Update: Click here to know where to buy factory unlocked iPhone 4 for cheap price

If you are in US, India, UK and other countries, when you buy an iPhone, Apple ties up the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS you are buying to a local telecom provider. But when you buy iPhone 3G through the Hong Kong Online Apple Store, you can officially and legally get a Factory unlocked iphone which you can use with any operator. Yeah, right! “ANY” operator.

iPhone 3G & iPhone 3GS purchased at the Apple Online Store can be activated with any wireless carrier. Simply insert the SIM from your current phone into iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS and connect to iTunes 8.2 to complete activation.


Because they’ve been unlocked at the factory, these iPhones can always be updated and they’re covered under standard Apple warranties.

This is because, in countries like Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia, it is illegal for Cell phone companies to mandate their customers to have a contract with any ONE service provider. So, if you ever touch down at Hong Kong airport or Australia or New Zealand for a holiday or business trip, don’t forget to grab a Factory unlocked iPhone 3GS from the local Apple Online Store.

The prices are not bad either. A 16GB legally unlocked iPhone 3GS will cost you around HK$ 5,388 i.e USD 695 (or 487 Euro), while a 32GB version would cost HK$ 6,288 i.e USD 812 (or 567 Euro).

Beside HK, I found that iPhone 3GS sold in NZ and Australia are also pretty cheap.
iPhone 3GS 16 GB:
New Zealand 1,150.00 NZD = 552.033 EUR = 788.202 USD
Australia 879.00 AUD, 491.287 EUR, 684.991 USD
iPhone 3GS 32 GB:
New Zealand 1,349.00 NZD, 920.172 USD, 647.422 EUR
Australia 1,040.00 AUD, 810.469 USD, 581.121 EUR

Visit the Apple online stores – New Zealand, Australia , Hong Kong


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  • Crazy blogger

    good news to all but not to me ad i had purchased it before for more cost

    • mehdi

      where did u buy it finaly?

  • MJ

    Hong Kong will not deliver to the USA. Specifically states it on shipping terms.

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Thanks for tipping us. You can try from Australia and NZ though

  • Cellphone Answers

    Thanks for the information. I think i will buy myself one from Australia.
    I dont want to tie myself with a contract.

  • user211

    None of these three websites will deliver outside their countries. There’s another headache. If you live there, that’s ok. But if you live in the US like me?

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      You are right. That is why I mention “if you ever visit those countries or have relatives”

  • Fahad

    i was looking for factory unlock iphones, i work as a whole seller in middle east, but i am not able to find any good and reliable seller from australia or anyother country which offer unlock iphones, i got one seller from aus but i am not getting good prices can any body help

  • Rupam

    can i get an iphone 3gs delivered through courier in India from Australia/NZ/HK.. if i purchase from apple online stores from these countries???

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      you mean officially from Apple stores? No. But if you have some friends/relatives over there, you can ask them to courier it

  • Nitin

    I just posted this elsewhere and I’m saying this here too. You guys say Airtel locks iPhone in India. However, the one I got from Airtel seem to be unlocked. I have tried various sims. They all work just fine.

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      well, you must be lucky. I am 100% sure none of the cellular companies in India offer unlocked iPhones

  • reply to fahad

    FAHAD please give me your information .. I will try to help you


    • raman

      If you know anyway to get iphones let me know. I will buy wholesale and live in the US. Thanks.

  • jackie n.

    i heard that these iphones do not have gps and wifi. is this true?

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      NOT true at all!

  • Eeezy Tek

    I can get Factory Unlocked iphones at good prices and I can ship them to any country. Please me know if you are interested. Thank you

    • Athar

      can u ship an iphone 3Gs 32GB black to United Arab Emirates (UAE)
      dubai. ??
      and for how much ???
      email me..

      • Max

        Did you get your iPhone from HK? I want to get one as well? how do I do that?

    • jeremy

      i am interested in buying unlocked 3gs iphones. depending on the price i would like 10-20 of them.
      please let me if thats possible and its price. thanks

    • Elvo

      I would like to buy 2 Unlocked 3Gs iphones, 16 or 32GB black color, could you let me know if its posssible & how much? US

    • Ales

      I would like to buy 1 Unlocked 3Gs iphone, 32GB black color, could you let me know if its posssible & how much? Europe

    • Gopi


      I am looking for one in India. I need the full featured iPhone 3GS Factory unlocked phone. Anyone who can help?


    • DJ

      Looking for a fully unlocked 16 or 32 GB Iphones 3GS in USA..what are prices you are looking for??

    • Zoe

      I am interested in purchasing a real factory unlocked Iphone 3gs, Not software unlocked. In black 16gb. What is your price??

    • jj

      i would like to get 2 apple iphone 3gs 32gb black.anyone is able to hlp and ship to sg?tell me the cost too.thanks!

  • Prabhu

    Can I purchase the iPhone from HongKong Airport

    • Vee

      Hi there
      I am planning to go to HongKong for the end of year and wanted to find out where i can buy an Apple Iphone 3GS 32GB in black unlocked to be used in South Africa with any SIM. Where do I get the best prices in Hong Kong please?

