If you are a developer, designer, freelancer, entrepreneur, or own an existing business, having your bio/about on Google is an essential part of your internet presence that can help you reach a larger audience — one that may aid you or your business/professional in several ways. However, that said, something similar also applies to an average internet user, who might not be looking for professional gains, but would like to have their profile appear on Google to mark their online presence. Taking into account the same, Google has introduced virtual visiting cards on Google Search, called People Cards, in India. Here’s a closer look into the feature.

people cards

Until now, if you searched for some well-known personalities like businessmen, entrepreneurs, and the likes, on Google, you would get a knowledge panel, presented with various information about the individual from various sources in an easy to comprehend format. However, performing a similar search on a not-so-famous individual would yield in very few and similar results, or at times, no result at all. With People Cards, which are essentially virtual visiting cards, Google is trying to solve that challenge by offering users the ability to create a profile for themselves by accumulating all their information and details in one place.

By doing so, users can now easily add all their social profiles, websites, and other related information about themselves, and get it on Google via People Cards. Since the control for information is in the user’s hands, Google is taking a few preventive measures and placing checks in place to maintain the quality and authenticity of the information put on visiting cards. For this, it is only allowing one people card per Google account and necessitating the need for a phone number to authenticate the user. Furthermore, the company says it is putting other protection mechanisms in place to keep a check on abusive or spammy content. And with that, it is also giving users the ability to report low-quality information about their profile — something they feel might have been created by an impersonator — using the feedback link. Not to mention, there is also an option to delete your card and prevent it from appearing in Search.

How to Create People Cards

create people cards

1. Open a mobile web browser on your phone and log in to your Google account.
2. In the search field, search for “add me to search”.
3. You should now see a prompt that says Add yourself to Google Search, click the Get started button below it to begin setting up your People Card.
4. On the following screen, enter your mobile number and verify the same using the six-digit verification code.
5. Next, fill out the form with all your information and details.
5. Finally, click on Preview to view your virtual visiting card.

To deal with scenarios where people share a common name, Google says it will offer multiple cards with all the essential information. By doing so, it will allow the person (performing the search) to distinguish and find the right person they are looking for easily.

People Cards is starting to roll out for users in India (in English) starting today.

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