Shopping online has several advantages. E-commerce websites or online stores are accessible 24/7, products are available with lucrative offers and deals, you have endless product options to choose from, and, most importantly, you can order items in the comfort of your home.

That said, making the most of online shopping requires familiarity with some money-saving hacks. Although the internet is filled with such hacks, not all of them are equally effective.

Stick around, and we’ll share a few hacks you can use while shopping online to get better prices and save money.

1. Look for Deals on Social Media

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One of the easiest hacks to save money while shopping for products and services online is to search social media for the latest deals. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit are the best places to get alerts for all kinds of sales, deals, and offers that are currently available online.

For instance, Reddit has many subreddits, like r/amazondealsus and r/dealsreddit, which post interesting deals regularly. Likewise, you have the Wirecutter Deals and Slickdeals handles on Twitter that tweet out the best online deals you can get.

An easy way to find such accounts on social media is to search for terms like “online deals”, “deals”, “best prices”, “best offers”, etc. Alternatively, you can follow popular stores like Walmart, Best Buy, etc., to know about the best deals as soon as they go live.

2. Use Price Comparison Tools to Find the Best Deals on Products

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When you look for products or services online, there’ll be times when you’ll find multiple deals on one. A quick and easy way to find the best deal price among all websites is to use a price comparison tool, which lists down prices across all websites for you to find out which one’s offering the best price.

Although there are several price comparison tools on the internet that you can use, we recommend the following:

3. Redeem Reward Points

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Certain online stores and e-commerce websites give you reward points when you purchase a product from them. These points are present in your account, and you must redeem them before they expire.

So, if you’re purchasing something from a website or store that you’ve shopped on previously, you must check your account for applicable rewards points that you can redeem against your current purchase to bring down the total price.

Keep in mind that many online stores have a limit on the number of points you can redeem in one purchase or the type of products on which you can redeem them, so you may not get massive discounts. But nonetheless, it’s still a good way to save some money on your online purchases.

4. Use Applicable Credit or Debit Cards for Better Prices

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Using Credit Cards or Debit Cards is one of the best ways to get the most discount on products and services across e-commerce websites and online stores.

Many banks partner with online stores or e-commerce platforms to offer users cashback or rewards on their online spending. You can find these offers by visiting the website of the e-commerce platform, the online store, or your bank.

Generally, you can expect the most lucrative deals and offers during the sale season. However, many online stores and e-commerce platforms offer some deals year-round, so you can still save some money if you have the right card.

5. Find Discounts With CouponzGuru Coupons

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Last but not least, using a shopping coupon is another effective hack to save money while shopping online. In fact, it’s the easiest way to get discounted prices for online products and services and requires the least effort, granted you’re looking for coupons on the right website.

Although the internet is filled with coupon websites, most of them just post old or invalid coupons that aren’t applicable on e-commerce platforms or online stores. Of course, there are exceptions, like CouponzGuru, which offers genuine coupon codes for various online stores that you can redeem without hassle.

CouponzGuru has a pretty functional website that lists some of the best coupons and offers of the day upfront. All the coupons are categorized into different categories: Mobile & Electronics, Clothing & Shoes, Flights & Travel, and Food & Groceries, and you can go into them to explore all the available coupons and deals.

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Plus, you also have a section for Top Online Stores that displays the best coupons and deals currently being offered by the top brands. Alternatively, you can use the search bar at the top to search for coupons or deals on a specific product, service, or brand.

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Once you’ve found a deal on CouponzGuru, claiming it is pretty easy. Simply click on the deal to open it and hit the GET THIS DEAL button. As you do this, CouponzGuru will take you to the respective store’s website in a new browser tab from where you can explore the deal and purchase the product or service you want.

Finding the Best Deals and Offers Is Easier Than You Think

Most e-commerce platforms or online stores display applicable offers upfront, so people can use them to buy things at discounted prices. When these aren’t available, though, many people don’t consider looking for deals and offers elsewhere, thinking it’d take up their time and effort.

However, it’s not meant to be this way, as the hacks we’ve just shared can help you quickly find the best deals and offers for the products you’re interested in, so you can easily save money while you buy them.

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