  • EeeezyTek

    Yes I can ship to (UAE)

    Price for the phone is £570 and shipping will be around £10 to £15

    • Josef

      can you provide me with you e-mail or any way to contact you?

      i need 10 iPhone’s :) Unlocked ( in ) a good price

      looking forward to hear from you…

    • Dale

      Hi – would like to purchase unlocked 3GS 32GB- I am based in the UK – can you give me a price please? – THANKS!!

  • Grid

    can u ship to Indonesia
    and how much the price for iphone 3gs unclocked white 16 Giga?

  • Rohit

    Can i buy the unlocked official 3Gs from Hong Kong and use it in India? Will the warranty be still valid?

    • http://techpp.com Raju


  • nicola

    if i buy an unlocked iphone from the states r Hong Kong can i use this in Ireland?? coz there 2 dear over here 2 buy!!!

  • bb

    whats the price of iphone 3gs at dubai nowadays.plz answer :(

    • Adhip

      it’s 2800-2900 dirhams for 16gb and 3300-3400 dirhams for 32 gb

  • JJ

    I live in New Zealand and can buy whatever you want from the NZ apple store on-behalf of you if you want.

    • George

      Can you buy it without a contract? Also, do you know if it can be bought in HK without a contract?

    • jj

      can you help me get iphone 3gs 32gb?and how much doees it cost?

    • eddy

      how much is the price there for a factory unloced 3gs 32 gb black+ shipping to sultanate oman

  • http://www.hiphop-history.org kenny

    I heard that i-phone 4gb is about to be released. Does anybody know about the 4gb i-phone price?

  • Nina

    Thanks for the helpful information! If I do purchase an unlocked iphone (from the Apple store in Australia, etc), will it have the same features as an iphone purchased here? That is, can I use the voice commands and other features that people are saying don’t work well on an unlocked iphone?


  • emngheo

    I would like to buy some iphone 3Gs 16/32GB for a good price with large quantity. Please let me know whats your price and contact info

  • MJ

    how much will a 32gb iphone cost?
    how long does it take 2 deliver?

  • Sachin

    Hi Guys,

    I want to buy a factory unlocked Apple iphone 3Gs 16GB Black.
    I heard that in Australia its available, could any one please help me? I want to know the price for 3Gs & procedure how to ship it from Australia.


  • Sachin

    I am from India. And is it possible to use the factory unlocked iphone in India with any network?
    Please let me know. I am waiting desperately to buy it.

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Yes, factory unlocked iphones can be used with ANY cellular network anywhere in the world including India

  • Sachin

    Could any one tell me how to ship it from Australia?

  • eddy

    i want to buy a factory unlocked 32 gb black , and shippe it to oman can any body help me please.

  • yesmaybe

    Are these current prices? Do I need to buy in advance and have a shipping address in HK or can I just stop in a store and pay cash? Ohh, is that last millenium? Please advise the cheapest place these days to find iPhone (Kowloon) , not necessarily even the latest version …

  • jbroeckx

    Hi How much will it cost to ship an unlocked Iphone 3 Gs 32Gb to Lugano Switzerland,Tks


    hey ..i have my brother working in NZ but whts the point….u said the cheapest ones are in HK and that too cost 700-800 US $ ie 30-35k INR ……..I THINK THE PRICE OF 3GS IN INDIA WUD BE IN THE SAME RANGE ..SO WHTS THE POINT ….DIDT GET U

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      3G itself costs 30k and 36k in India for 16Gb and 32Gb. How do you expect 3GS costing same? Moreover I do not foresee 3GS arriving anytime in near future *SIGH*

  • HANS

    Can help me somebody from Australia or Hong Kong to get a iPhone 3GS 16 gb?

  • HANS

    How loocks like with the italian iPhones? I hear this are factory unlocket to

    • Camilo

      we are from australia

      are you interested in buying the iphones?


      • eshan

        hello i am from india and would like to buy 1 iphone 3gs 16 gb how much is the price

  • sai kalyan chintala

    Hi i am sai from little rock,arkansas,us doing my masters..i am having brand new iphones 3gs – 16gb & 32gb…they are both unlocked.i needed money as i dont want to exchange with the exchange rates,so bought the iphones.i will be coming to mumbai on 13th dec..and will be going to hyd next day..will be in banglore on 25th dec…i want to sell them..this are us brand, at&t…

    iphone black 32gb 3gs brand new unlocked —–34000
    iphone black 16gb 3gs brand new unlocked —– 30000
    i also have 500 apps which u can use them as i will make it in a cd and give it…

    i will give the phone on hand and take the money by hand..no online payments…

    • anirudh

      hi,sai this is anirudh here.m from hyderabad and i want to buy apple iphone 3gs 32gb from u.so plz let me know wen exactly ur cumin to hyderabad and where can i meet and give u cash and buy it 4m u

  • iPhone 3GS

    I have last week picked up an iPhone 3GS. I was surprised by the quality of the device. The iPhone 3GS is a lot faster in-terms of accessing data over the internet compared to the last edition of the device.

  • James

    I live in Hong Kong and could ship these out. But please be aware that these are never “cheap”, they just happen to come factory unlocked in HK. You can see the HK retail price in the screenshot above, or on apple.com/hk.

    • eddy

      can you send me an apple i hone 3gs black 32gb,but is it realy genuine apple, and its a factory unlocked , iam living in oman

  • AnaAlvarez

    I want an iphone 3gs unlocked 16 or 32 gb, it does not matter.
    Please leave me details and how much..

