Along with other alternatives to the Microsoft Office Suite of Apps, Google also offers Google Docs, a free and feature-rich cloud-based online word processor and editor. Users of Google Docs can easily create, edit, and format word documents. You can also save your documents in various types of readable file formats.

best google docs add-ons

However, if you’re an experienced user of Google’s default features, the simple usability of the web tool might not be sufficient for you. Fortunately, you can find a variety of Google Docs add-ons on the Chrome Web Store that will enable you to accomplish your goals. An online active internet connection is necessary for any work to be completed in Google Docs.

Here we’ve compiled seven essential add-ons you may use right away to help you edit documents on Google Docs.

Installing any add-on requires giving it certain permissions, such as viewing and managing all of your Google Drive files. Do not install the add-on if you are uncomfortable granting these permissions. It is especially important to be cautious if sensitive information is stored in your Google Account.

8 Best Google Docs Add-Ons You Should Install Right Away

You can use add-ons to do more with Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms. The goal of add-ons, especially on Google Docs, is to boost productivity while minimizing distractions. You can save time and effort by skipping a step when using these tools. The add-ons also enable you to add features that Google Docs did not natively have. You get extra capabilities with the add-ons, which effectively enhance how you use Google Docs.

For instance, you can modify a document without having it and add text snippets directly from the sidebar. You can also install a separate add-on to create a professional text document or to write a fun little blog. With all such functionalities in mind, here are seven of the best add-ons available on Google Docs.

We have done a detailed guide on finding Google Docs add-ons via Google Workspace Marketplace and how to use Google Docs add-ons. Make sure you check it out before proceeding.

Doc Builder

document builder

Doc Builder is the add-on for you if you work in the banking or legal industries and frequently find yourself rewriting information on various texts. These passages of language or communication are commonly repeated in other sources. That implies that you can use it to input text snippets you frequently use.

You can use Doc Builder if you want to spare yourself the time of having to rewrite most legal documents or modify them for any new record. You can repurpose the language in emails or other professional documents. These texts can also be arranged according to how they are used.

Download Doc Builder

Highlight Tool

highlight tool add-on

In a variety of professions, many users want to highlight text frequently. These highlighted texts also help different people learn essential points in a document. It will be nearly impossible if you cannot mark significant portions when reading any old document. However, the Highlighter add-on makes it simple to highlight.

You can create different color highlighters and save them for use on specific tasks. Again, teamwork is essential in this situation. Thus, the Highlighter Tool add-on lets each document user choose a set with a single click. The highlighted text can be exported to a different document by order or color. Hence, this Google doc add-on is a must for you to categorize essential points in any document.

Download Highlight Tool

Writing Habit

writing habit add on

Writing Habit is another free add-on on Google Docs, which is created to assist users in improving as writers by creating a regular, goal-based writing habit. The add-on is based on the idea that only consistent writing can help a writer improve, and it establishes a pattern of paper that gradually increases one’s output in terms of both quantity and quality.

Writing Habit enables authors also improves the caliber of any writer’s work and monitor their advancement toward predetermined writing objectives. Writing Habit keeps track of the total quantity of words produced over a specific period to gauge progress toward goals. In particular, non-native English speakers and aspiring writers will benefit from Writing Habit. It also shows history, reports, and progress bars, which help any writer’s growth.

Download Writing Habit

Search and Navigate

search and navigate add-on

It can be challenging to navigate a lengthy document or with astronomical words. You may do it more easily with the help of Search & Navigate (formerly known as Doc Explorer), an intuitive add-on. With this tool, you can rapidly locate and navigate to any document section using text, headings, bookmarks, photos, and tables.

You can also choose between the list of headers, bookmarks, pictures, tables, and search results when you open the sidebar menu. This helpful add-on offers both an overview and a highly in-depth look into each area of your whole document. Overall, this is a must-have Google Docs add-on for your productive usage and to save you valuable time.

