With an ever-increasing dependence on information, we are more reliant on the internet now than ever before. From surfing the web for information related to work and learning to personal and entertainment requirements, we are always on the internet on our phones, tablets, or laptops. While there is the built-in bookmark functionality on a lot of browsers to suffice the needs for most of us in general, there are times when you have numerous tabs open at once, but can’t manage to view/individually bookmark each of them instantaneously. For such instances, a bookmark manager is one essential utility to help you save and manage your bookmarks, and keep your browser decluttered from bookmarks. So, to help you better manage and organize your links and other content, here are some of the best bookmark managers.

Best Bookmark Managers to Try in 2022 - Best Bookmark Managers

1. Raindrop

Raindrop is an all-in-one bookmark manager, which comes with a simplistic and clean interface that makes bookmarking and reading content fun. Talking about saving content off of the internet, it allows you to save different types of content, such as articles, books, documents, and music. To add to the functionality and automate the bookmarking process, the service provides its API, along with integration support for IFTTT and Zapier. And to ensure you do not lose access to any of your bookmarked items, it backs up your content to the cloud.

Best Bookmark Managers to Try in 2022 - Best Bookmark Manager Raindrop.io

When it comes to organizing and arranging saved items, the experience is made easier with features such as nested collections, manual sorting, and batch processing. In addition, looking up for content is also simplified using a full-text search that allows you to search the content of your bookmarked items quickly.

Raindrop is a free to use service, but with a limited set of functionality. So, if you want more control over your collection, you can upgrade to the Premium. However, if that’s not the case, and you do not want the extra features, you can stick to the free plan for basic bookmarking needs.

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2. Diigo

If you are looking for a quick bookmarking solution that allows you to save and archive content for later without going overboard with different functionalities, you should check out Diigo. The service is pretty straightforward and makes it easy for you to save items you come across while browsing on the internet. It even provides you the option to organize saved items in a structured manner and add relevant tags to each item to make it easier to find them later. Besides, some of the other features it offers include the ability to highlight text for personal reference, add notes and reminders, share your research collection with other people using the collaborative platform, and archive your online resources to revisit later.

Best Bookmark Managers to Try in 2022 - Best Bookmark Manager Diigo

Diigo offers a free plan, along with three different paid plans to serve those who need more functionality. The free plan comes with ads and restricts certain features, whereas the paid plans, namely: Standard, Professional, and Business, unlock more features and enhancements.

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3. Bookmark Ninja

Bookmark Ninja follows a simplistic yet organized approach to allow you to manage your bookmarks. It has a Dashboard View with columns for various categories that you can tweak to your liking by adding or removing categories, sorting them alphabetically, or changing the background color for better identification. Similarly, there is also the My Bookmark View, which offers a detailed list view for your bookmarked items along with a catalog to archive old items. Given the requirement, you can then move items between the two views, add tags for categoric identification, and perform other bulk operations. The service stores all the saved items privately, while also offering the option to share the bookmarked items with others.

Best Bookmark Managers to Try in 2022 - Best Bookmark Manager Bookmark Ninja

Bookmark Ninja offers a 30-day free trial for you to check out the service before spending your money. After which, if you find your bookmarking requirements met, you can upgrade to the Premium and get access to all its features.

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4. elink.io

elink.io is another feature-rich bookmark utility for saving different types of content while surfing the web. In fact, it is one of the most popular bookmarking solutions on the list. Talking about what you get with the service, aside from the usual features, such as the ability to bookmark different types of content, add tags and filter items based on various parameters, add quick notes, and share with others, you also get the ability to choose different templates, perform a smart search, build newsletters, create webpages for a personalized feed, curate content with RSS feed, and more.

Best Bookmark Managers to Try in 2022 - Best Bookmark Manager elink.io

elink.io comes with a free plan for individuals, which offers the basic bookmarking and organizing functionality, but restricts certain advanced features. So for those interested in more features and want to get rid of ads, there are different plans categorized into Individual, School, and Enterprise, to cater to different needs.

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5. Lasso

Lasso is more than just a bookmark manager. Instead, it is a cloud-based bookmark manager with web research and content curation functionalities to allow you to collaborate with other people and share your curated content online. However, besides the web research management, much like enlink.io, it also offers a slew of features and organization functionalities for general bookmarking needs. To begin with, you get the usual set of features to save items for a later time, along with the ability to filter and sort items and find them using a simple text search. Getting into the advanced feature territory, you can create your own collection based on different categories, view all your bookmarked content using different view options, create a page to showcase your collection of curated posts, and share your collections across different social channels.

Best Bookmark Managers to Try in 2022 - Best Bookmark Manager Lasso

Lasso is free to use for individuals and up to 5 team members. So, if you wish to create a collection of research content with your teammates, you can use Lasso to curate and organize all your content in one place, without having to rely on any other service.

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6. Pocket

Pocket is not exclusively a bookmarking service, but it does allow you to save items you want to revisit later. Although you do miss out on the advantages and features offered by a full-fledged bookmark manager, the simplified content bookmarking experience, along with a minimal set of tools and focussed reading, does make Pocket one of the quick and simple bookmarking solutions. To give you a quick rundown of its features, you get a one-tap bookmark solution, with the ability to download content and access (read or listen) it offline, add tags to find them easily, highlight text, and archive the saved content.

Best Bookmark Managers to Try in 2022 - Best Bookmark Manager Pocket

Pocket offers both a free and a premium plan. With the free plan, you get the basic bookmarking functionality with the ability to read or listen to saved items. Whereas, with the premium subscription, you are provided with a few more functionalities to offer more control over your content.

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Now, every time you come across something interesting while surfing the web, you can use a bookmark manager from the list above to bookmark/save it to revisit later. Moreover, using these services, you can also manage your bookmarked items in a much effective and organized manner.

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