  • nikos


  • Vee

    I am planning to go to Hong Kong and Shenzen for end of Year. where can i buy an Apple Iphone 3Gs 32GB in black unlocked to be used in South Africa please with any SIM. Apple in SA will not cover for the “international Warranty”, does that i mean that I would need to send it back to Hong Kong for repairs? Buying an Apple Iphone from Hong Kong does that mean that i can upgrade the firm ware any time.

  • slyth

    How much is the shipping cost including tax from HongKong to Indonesia if i want to buy iphones?

  • Uttam

    I am looking for iphone 3G shipped to India. If anyone can help me then please respond at [EDITED] with your quote. I know it sounds like a business deal but believe me after seeing lot of ppl ready to help on this forum I am sendig this mssg. In India its expensive you for me..;-(

  • Max

    I am looking for a HK (unlocked) iPhone shipped to the USA. Is anyone going to HK?

  • Faisal

    I am from Oman Muscat i want to purchase iphone 3GS 32 GB unlouked blak
    at cheapest price from where i can get it.

  • Ardi

    we can also purchase the factory unlocked iPhone in Arab Emirates, at the Etisalat for around USD 670.

    One thing that I need a clarification is whether all the iPhone feature can function well in other countries…

  • Tim

    This article is extremely misleading. It does not take into account shipping or duty costs, or the huge expense you will experience when you try to get the phone fixed under warranty.

    iPhone warranty is ONLY valid in the country the phone was purchased from.
    …So to get it fixed you have to fly to that country, and wait for a few weeks for it to be fixed, or if you know someone you have to pay the shipping and duty costs again!

    [edited] is one of the best known ‘reputable’ online retailers of the factory unlocked iphone 3gs. They claim to be the only company that will handle the warranty repair return on behalf of their customers.

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      This is what I call a well written spam. I edited the link to that website of yours, but approved the comment only to warn others about scammers like you. I have clearly mentioned in the article that one can “BUY” or get it from relatives. Never told them to ship it or mail it!!
      iPhone warranty is not restricted to the country it was purchased from.

  • Adarsh Gopinath

    Hey Raju,

    i did get a lot of info but i hv a doubt….I want the iphone 3gs black 16gb unlocked. I am from Delhi and am sailing. I will be getting off the ship by 15th Jan’10, i get off in Italy. Now the deal is that i want this iphone. I have a relative coming in from the US(Texas) sometime in Jan. WHat do u reckon? Should i buy the phone in India or ask my relative to buy it from US. In short where is the phone cheaper and if its the US, where in US should one buy it from and what is the approximate cost der and in India.

  • Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    The bad part is all the respective countries were shipping only with in the country.. how should i get that in India..

  • Liam

    hey everybody..
    I just picked up an IPhone 3GS the other day..so far I am really impresssed with it..I have the 32GB model…and it is awesome…by the way guys I have an extra one that I am selling, its also the 32gb model..i got 2 because it was working out cheaper…please tell me if you are interested, i can guarantee you that you wont be dissapointed, I also will ship it worldwide.

    • Samson

      I am interested in the iphone, so how much are u willing to sell it. I reside in Nigeria, Pls how much will it cost including shipping. Pls reply.

    • Fahad

      hey i am interested in buying the iphone.

      could u temme how much is selling it for?

  • Raj P

    Hi Everyone,

    I am an online seller in Australia and can provide you with CHEAP Iphone 3GS’s, though I will need details of how many you need & shipping to provide you with a quote. So get in touch with me ASAP!

    • Anupam

      Hey Raj,

      I am interested in buying an unlocked iPhone 3gs 32GB (black only). Please tell me the best price. I need it hand-delivered and not couriered – as I don’t want any custom hassles here in India. I live in Calcutta.

      • http://techpp.com Raju

        Please Read the article completely. We don’t have any service whatsoever to deliver/ship/courier iPhones in India or anywhere else.

  • Chelc

    I am wanting a factory unlocked Iphone 3GS 32GB & white that will work in the US with T-mobile.

  • Jane Clarbour

    Would an iphone 3Gs from Hong Kong (unlocked) work in the UK on a pay as you go sim card?

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Yes absolutely!

  • robert

    Hi I am going HK in March m where I could buy 3gs 16mb iphone cheap,

  • michelle

    anybody have any iphone all version for sale contact me .i wanna buy a lot of them.please contact me about price and shipping .im living in the US.thanks

  • Ahmed

    how much dose it cost for iphone 3gs 32gb in USD, how can i get it shiped to Iraq

  • Madan Dhodari

    I am In Nepal. I am willing to buy an unlocked Apple Iphone 4gb 2g or 3g? How can I get it? Can I get it by my credit card? or any other legal way?

  • Irfan

    Hya, I want to buy I phone 3gs Brand new unlocked in bulk quantity, if any one has please feel free to contact me.

  • http://www.sastra.edu sgk

    Where can I get cheap apple i phone 3gs 16 gb in india?

  • Nik

    i want to buy a iphone 3gs in hong kong, is it still possible, and could they deliver it to germany?
    and can i smoothly use it here?

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Buying an iPhone in HongKong and using it in Germany is just fine, but they won’t deliver it themselves. If you have someone travelling to HK you can get it from them.

