Everyone must have had a phase in their childhood where they stood in front of the mirror, singing their favorite songs. The 1990s brought the karaoke machine everywhere and joy to millions of people. Now, anyone can enjoy karaoke in the privacy of their homes, at their computers, on their smartphones, or online. These karaoke software will help you maintain your social skills and whenever you are at a disco-club with your friends, you will not be ashamed anymore to sing in front of everybody. Here is a list of karaoke software you should try out if you want to fine-tune your Pavarotti voice:

Karaoke software for Windows

1. KaraFun Player


This software is one of the coolest and user friendly ones available. You can benefit from 9000 songs stored in the cloud and the interface is very intuitive. It also gives you the possibility to create your own playlists with your favorite songs and videos. It supports almost any extension you can think of. But to benefit from its full list of features, you have to pay a monthly subscription of $9.99.

KaraFun is also available on mobile platforms, not only on Windows.

2. Siglos Karaoke Professional


This player is offered by Power Karaoke, a website that offers a full range of karaoke software. This software is host to lots of features, including a computer scan for karaoke songs, the capability of making your own playlists, tempo changer and many others. You may want to use this software if you’re a club owner or in other commercial purposes since it will cost you almost $100. But, hey, what won’t you to do become the next Elvis Presley?

3. OneKaraoke


Created by a group that loves karaoke, this software is very intuitive and it promises to bring life to any party. This software is capable of running almost any type of file and it’s fully packed with features from the average karaoke fan to those that love karaoke and want to bring out the best in them.

4. CDG plug-in for Winamp


CDG is a Winamp plug-in for Windows users. This app allows users to run songs from their computer in karaoke format. A great idea, since Winamp is a well-known music player and this plug-in allows users to enjoy karaoke without any additional programs installed. You won’t have to pay a dime for it and that’s the best part of it! The plug-in may be old but it’s great as in the first day!

5. Advanced Karaoke Player


This software is more than a karaoke player, it also has the capability to organize your media files and do all your heavy lifting for you. This software allows you to quickly access your karaoke files, so a party can never catch you unprepared. Maybe the bad part about is that you first have to convert your files into ones that have a compatible extension.

6. PC DJ Karaoki


This software is a bit more advanced; it helps you organize a karaoke night by adding karaoke songs and editing the play options. It’s really intuitive and simple to use and the feature of using a second monitor for displaying the lyrics and the main monitor to continue editing the playlist, lets you keep the show going.

7. Karaoke Player


A simple name for a simple software. Karaoke Player is just what it says it is: an application that allows you to play karaoke files on your computer. The program is very user friendly and really simple to use. Perfect for those who don’t want to hustle with synchronizing their karaoke files.

Karaoke software for Mac OS

1. KJams


KJams is a Mac OS software for karaoke, that somehow resembles iTunes. It allows users to download their favorite songs and sing them in karaoke format, for everyone to enjoy. You can export your songs to your iPod or iPhone and it has the possibility to play any format. So, it’s not a karaoke player only for for Mac but basically for all your Apple devices.

2. iStar


This app is one of the coolest karaoke players available on Mac. It lets you import music to the player and create playlists according to your preferences. The simple, easy to use interface lets anyone use it with no hustle and its beautiful features are enough for every karaoke enthusiast.

3. TunePrompter


TunePrompter is a software that lets you create your own karaoke tunes. With its simple to use interface, you can easily create and upload all your karaoke videos to your iPod, iPhone and Apple TV, or burn them to a disc. Another cool feature of TunePrompter is that it automatically searches for lyrics, a nice feature that will certainly save a lot of time.

4. KaraTunes


This software is a simple Mac OS application that also lets you create or edit your karaoke collection. It automatically searches for lyrics and it is really simple to use. In just a few minutes you are ready to sing to your heart’s content. If you didn’t know, “cara” in Italian means “dear”.



Aria is more than a karaoke player. This software can also be used in DJ mode or in Scratch mode. It has a simple interface, therefore anyone can use it and the list of features just keeps going and going: it has the possibility to use two monitors, it features an online music store and the editing options are really cool. Aria is one of the best and complete packages I’ve ever seen.

6. QMidi v2.0


This complete karaoke studio is absolutely great! It features a sound mixer and it supports almost all audio formats and it has lots of features for synchronizing and formatting your lyrics. Just what you need to get the party going!

7. KMid v2.4.0


KMid is a little karaoke player that plays MIDI and karaoke files. It supports playlists, MIDI mappers and it has the possibility to change the tempo, volume and pitch and configurable character encoding, font and color for lyrics. It also has lots of graphic views for piano play and other instruments.

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