In the market for a pair of good Bluetooth earphones? Well, you could not have timed it better. There are a number of fantastic deals on Amazon’s Prime Day 2020. While some represent only a minor dip from their recent prices, there are some that come at prices that are downright surprising, making them staggering value for money. And they come from some of the biggest names in the audio business. So on this Prime Day sale, here are the best Bluetooth earphone deals that we have spotted:

amazon prime day audio

1. Jabra Elite 45h – the best below Rs 6,000

Rs 5,999 (normal price: Rs 9,999)

Recently launched in India, the Jabra Elite 45h have been grabbing a lot of attention with their very solid design and typical slightly bass-heavy Jabra sound. They are very sturdily built and come with comfortable ear cups with 40mm drivers to ensure you get a great sound. What, however, makes them really special is the fact that they handle calls very well too, and the fact that they pack in a massive 50 hours of battery. At the offered price point, we would easily call them the best deal for anyone looking for headphones at a budget of around Rs 6,000!

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2. Bose QuietComfort 35 II – the best in the world get a price cut

Rs 19,990 (normal price: Rs 29,363)

In the opinion of many people, the Bose QC 35 II are the best sounding earphones in the world. Period. Yes, they have that sort of stature. They have been around for a while but the quality of their sound and the active noise cancellation (ANC) that they offer is largely unmatched. The QC 35 II come with super comfortable ear cups and simple enough controls, but what is going to sway most people is the clarity of sound that they get from these headphones and the fact that the ANC can actually almost place you in a bubble of your own. Twenty hours of battery life tops of one of the best personal audio products in the world. The lowest price we had seen for this in recent times was 24,990. Quite a steal now.

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A good alternative for this is the Sony WH-1000XM3 which is also being sold at Rs 19,990.

3. Jabra Elite 65t – bargain TWS just got redefined

Rs 4,999 (MRP Rs 11,999)

amazon prime sale 2020: nine great bluetooth earphone deals! - jabra elite 65t

Hands down the best deal out there for any TWS. We think that Jabra has done a great job with its Elite range of TWS and although the 75t are already out in the market (read our review), the 65t remain an awesome option for anyone wanting a high-end audio experience. There is a stress on bass but we do not see too many people minding that, and those who do not like it can tweak things using the equalizer. The buds come with a very distinct design and offer up to five hours of battery life on the buds and up to fifteen hours with the case. They also come with an IP55 rating for dust and water resistance. You can get their more gym oriented cousin, the Elite Active 65t at Rs 6,999, which is again a very good deal. But in terms of sheer value for money, this one takes the audio cake.

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4. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless – best sound for those that love neckbands

Rs 7,490 (normal price: TRs 14,990)

amazon prime sale 2020: nine great bluetooth earphone deals! - sennheiser momentum in ear wireless

Want great sound, but without the “will they fall out” factor of TWS or the overwhelming effect of full-blown headphones? Well, the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless earphones are perhaps your best option. And at their current price, they are an absolute steal. Sennheiser’s Momentum range has been renowned for its sound quality, and the In-Ear Wireless brings that crystal clear sound in a neckband form factor with a slightly stiff neckband that can slip under your collar. You get exceptional sound quality, good microphones for calls and ten-hour battery life, and reasonably quick charging as well (they charge in one and a half hours). This had never gone below the Rs 10,000 mark earlier.

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5. Bose Soundsport Free – Bose sound on a TWS!

Rs 13,290 (normal price: Rs 18,990)

amazon prime sale 2020: nine great bluetooth earphone deals! - bose soundsport free

The brand that many consider to be the biggest name in high-quality audio, Bose, has so far made just one truly wireless product, the Soundsport Free. And in best Bose tradition, it delivered that amazingly warm and clear sound that has become a Bose trademark. The buds might look a little odd, but come with a water repellent mesh (they have an IPX4 rating), and also a small extended nozzle to ensure they stay in place. Some might find the battery life at three hours in the buds and another ten with the case to be on the lower side, but all complaints will end once you start listening to them. Bose audio can leave you speechless. This is the cheapest price we have seen for Bose Soundsport Free. Read our review here.

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6. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless – the best sound on TWS. Period!

Rs 15,990 (normal price Rs 24,990)

Want a very high-end audio experience on truly wireless earphones? Sennheiser proved that this could be delivered with the Momentum True Wireless last year. The earbuds were beautifully crafted (you will love the fabric textured case) but what really stunned people was the quality of sound they delivered. The clarity and balance were astonishing, making them perhaps the benchmarks in TWS as far as audio quality went. And while their successors, the Momentum True Wireless 2 are now available and have added ANC and better battery life to the mix, we think the originals are still super value for money, especially at that reduced price. You get about four hours of battery life on the buds, and 12 with the case and an IPX4 rating for water and dust resistance.

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7. Sennheiser CX 6.0BT 507447 – Best wireless sound below Rs 3,500!

Rs 3299 (normal price: Rs 5500)

When it comes to simple Bluetooth earphones, the Sennheiser CX 6.00 BT have a special place. They are incredibly light in spite of being made of premium materials and have a very minimalist design – just a slim, strong strand of wire, tiny buds that it into your ears, and two capsules for control and battery. And yet, in that understated form factor, they deliver fantastic sound, with very good clarity and just the right bass. Battery life is a little low at six hours but then ten minutes of charging gets you two hours of battery, so we do not see it as a deal-breaker. Best sound below Rs 3,500? You bet!

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8. Sennheiser HD 458BT – Best ANC below Rs 10,000?

Rs 7490 (normal price: Rs 14,990)

Sennheiser recently released the very HD 450 BT. And the 458 BT add a touch of red to those relatively plain-looking headphones. But the sound is just as crystal clear (although with a slight hint of bass) as in those very good headphones. And well, you not only get the same comfortable ear pads, handy app, and a carrying case but also the 30-hour battery that the 450 HD came with. And then there is some very effective noise cancellation on board too. All this at a lower price than the 450 HD (we checked twice to make sure)! Easily the best budget ANC headphones out there right now if you do not want to go beyond Rs 10,000.

Buy Sennheiser HD 458BT

9. Sennheiser PXC 550 II – The Ultimate Travel companions

Rs 17,990 (Normal price: Rs 29,990)

Sennheiser had made the PXC 550 range, especially for travelers. The headphones focus on a sturdy yet comfortable to wear design, excellent battery life, and very good ANC. And of course, the typically brilliant Sennheiser sound. The PXC 550 II reflect all this – they come with four mics that deliver ANC comparable with the best (yes, including Bose and Sony). There are three microphones for calls, thirty-hour battery life, and smart controls like the headphones switching on and pairing automatically the moment you unfold them and pausing when you take them off. The interface has also been improved and now there is a touch panel on the earcups. At their offer price, we would say these are right up there with Sony 1000 XM3 and Bose QC 35 II in terms of overall value for money for a premium headphone.

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