Download Search and Navigate


On Google Docs, you won’t always find all the symbols or notations you need to type out equations or if you want to showcase mathematical equations on your documents. Fortunately, for this purpose, we have MathType, a robust equation editor that lets you control how equations appear in Google Docs.

You can use it to create bespoke mathematical equations in a Google document by typing or writing them by hand. The equation editor supports chemical notations, and any equation you enter in a Google document can also be formatted in MathML and LaTeX. This add-on will transform your handwritten equation into a digital, attractive equation ideal for your projects and presentations.

Download MathType

Code Blocks

8 best google docs add-ons to use in 2023 - code blocks

We can benefit from Google Docs in various ways. Fun fact- you can also use coding on your sheets. Code Blocks lets you enter short pieces of code for multiple uses. You can add small pieces of code to the document you’re working on. It’s not ideal for coding, but it’s useful when assigning technical professions assignments.

Additionally, Code Blocks can identify the programming language used in any document, and you can highlight the code per your needs. For those with coding backgrounds, this tool is handy. The tool can also perform one-click syntax highlighting.

Download Code Blocks

Grammar and Spell Checker

Lastly, we have the Google Docs Grammar and Spell checker dd-on that may be used in multiple languages, including English, French, Polish, German, and others. It instantly evaluates your text for grammatical errors and offers suggestions. The highlighted content will then be chosen for correction or rejection.

Alternately, if you work as an editor, the add-on is a great tool to ensure that your writing staff is adhering to the same grammar standards. Additionally, it makes it simple for translators to translate the text without worrying about checking it for spelling and grammar mistakes. This grammar and spelling checker is compatible with all English language dialects. It can even tell the difference between British and American English, the two most commonly used dialects.

Download Grammar and Spell Checker

LucidChart Diagrams

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It is possible to simplify a complex concept by communicating it visually. Look no further than Lucidchart Diagrams if you need a tool that can help you do that.

The right flowchart, rich technical diagram, or anything in between can help you better understand your process. You might want to explain a business process to your client or show your class a simple hierarchy. Diagramming is as easy as dragging and dropping shapes onto the canvas.

Download LucidChart Diagrams

Which Google Docs Add-On is Best for Me?

Anyone who uses Google Docs extensively and for various purposes can use these seven add-ons. You don’t need them all, though, for most of your work. However, selecting a particular add-on application that you can utilize involves installing the product that best suit your needs and that you anticipate using frequently. You can also take a look at these factors while considering any add-on:

  1. How easy it’s to use that particular add-on?
  2. Does the add-on solve the purpose you were looking for?
  3. Does that add-on offer any more customizations?
  4. Does it have positive reviews?
  5. What other features are offered, such as using it with multiple accounts, or can we use it for our professional needs?

Additionally, it motivates you to visit Google Docs daily, allowing you to find even more valuable tools. Although Google Docs cover the fundamentals well, these add-ons are essential to the whole word processing suite.

FAQs about Best Google Docs Add-ons

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To enable add ons on Google Docs, follow these steps:

  1. Open a document, spreadsheet, or presentation on your computer.

  2. Select Extensions Add-ons > Manage add-ons.

  3. Click Options next to the add-on. Activate or deactivate the add-on using this option.

Most Google Drive add-ons and Google Docs add-ons are free, but some do have premium versions with additional features. Our list of best Google Docs add-ons are all free (or have useful free versions). But Google Workspace Marketplace has both free and premium add-ons to be downloaded and installed.

An add-on is a tool created by a third-party developer that adds extra features to Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms. Despite their convenience, add-ons can compromise privacy and security. So ensure you understand the risks before you install any add-on.

Yes, Google Docs support plugins (or add-ons, as Google call them). You can find a multitude of them on Google Workspace Marketplace. Installing and using these Google Docs plugins (add-ons) is pretty simple and straightforward.

Google Docs add-ons were hosted on Chrome Web Store until some time back, but they have been moved to Google Workspace Marketplace, which is dedicated to Google Drive and other related services. If a developer hasn't moved his add-on to the new marketplace, you won't be able to install it anymore.

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