Of course, nowadays, you do not have to install an app to convert a video. There are many online video converters in the browser itself. They support many file formats and can even convert multiple files at once. But the most challenging part is finding a web app that is not entirely filled with ads. Do not worry; we have done the hard part and listed some of the best ad-free online video converters. So let us get started.

best ad-free online video converters
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Best Ad-Free Online Video Converters

Let’s start with a clean and simple video converter.

1. Movavi – Most Comprehensive Online Video Converter

Movavi offers professional video conversion software for Windows and Mac. At the same time, Movavi also provides a free online video converter that many people can use to get the job done. It supports many video file formats from MP4, MKV, AVI to OGV, ASF, WTV, etc.

One major disadvantage with Movavi is that it only supports 100MB files.

1. Open the Movavi video converter web app and scroll down to the online video converter section.

2. Here, click on the +Add your Media button to select the video file that you want to convert.

add your media on movavi

3. It will redirect to the next page, where you can click on the drop-down menu beside the file name and select the file name that you want your video to be converted.

selecting video file format

4. Once done, click on the Convert button to convert the video.

converting on movavi

It may take a couple of seconds to convert the video; then, it provides the option to Download.

2. VideoConverter – Best Online Video Converter for Beginners

Another clean and simple web app for converting videos is videoconverter.com. In many ways, it works just like Movavi. The layout is similar, the whole process is similar, both support only 100MB files, and both platforms also support the same video file formats. But there are two significant advantages of videoconverter.com over Movavi.

First, you can select your video file not only from your system but also from your cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox. Secondly, you have some additional options that you can configure, such as video resolution and audio quality, and you can even crop the video if you do not want the entire video for output. However, it takes a long time to convert the video. Even a 3MB video file took more than 4 minutes to convert.

1. Open videoconverter.com and click + Add Your Media button to select the video from your system. Or you can click on the drop-down arrow beside the button to select the file from Google Drive and Dropbox.

add your media video converter

2. On the next page, click on the drop-down beside the file name to select the file format you want your video to convert.

best ad-free online video converters to use in 2023 - selecting video file format on video converter

3. Click on the Cog icon reveals options such as video resolution and audio quality. So you can choose to downscale your output video. Also, you can choose From and To time to trim the output video if you prefer. This can help you get the output faster.

opening settings on video converter

4. Once done, click on the Convert button for the video to start converting. This can take quite a while to convert and download the video.

3. Freemake Video Converter – Best Online Video Converter With No Limits

Freemake lets you overcome the file size limitation of 100 MB. Just like Movavi, Freemake offers professional video conversion software download for Windows. The downloadable software is also free and supports more than 500+ file formats. But the online video converter is quite limited and supports only a handful of file formats like MP4, MKV, WebM, MPG, FLV, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc.

You are good to go if it supports the video formats you need. This may be the best online video converter as many online video converters have a file size limit, unlike Freemake.

1. Open Freemake Video Converter, and click on the Select file option to select the file from your system. Or you can also place a video URL from the web to download it in the file format you need.selecting file on free make

2. Click on the Format option and select the format you want your video to be converted.

3. Once done, click on Convert now for the video to start converting. The video will start downloading once it is converted.freemake converting video online

Unlike previous services, Freemake also provides a progress bar to check the conversion process percentage.

4. Kapwing – Best MP4 Online Video Converter

Kapwing Video Converter, or you can call it MP4 Converter. This web app can convert it to an MP4 file no matter what file format you upload. The conversion functionality is quite limited, but if you need MP4, Kapwing can offer you a lot of customization options.

It is a full-fledged online video editor that lets you trim, crop, merge multiple videos, change the speed of the video, rotate, invert, correct the color, add text and filters, change the sound, add elements, and achieve many other effects. However, a big drawback is that Kapwing includes a watermark in the output, and you only get three free outputs for free when you sign up.

1. Open the Kapwing converter by clicking on this link. Here, click on the Start Converting button.

start converting kapwing

2. This will open an editor, here you can click on Add media or Click to upload option to add the video file.

add media kapwing

3. Once uploaded, the video will be placed on the Kapwing video editor timeline. Here you can use all the Kapwing tools to edit the video.

kapwing editor

4. Once done, click on the down arrow next to the Export Video button at the top right corner.

5. In the drop-down, select the option Export as MP4.export as mp4 kapwing

6. Give it a minute to complete the exporting. Once done, click on the Download file button at the right to download the video as an MP4 file.

download from kapwing

5. Zamzar – Best Bulk Online Video Converter

Zamzar is the only converter on this list where you can convert multiple files at once. Also, it doesn’t have any 100MB file size limit. But as expected, there is one major downside in Zamzar that it only supports a handful of file formats to choose from. It supports Mp4, MOV, WebM, AVI, FLV, etc. As it supports the most popular file formats, it can be your better choice if you have to convert multiple files at once.

1. Open zamzar.com and click on Choose files option to select the file from your system. By clicking on the arrow next to it, you also get to choose the video from Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and One Drive.

zamzar choose files

2. Now click on the Convert to option and select the file format that you want your video to be converted.

convert to on zamzar

3. Once done, just click Convert Now button to convert the video and provide the download option.

convert now on zamzar

4. Finally, click on the Download button after the conversion process is completed.

download from zamzar

6. Veed – Most Popular Online Video Converter

Veed is a popular online video editor, just like Kapwing. However, unlike Kapwing, Veed offers an entirely different conversion tool that’s no connection to the editor. Veed’s video converter is simple, clean, and supports various file formats.

But the biggest problem is the bugs. First, the video stopped uploading in the middle, so I had to re-upload the video to complete the process. This is a big problem as it happens over and over again. Your mileage might vary, though.

1. Open the Veed Video Converter tool and select both Convert and To formats.convert and to option in veed video converter

2. Once done, click on Upload Your File button to select the video from the system.upload your file in veed

3. Upon selecting, hope for the video to get uploaded. If not, just redo the process.best ad-free online video converters to use in 2023 - uploading video on veed

4. Once the uploading converting process is completed, you will get a download option to download the converted video.

Convert Videos Online

With any of the above tools, you can convert videos online without worrying about ads or adblockers, and besides, all services are free or have a free service. I personally prefer Freemake and Movavi, but you can try them all and choose a service you prefer. Kapwing is also a better choice if you only need the mp4 format and can handle watermarks.

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