  • ali hassan

    i need iphone 3gs 16 gb white colour unlocked. what will the total cost including shipping.get me the full details.

  • ali hassan

    i am from india

  • Kaychan

    I am looking to purchase 5-10 Authentic Apple Iphones 3GS 32GB UNLOCKED. If there is anyone out there who sales or knows of a reputable supplier please contact me.

  • http://www.google.com AK

    Raju – Thanks for this article. I’m an American living in Korea which has a terrible plan for it’s iphone with almost no support for foreigners. Your article is highlighting a good alternative for those of us living in countries with poor iphone support. Once again – thanks!

  • Torusato

    Hey Raju.. im a resident of mumbai.i was considering buying a locked iphone 3gs from the usa through a relative and ship it to mumbai,india and unlock it after i get it .. what would be the price in inr ..? what about the warranty offered..? is this a good alternative..?

  • Akshay


    I am Akshay from Delhi. I m looking for a 2nd hand Iphone 3gs. If anyone is interested in selling please contact me.



  • Kiran


    I live in USA and wanna buy apple iphones mainly 3GS 32GB for good price in large quantities. Can you respond on my email.

  • Navya

    Hey. I wanted to know if any iphone 3GS could be shipped to India from any of the countries where the shipping takes place.
    Can you please tell me?
    Thankyou :)

  • Navya

    And also if not in India(I just read the whole thing), I have relatives in USA. I wanted to know if I could get an unlocked Iphone there. What will be the price?
    Please let me know as I’m really keen on buying it.
    Thankyou again 😀

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      It used to cost around $600 sometime back, not sure how much it is right now.

  • Alags

    Hi,I’m looking for 3G,can i ask my relatives in US to buy the unlocked one?Where do they unlock in US ?

  • NIko

    you can also buy one from sfr by france (as i did), the prices without contract are between 630 an 760 euros.

  • Dravalley

    these phones are great. i need this phone particularly to run my trading apps on. but one thing is it’s too expensive. i’ve tried to save about 900$ for it but another problem. i can’t buy it. funny. they shouldn’t limit it. it should be available all round, the unlocked i mean.

  • sai krishna

    @ RAJU
    hiiii, I am very much excited to buy an iphone 3gs.
    I have some questions and I think you can clarify them..
    1)iphone 3G is available in india.is it the unlocked iphone.
    2)you mentioned that the factory unlocked iphone can be brought from au,nz or hk but they cost 30-35k(INR) and why is the price very low in US($199) 3)I have seen in some site that any iphone can be unlocked using YellowSn0w software.Can it really be unlocked


    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Very valid questions Krishna!
      1) No. The iPhone 3G available in India come with a contract (from either Vodafone or Airtel) and hence locked with the carrier
      2) $199 is when you buy it with 2 years AT&T contract which is again locked
      3) Any iPhone (till OS version 3.1.2) can be unlocked and jailbroken ( can search this site). The latest version (3.1.3) is not yet jailbreakable

  • sai krishna

    Thank you for the reply.and I have one more question ..is it possible for a person from US to buy an iphone there and get it to india ,so that I can unlock it here. Will there be any risks for him ???

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      I am not sure about this, but logically speaking, there shouldn’t be any legal problems as such

  • debgary

    UPDATE on Australian pricing.

    I’m from Australia and the unlocked iphone 32 GS, costs about $1,100 AU with local warranty. I’m going to Hong Kong, and after research, I”ve opted to purchase one from the HK Apple store for $900 AU, saving me $200 AU. No warranty.

    Hope this info helps someone.

    If you have any sources for a cheaper option, please provide me with a Kowloon address and website if possible?


  • cooldaniel1991

    Italy price are :
    3g 8gb :500 euro
    3gs 16gb :599 euro
    3gs 32 gb: 699 euro.

  • mehul

    I would like to buy 1 Unlocked 3Gs iphones, 16 or 32GB black color, could you let me know if its posssible & how much? Australian dollar

  • ashish

    Hi Raju, this article prevented me from requesting a US based relative to get a pricier unlocked phone from there. As i have a friend going to HK in March, can you pls suggest whether I should order the iPhone from Apple’s online store to my friend’s hotel, or should he pick the phone up from any electronic store from the HK.

    Another question which is not directly related to this topic – is the 32 GB version worth the 5400 INR bump in price according to you.

    Thanks a ton for your time.

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Yes, your friend can order it online from Apple store directly. As for the second question, it is worth if you are obsessive about music. For many 16gb is much more than enough

  • Rudy

    Just curious… If someone is selling a “Factory Unlocked” iPhone and insists on not upgrading the firmware when iTunes prompts you because it will reset itself and can never be unlocked again, is it really a “Factory Unlocked” unit?

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      100% not !!

  • http://techpp.com sinks

    hey i want to purchase iphone if anyone can help me in buying it without any contract

  • RD

    Is it possible to unlock at&t and t-mobile sim locked phone with country locking…????

  • SM

    I see that you get factory unlocked iPhone 3GS available in Mumbai at Heera Panna and they also mention that it is imported from Hong Kong. How do you identify if that is authentic or not? Is there some way to figure out if it is really factory unlocked and not jail broken?

