The days are long and the work is tiring. It’s not always possible to get away from it all in order to just relax or to switch your brain off completely. And that’s where desk gadgets come in! Whether you need a quick break, some stress relief, or an escape from the dreaded office environment – these gadgets will give you what you need!

twiddle spin review

In today’s modern society, most people spend large portions of their day at work. This leaves them little time for many things like exercise or recreation. Furthermore, with more jobs now being remote-working only – many people are finding themselves stuck at their desks for longer periods of time than ever before. What this means is that they have less time to interact with their coworkers, or just people in general, which can lead to stress, depression, and other negative health effects. Therefore, desk gadgets are a great asset for exercising your mind and body.

Twiddle Spin, designed and created by Notion Builds, is a carefully designed, precision-engineered, all-metal, modular kinetic tabletop toy that unleashes your creativity as you explore endless play possibilities. With just one gadget from your pocket, you could play Dice, D20 Dice, Roulette Wheel, Mini Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Truth/Dare, and Decision Maker.

Not just an ordinary spinner

A couple of years back fidget spinners were quite a rage. They were everywhere, and everyone carried one with them wherever they went. However, a few months down the line this craze died down; people became bored of the same old fidget toys. New designs came out all the time, each trying to outdo its predecessor. But soon enough even these spinners lost their charm.

twiddle spin: a modular kinetic desk toy to unleash your creativity - twiddle spin review 2

But Twiddle Spin is no ordinary spinner. It is fun to spin and help people unwind with their weird, satisfying, hypnotic spinning. The spinner is in the shape of a disk, with subtle contours that surround the center of the spinner.

Built to last

Twiddle Spin is easy to carry with you. It’s only 58 grams and has a diameter and thickness of 46mm and 15mm, respectively. This makes Twiddle Spin ideal for travel because you can always keep it with you. It’s a flexible device with endless possibilities for exploring games and performing activities. Twiddle Spin is versatile.

twiddle spin: a modular kinetic desk toy to unleash your creativity - twiddle spin desk toy

Twiddle Spin is precision machined from solid pieces of aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Combining different metals, anodized to military standards, polished to perfection, and laser engraved, contributes to the product’s premium appearance and feel. It has a double-bearing design that adds stability. It’s quite clear that Twiddle Spin is built to last.

The inside is where the magic happens

Twiddle Spin allows you to load up to three play discs and a steel ball, and allow you to play with the steel ball and the play disc simultaneously. On either side of the disc, there is laser engraving. The list of game discs include:

twiddle spin: a modular kinetic desk toy to unleash your creativity - twiddle spin 2
Image: Notion Builds
  • D20 Dice / Dice
  • Truth or Dare / Decision Maker
  • Accept a challenge / Mystery Disc
  • Pocket Money Disc/ Boredom Disc
  • Who’s Next / Roulette wheel
  • Measurement wheel mm / inches
  • Mini Ludo / Snake & Ladder

It also comes with a blank disc on which you can create your own game using a marker. Personalized statements/wishes can also be written on the discs and shared across. My personal favorite amongst all these was the measurement wheel which can measure straight and curved lines, aiding to perform various activities.

twiddle spin: a modular kinetic desk toy to unleash your creativity - twiddle spin descs
Image: Notion Builds

In case it is not clear yet, the unique touch to Twiddle Spin is provided by the Neodymium Magnets, Steel Balls, and Ball Bearings. The nickel-coated magnets of grade 4 mm N35, the balls of grade 5 mm Carbon Steel, and the open ball bearings of grade 686 make a decisive contribution to the fact that various games are possible on Twiddle Spin.

I’ve been using Twiddle Spin for about four days now, and I’ve found it to be seriously addictive and a lot of fun. The setup was a little tough for me to figure out; I had to watch a few YouTube videos to know how everything works. Once I did, it was smooth sailing. Twiddle Spin is fun to spin, and it helps you to unwind — whether you’re playing random guessing games on it or not. The device is small enough to carry around in my pocket.

twiddle spin: a modular kinetic desk toy to unleash your creativity - twiddle spin keychain
Image: Notion Builds

Twiddle Spin is up for pre-order on Kickstarter and comes in five different color options – Space blue, silver shadow, midnight back, crimson red, and spring green. There are different packs to choose from – Starter pack ($32), gamer pack ($42), and custom pack ($60) and is expected to ship in September 2021. There are some add-ons to choose from, like the keyring, so make sure you carefully choose the combination that suits your requirements.

The days are long and the work is tiring. This desk toy is a great way to unwind and relax from the stresses of the day, and it’s perfect for people of any age. Go fiddle around and satisfy your creative thirst.

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