When Apple launched its online store in India, people were looking forward to some special offers. And the first notable one is here. Apple has announced that from 17 October onwards, anyone who purchases an iPhone 11 from the store will get a pair of AirPods free of cost with them. As per the site itself, the iPhone 11 now starts at Rs 54,900. And while you get the base variant of the AirPods free with the iPhone, you get discounts on the other variants as well.

airpods + iphone 11 deal: apple store or amazon? - iphone 11 airpods deal

In essence, if you buy the iPhone 11 from the India Apple Store, you get Rs 14,900 off the AirPods you opt to get with the phone. This makes the prices of the AirPods when purchased with an iPhone 11 effectively:

Base AirPods: Free
AirPods with wireless charging: Rs 4,000
AirPods Pro: Rs 10,000

The iPhone 11 deals with the AirPods work as follows:

iPhone 11 + base AirPods: Rs 54,900
iPhone 11 + AirPods with wireless charging case: Rs 58,900
iPhone 11 + AirPods Pro: Rs 64,900

Sounds good? Well, absolutely, and unlike in the past, where at its old price of Rs 68,300, the iPhone 11 with AirPods deal was working out to be a more expensive deal on the Apple Store as compared to Amazon India, this time the Force is with the Apple Store.

Even though the price of the iPhone 11 had been revised to Rs 47,999 on Amazon India, the AirPods combination on Amazon India is now more expensive. The prices of the AirPods on Amazon India are (at the time of writing) as follows:

Base AirPods: Rs 13,499
AirPods with wireless charging case: Rs 16,499
AirPods Pro: Rs 21,999

So a person purchasing the iPhone 11 and AirPods from Amazon India would have to pay:

iPhone 11 + base AirPods: Rs 47,999 + Rs 13,499 = Rs 61,498
iPhone 11 + AirPods with wireless charging case: Rs 47,999 + Rs 16,999 = Rs 64,498
iPhone 11 + AIrPods Pro: Rs 47,999 + Rs 21,999 = Rs 69,998

Of course, this could change as prices change still further. Rumor has it that the AirPods might get a price trim on Amazon India. We will keep you – and this story – updated.

Note: The prices mentioned in the piece are those at the time of writing. They might change in the coming days.

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Note: This article was updated after the official iPhone 11 price drop on Apple Store as well as the special deal price reveal on Amazon.

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