  • Angel

    Hii Raju..i am leavin to Paris on the 17th of this month. Orange is selling the iphone 3gs 16gb for 59 euros on contract..
    1)Is it possible for a tourist like me to purchase??
    2)if its possible then can i leave the country before the contract gets over??
    3)Are there any legalaties involved??(plan to purchase on prepaid)
    4)Can i unlock the locked phone when i return to india??
    Awaiting ur reply…thx!!!!!

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      1) Yes
      2) Yes (with lock intact)
      3) Legality? Can you elaborate more?
      4) Yes (but it would void your warranty)

  • shib shankar


    one of my frnd lives in nz is is comming in nov. i told him 2 bring 1 for me! he said that he will bring 1! but d only thig is that i hv 2 register it on the apple site! thn only it will start working with any service provider!

    do i have 2 register it??

    pls help..

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Yes. That is much needed for your warranty to hold good. I see no harm in registering it.

  • shib shankar


  • amit

    i want to buy iphone 3gs 16gb white if anyone can sell it

  • munif

    i want i for persoanl use but if will buy from nz or aus will be expensive but from hk it will be ok

  • rohitsabharwal

    wat will be the price of the iphone3gs 16gb in india if we get it from hong kong

  • Trilok

    Dear Raju,
    3 cheers for providing gr8 info to all queries. Kindly answer mine too.
    I have a friend in US. I want to get a 3gs 16gb by asking him to pay $199 & after a month pay $175 as contract pre-mature termination fee of AT&T.So
    it will cost $375 totally. Would this make the phone free of carrier lock so it could be used in India. Can I then update officially thru itunes.

    Thanks in advance.

    keep up the good work

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Yes, but the phone needs to be present when contract pre-mature termination fee is being paid.

  • Trilok

    Hi Raju,
    Thanks for ur reply. Got ur point. I think of asking my friend to buy & keep it with him for 1 month & then terminate the contract & then later send it to me. BTW, which is better – buying in india thru grey market or getting from US (price doesnt matter) in terms of feel safe factor

    Thanks for ur help
    Keep up the good work

  • Senthil

    Hi Raju,
    Though this is my first post, i have been following this page for quite a long time now. I am in India. After reading ur comments i decided to buy the factory unlocked 16gb iphone 3Gs from Hong Kong (32700 INR). After a long wait finally got it yesterday. It really rocks. Registered it in itunes and downloaded a few applications too. No problems with using it in India. thanks a lot for all the info u have provided.


  • prudhvi

    I am from noida,i found a guy dealing with factory unlocked i phone( 3gs ) in mumbai. He told me that he get them from singapore and warraty is applicable in singapore itself. He told me that the phone would cost Rs. 36,000 -16 gb . Is it advisable to buy i phone 3gs from him with warranty not applicable in india. Help me Raju.

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      No, that seems to be a bad deal. I suggest you to wait for sometime as we have news of iPhone 3GS coming to India officially (but locked)

  • prudhvi

    Boss , I have been waiting for one year to get this and i don’t think i can resist further . please let me know me what do you find wrong with the deal. If the concern is with warranty , i will take risk. Thanks for taking time on this. It ‘s very helpfull for me.

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      it is always your wish to buy or not to buy :) It costs little over 32k when buying from HK and the news is locked version with Airtel will cost 32k in India as well.

  • shib shankar dey

    Raju thanx 4r ur post

    “as i told u abt my frnd who lives in nz n will bring 1 3gs 4r me in nov”

    nw i gt d news 4m u n d newspaper dat 3gs is finaly comming 2 india withng few weeks!! n will 33k 4r 16 and 42k 4r d 32!! n my qus is dat

    1 will i wait 4r my frnd..becoz in nz it will cost me around 36k 4r d 16

    2 if i buy it in india!! can i use any sim after one yr?? will be it legal

    pls suggest

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      Airtel allows unlocking iPhone after 1 year contract ends. This is for iPhone 3G, i expect the same to continue for iPhone 3GS as well.

  • Sachin

    Hi Raju,

    I am currently working in Indonesia. On my return trip to India, I will be travelling via Hongkong & I have 4 hours transition time at HK airport on 21st May 2010. Can you please suggest where I can buy Iphone 3GS – 32GB Black inside HK airport.

    Awaiting your response.


  • samkev

    I look for iphone 3gs 32gb again with faktory unlocked.
    When you make me a good price included shipping to Germany i buy 10 iphones.
    please none only dealer prices.i continues to sell those iphones and with some salesmen is prices very highly.
    then rather none offer.

  • prudhvi

    Thanks for the Valuable news you gave me ,it helped a lot. One last question to be clarified . If i buy airtel Sim locked i phone 3Gs in India and take it to US after six months will it work there.

  • ashwini

    hi, i want to buy iphone 3GS 16GB. can i purchase it from UK. how much is the price in INR.

  • manoj

    can u ship to India??
    and how much the price for iphone 3gs unclocked white 16 Giga?

  • Ashley

    I need an unlocked 3GS iphone. Can anyone please help me. How much is 16gb in US dollars.

  • Ashwin

    I need a 16GB 3gs….Pls mail me the details..
    i live in chennai,India.

