123456! QWERTY! Password! These are some of the 500 worst passwords listed down by Dave Kleiman in his book Perfect Password: Selection, Protection, Authentication. Hilarious to see some of the passwords listed down there – one of them being ZZZZZZZ!!


On a serious note, if your password is one of the 500 listed ones, you must think of something better and change it right away! Securing your GMail or any other email will be useless if you have one of these passwords.

Let me know if any of your passwords is listed above!


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20 thoughts on “500 Worst Passwords! Is Yours on the List?

  1. My password is two completely random words in two different languages (that I don’t speak) with loads of completely random numbers chucked in between letters and various other symbols. I do well to remember it myself! 😉

  2. Why should we “let [you] know if any of [our] passwords [are] listed above”?* 😛

    You want everyone to see them? 😀

    Anyway, for making quick accounts somewhere my password manager, LastPass, generates and saves them. If it is a site I frequent, I can make a special unique password for each site name. 😛

    * The words in brackets are because of the change of viewpoints.

  3. mine is a word i made up from the combination of
    a) a dead language
    b) a language i dont speak
    c) its not even a real word but makes perfect sense in my mind

  4. Any password is a good one. Someone still has to guess it. My password could be abc123 but who’s going to pick that word out of the 50 billion combiations of letters and numbers available.

  5. I find the whole thing rather depressing. There, in that list is the American psyche encapsulated – sex, sport and superheroes.

  6. The most used according to Hackers is not there either. God, Satan, Lucifer, Admin, Administrator, Boss… I don’t see: 90210, Spartacus, argh, no, yes, ok, shutup, ihateyou, sigh, damn, dammit, common, idontknow, what, why, open, done, goaway, leavemealone, scram, foff, fuckoff, flipoff, “the computer company’s name”, “the model number of the computer”, “your city”, “your country”, “the current president”, “your zip code”, “your telephone number”, “your social security number”, “your birthday”, “your name”, “your birth year”, “your initials”, “your dad’s name”, “your mom’s name”, “your pet’s name”, and “mother’s maiden name” is easy to find in modern times, Lincoln, Washington, Elvis, Disney, WB, warnerbrothers, warnerbros, nintendo, sony, playstation, ps1, ps2, ps3, pw, psp, nes, snes, n64, gb, gbc, gba, pc, mac, imac, ipod, ipad, notebook, netbook, laptop, desktop, tower, linux, unix, nds, atari, square, squaresoft, squareenix, etc.

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