be able to check and send messages on Instagram using your computer, which is kind of cool.

post on instagram from your pc or mac, almost like your phone - instagram header

That said, Instagram has quite a few features that the platform has kept to its app alone. For instance, the website version of the platform still does not allow you to post a picture. It may not bother those who snap and post most of their content through their phone, but for those who use a DSLR or like to use heavy-duty editing software to edit their photos, it can be nothing short of a task to transfer pictures to their phones and then upload them. But what if we told you there is a way through which you can upload pictures, make comments, mark likes, and even view Stories on Instagram using a browser – in short, do a lot of what you could do on your mobile phone? And a way that does not require you to fiddle around with browser settings or download third party (and often paid) apps?

How to Post on Instagram from PC

Well, there is. You just need a browser called Vivaldi. Vivaldi is your browser next door (it comes from the folks who designed the very popular Opera browser) but with a few handy tricks and features up its sleeve. One of these is an easy way to upload your pictures and videos on Instagram right through your computer, all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Get that browser:

You have to first download Vivaldi if you do not have it already. It is pretty easy. All you have to do is, visit this link and here you will find the option to download the browser for both Mac and Windows.

2. Vivaldi, show me a panel:

Once you have downloaded the browser, you need to launch it. When it is up and running, you need to open what Vivaldi calls a panel on it. In order to do so, you have to click on the small rectangular window-like icon present on the bottom left side of your screen. Alternatively, you can just go to “View” in the menu on top and choose “Show Panel.”

3. Getting into add mode on the panel, click on “+”:

Clicking on the Window-like icon will open up a panel on the left-hand side of your screen (something that you can change in settings if you want – you can move it to the right). The opened panel has a number of options lined vertically on the extreme left side of the screen. You have to select the “+” icon, which is also the last option in the line.

4. Here we come, Instagram:

The “+” icon will open up a small white column where you can type the address of any site and pin it to your panel, allowing you to access it easily. Here, you have to type the Instagram address and click on the “+” right after the address bar.

5. Them usernames and passwords:

post on instagram from your pc or mac, almost like your phone - insta login

Opening up Instagram will take you to the login page of the website. Here you have to fill in your details like username and password in order to start using the network.

6. That’s it! Upload, edit, and share:

post on instagram from your pc or mac, almost like your phone - insta

Once you are in, Instagram on the browser panel will open almost exactly as it opens in the app on your phone. You can now click on the “+” icon on the base of your screen, select the picture you want to upload, put the filter you like, write the apt caption with the right hashtags and you are good to go.

7. You can view stories and messages too:

post on instagram from your pc or mac, almost like your phone - insta viewstory

Instagram web on Vivaldi also allows you to look at the stories that your friends have posted, which means you can stay up, to date even while you are on your computer. And yes, you can see and send messages from here as well!

Once pinned, Instagram will stay in your panel, which means you will not have to repeat the process again and again. It will just like having an app on your to which once logged in, you can pretty much use whenever you like. To go to the main browser window, just clock on it, and whenever you want to see Instagram, just click on the icon in the corner or opt for “Show Panel.” And of course, because it opens on the side panel, you can also keep browsing other websites even while keeping Instagram open on the side – just remember to disable “floating panel” by going to “Panels” in the browser “Preferences” – and multitask away. You can even resize the panel if you want. Mind you, do not overdo it – it can butcher the resolution, although sometimes it helps while using filters and edit options.

Of course, it is not the complete Instagram on your computer yet – you cannot post stories, and you cannot post more than one picture. Still, it is a whole lot more than you can do on the bare-bones website on other browsers. We also love the fact that the panel makes Instagram look just like it does on our phones.

So the next time you are working on your PC and want to check up on Instagram or make a post there, do not unlock your phone or type in URLs in the browser. Just switch to Vivaldi. It is a very good browser as well. But that is another story. Relax, we are writing that one too!

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