  • Razz

    Hi Raju!

    hey thnx for all da info u r providing . real useful. After going through ur comments i realised dat da cheapest option is to get a frnd in US 2 buy a iphone for 199 $ n den get contact premature termination done by paying fee. My question is
    a) Can such a phone work with any network in India?
    b) will i be able to take updates from the official iphone site in India?
    c) after what period of time after buying da phone can my friend get da contract premature termination done?
    d) should he register da phone in Us only or i can do it in India after receiving it?

    Plz plz plz answer


  • Benji

    Very cool info! as a matter of the fact my uncle lives in HK and I’ll be visiting in a month after I get my U.S passport. I’m gonna have to buy one 32gb for myself and 5 “3GS 16gb” for my friends in U.S, U.K and Germany. Thank you very much for the info.

  • ishan

    If someone is sending a phone by a courier(FedEx/UPS/DHL .. whtevr) or something ,don’t ya guys think customs won’t catch it , I think its illegal to send a phone thru dese mediums, best way is to personally get it from some known person (this is wht i hv heard.. but you are the expert )

    :) :)

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      that is what mentioned in the article

  • ishan

    I read sumwhere on apple site or AT&T site that you can get a refurbished Iphone at a less price ? What are these refurbished phones ???

  • raja

    hi raju.

    Hi,I’m looking for 3GS 16 GB ,can i ask my relatives in US to buy the unlocked one?Where do they unlock in US ? And wt is the price of that..??? plz help me


    I live in US is there anywhere I can get an unlocked 3gs in this country, I hate contracts so I have avoided them for the last 5 years. But want the Iphone.

  • Benji

    Hi Raju.

    The factory unlocked version of the iPhone 3GS 16gb in about $900 in U.S. You can get it cheaper from Australia or HongKong about $695. If you just buy the ATT locked version and unlock it yourself, as soon as you connect it to iTunes it will get locked again to ATT. The new 3GS is very difficult to jailbreak specially if it’s your first time.


  • Benji

    @ ishan,

    The customs won’t bother catching one phone. But if you send 20 iPhones with FedEx or UPS, YES they with hold it until you pay them 😀

  • Razz

    hey raju, still awaiting ur reply 2 my querries…

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      a) Yes it will work.
      b) Yes
      c) I am not sure about this one.
      d) Phone gets activated soon after buying from AT&T



  • Deepdj

    Hi Raju and Others,

    My friend from US has purchased the Iphone 3gs 3.1.3 locked one.
    As the phone is still unlcoked,Can we use Airtel Sim with the iphone 3gs which is locked in US ?
    As Airtel is the provider for Iphone 3GS in india,can we use it with the locked iphone 3gs?

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      No Deepdj, it won’t work with Airtel or Vodafone

  • Rio

    raju recently I got email which informed me about this site to buy cheap iphone? what do you think about this? is it fraud site that try to scam us? or we can trust it, because it offer really cheap iphone even compare to seller on ebay

  • omid

    hi guys : I would like to buy 1 Unlocked 3Gs iphones, 16 or 32GB black color, could you let me know if its posssible & how much in india? US dollar

  • Asif

    I have a unlocked iPhone 32GB 3gs black,based in Dubai. If interested let me know.

  • Dev Ray


    i am going 2 nz nxt mnt i want 2 buy an iphone 3gs 32gb.

    1 of my frnd bought an 3gs 4m Dubai bt whn he inserted AIRTEL sim in india it got network lock.

    my qus is dat if i buy it from nz will i face the same problem as i am using AIRTEL connection

    pls reply.

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      You must specifically ask for “Factory unlocked” iPhones before buying, which will work with any carrier in the world, including AIRTEL

  • mahesh

    can i get iphone 3gs from aus/hongkong/nz to india by cash on delivery

  • Trod

    Noone thinks $700 bucks for a f-ing phone is crazy?

  • Bimal

    Hi Raju,

    I bought an apple 3GS factory unlocked from australia when I was there in october 2009. It worked fine till now. One fine morning it started acting weird and showed the error 23 which I came to know from the research that it is a hardware problem. Now as I had bought it from australia the warranty does not apply in india. So i inquired at apple store australia and they said they will replace it so I send it thru DHL to one friend who is in australia to carry it to apple store. He took it there and they replaced it in no time and gave a new one.

    Now when he went again to DHL to deliver it to me in india, they are denying that they can deliver the iphone outside australia.

    I do not know why. Do have any idea? pls help

  • gurpreet

    hi this is gurpreet…
    i wanted to know that can i use iphone purchased from usa in india…i actually cam to know that purchasing iphone from usa is on contract basis. so how can i use it in india…. and i also wanted to know that is iphone 16 gb really cheap??? i came to know that its costing about us$199 .. it means if we convert it indian currency it will cost round about 10000. rs .. nd is it really true……..so can anyone help me….

  • application development

    Thanks, good advice. Many people have to hack iPhones to unlock them. And if there is a possibility to buy an oficially factory unlocked iPhone 3GS, then why not take it. Frankly speaking I didn`t know before that in these countries they sell unlocked iPhones. Well if I ever go anywhere there I will probably get one.

  • Dhruv

    hi raju…
    here you have given nice information regarding iphone…
    I wanted to ask you… One of my relative is coming to india from us in 15, days… One of the apple store is offering iphone 3gs 16gb for 199 dollars locked with at&t… Then after buying you have to activate it through itunes and get on with at&t contract… I want to ask you can I bring the iphone without activating from there and then can I activate here in india…
    do reply soon…
    Thanks a lot for all the information…

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      No, you cannot do that. Best option is to activate it there and bring it here and jailbreak using Spirit or some other tool.

  • Akhil

    Hi raju, one clarification, if i buy factory unlock iphone from either Aus, HK or NZ and get it to india, after i put a vodafone sim and update it through i tunes, would the phone gets locked with vodafone or would it still be unlocked ?

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      By “factory unlock” it means you are free to choose ANY carrier ANYWHERE in the world (just like any other phone)

  • sahil

    i wanted a new unlocked cheap iphone(3g or 3gs) 8gb/16gb in dubai.if neone could help me out.thanx a lot.

  • Vishal


    Can you help in providing info about getting Iphone 3G or 3GS from US with lowest Price and use it in india with any network.

  • http://www.naeem.pk/me Naeem

    iphone 4 comming 199$ 16gb 299$ 32gb :)

  • Pichi


    with AT&T 2-year contract

  • Steve

    I’m traveling to New Zealand for holidays in July 2010 and wanted to purchase Iphone 4G. I just read that Apple will release it in New Zealand soon. Will it be unlocked and can it be used in UAE.

    I have an earlier 3G Iphone purchased without any service warranty and currenty is having hardware problems.

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      In all possibilities NZ will get iPhone 4 (its not called 4G!) in July 2010. And I believe countries like NZ, AUS and HK will get the factory unlocked versions. I will confirm that when it happens

  • chaan


    I wanted to know wheather I can purchase factory unlocked i phone 3gs / i phone 4 (after its arrival) in Singapore. It is for use in India. If yes, how and at what average price?
    Please give advice

  • Vipin

    Hi Raju

    I have someone from my office visiting NY this week. I have few questions & would appreciate your early reply – Thanks

    1. Can we get factory unclocked i phone 4 64gb , if so for how much & what will be best place to buy in NY, USA.

    2. If Iphone 4 is not available i would like to go for factory unlocked 64gb 3gs- if so for how much & what will be best place to buy in NY, USA.

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      I am afraid I can be of any help for either of your questions
      1) Factory unlocked iPhone 4 is not announced officially and unofficial news are nothing more than pure rumors.
      2) iPhone 4 release date is June 24th which is couple of weeks away. Factory unlocked iPhone 3GS comes with 16GB and 32GB only. I am not sure about the best place to buy in NY.

  • chaan

    Hi Raju,

    If you could give me an advice on tha above, that would be helpful,


  • chaan

    Hi Raju,

    I meant my question on june 11th

  • http://techpp.com Raju

    Singapore will most probably get the factory unlocked iPhone 4 through SingTel, but price is still a mystery. Wait for a week or 2.

  • vipin

    Dear Raju

    Thanks for your reply.

    So if someone wants to get I phone 3gs from USA can they simply buy from any store & get it to india & get the software breaked in India.

    Is it available as prepaid connection also in USA.

  • chaan

    Thanks Raju

  • Vipul

    Hi Raju,

    Thanks for all the information. I have following queries.

    1) My colleague in USA (who is US citizen) is getting iphone 3 GS 16 GB for $125 with AT&T contract. If I pay pre-mature termination then will that phone work anywhere in world?
    2) You said above that some version of iphone is unlockable, is that 3 G and available in market?
    3) How can we make sure that the iphone is properly unlocked?
    4) I want to get it from US, what’s the best option I can have?

    Requesting your help. Thanks in advance.

  • marlborox


    You totally missed the point of this thread.
    The guys above said buy an iphone WITHOUT any contract.!!
    You paying 125 and you still need to signed up a contract from the provide. Which is end up way more dollar just buying the iphone from HK or NZ.
    The iphone is offically unlocked by Apple as well and you can do updates directly from apple site. But the iphone you pay 125 will need after market unlock which is not able to update later.


  • Vipul

    Hey Raju,

    Can you please answer my queries mentioned above?


  • sandy

    Hi Raju,

    My colleagues are visiting to US,UK , HKG,SIngapore this week for a month.I need to buy a Iphone ( 2g/3g/3gs/4g) .Please suggest the cheaper option .I need to use Iphone in India.

    [ph no edited]

  • bala

    hey man,

    friendly request,

    1. could you repost the current cost of 1phone 4 and 3gs! since its been a will so.
    2. and if the cost is still same whats the point in buying it,

    iphone 3gs 32gig come’s 810$ u.s.d (as per the above mentioned rates)
    converting 810$ USD to indian rupee cost’s 37,500 as of 27/jun/2010(my home place).
    so the locked is available at airtel for 40 Grand(40,000 rs.).There max about 3k difference.

    so plz correct me if i am wrong or plz repost the cost rating’s.

    Thankx and regards,
    bala AKA Baron.

  • sam

    hii raju
    Is thr any way of breaking AT&T contract? I am going to US next week.& i will return in 15 days. so is thr any way to get iphone at $199 or $299?

  • Robert

    Okay we’re almost a month into the iPhone 4’s launch (in US, UK, Japan, Germany, France)
    UK and Canada are on board to sell them unlocked
    US is offering a $600 no-contract/still locked to AT&T anti-deal

    So, which country are Americans going to buy there unlocked iPhone 4’s cheapest? Hong Kong or Canada?

  • Kiran

    Buy only unlocked iPhones. That will help you to update software upgardes from Apple. Thats true we can jailbreak and use iPhone as unlocked phone. But with the next update again your iPhone will get locked. So i recommend to buy only factory unlocked iPhones. There are many online portals selling “factory unlocked ” iphones

    Hope this helps!!

    Expert iPhone user: iphone 2g,3g,3gs and now iPhone 4 😀 😀

  • khun Ar

    Can you help in providing info about,getting i-phone 3gs / i-phone4 from Hongkong lowest price and can use it in Thailand with any network[UNLOCK]

    Thank you

    Khun Ar

  • http://techpp.com Raju

    @Khun Ar,
    You can buy iPhone 3GS from Apple store in HK. Ask for factory unlocked model when buying. iPhone 4 will be released this month in HK

  • chaan

    Hi Raju,

    Do you have any information whether BSNL 3G is compatible with I phone 4? I am planning to get an unlocked i pone ,


  • Amit

    Raju: yes Bsnl wil work on iphone 4. However u need to cut sim card bcoz iphone 4 accept micro sim card. Buy factory unlocked phone from UK

  • Belinda

    I am after an Apple iphone that will work here in australia that is around the $150 price range?

  • Madhusudhan

    Hello all,

    I do not know whether the doubt which i have has been answered already. If so please direct me to the right thread. Else please help. So here goes my doubt..

    Iam planning on gettin the iphone 4 at singapore. My friend stays there. I ll be needing 2 Iphones. Once my friend ships it, will he be able to send it through courier without paying duty or customs? I am worried cause if I am charged customs or duty ill be payin a lotta money. I do not know where to ask or whom to ask. So if anyone knows bout this please help!!

    Thanks in advance

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      You better get it confirmed from the courier service provider you are planning to use. When I inquired about shipping iPad from HK via FedEx, they quoted around 6k (assuming 2kg package) which included customs/tax. So, if you are in India, call FedEx/DHL and inquire directly. Do update us if you get to know anything

  • Ganesh3279

    hi,i am ganesan last weak i by iphone4 32 gb in us (factory unlocked) i can use india?

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      of-course you can use it

  • Abhijit

    Hello All,

    I am in Germany till December. Is it advisable to buy unlocked Iphone3GS or 4 before I go back to India.What will be the price here in Germany.I see some of the comments said the cheapest unlocked iphones are HK/NZ/Australia(it works out as 487 Euros for 16Gb legally unlocked 3GS). Please suggest what to do..

  • SAK

    Hi All,

    I want to buy a factory unlocked I phone 3GS from US. Can anyone pls tell from where a person can but it and what will be the cost.

  • Eeshan

    Hy guys.. ill b goin to hk nxt week .. nd i wntd to nw wt will b da bst price dere? i want a 4G .. if i get tht one twenty five (usd) one then will i be able to use other s
    sim cards on it (specificly vodafone) .. so please update me wid the answer .. tnx in advance ….hope this site helps 😀

    • http://techpp.com Raju

      for the latest price check Apple (HK) online store. Google for “Apple HK”. You must specifically ask for “factory unlocked” iPhone 4 before buying. As for the SIM, any GSM sim must work, though it must be a Micro SIM. A mini SIM be manually cut to a microsim or you can use a tool as well. With iPhone 4 expected to be released in India in October, Vodafone “might” provide the micro SIM themselves.

  • subhankar dey

    my brother has brought an 3gs for me from NZ. in rest there’s an option that. ERASE ALL CONTENT.. i hv done it twice…1 of my frnd told me that i can do it max 5 times after that i have 2 send it to the apple,, to use it again..i asked i brother bt he said he has knw idea….
    is it true?? pls help

  • chris

    So you mean to say buying factory unlocked iphone from US is not worth it? awesome, will get it when i go to canada

  • rewi

    I’m from Germany and I thought of buying an factory unlocked Iphone 3gs. Could anybody tell me some australian onlineshops where I can order? Or isn’t that a good idea?

    • srinand

      Dear Rewi,
      Can you please let me know for what price is i phone 3g is avialble at your place

  • Utsab raj joshi

    I’m from Nepal and I though of buying Iphone 4 G. Here only general sim card available but Iphone 4 G olny support micro sim. Plz kindly suggest me m i change general sim to micro sim or not?
    If yes , How can change general to micro?

  • Maxim

    I want to buy iPhone 3GS and 4 in bulk about 1000 per month.write me please price list.

  • glen

    Something to remember – the apple warranty is only honored in the country of origon. So if you buy an iphone from Hong Kong, you have to send it to Hong Kong for service – on your dime.

    • http://techpp.com Raju PP

      sorry, that is a wrong info. Most of the Apple products come with international warranty by default. One can get it confirmed before buying though.

  • Kasey

    I am from Australia and am going overseas to Hong Kong. I wish to buy an iphone, but not sure whether to purchase a 3GS or 4. I currently have an Australian SIM card, will it work in both models and what model am I better of purchasing?

    • http://techpp.com Raju PP

      it will work in both models. 3GS is way too outdated now. iPhone 4 is a better bet.