We have all been there. You have been patiently waiting for your turn at a party, but once you got up, you realized that the karaoke doesn’t have the song of your spirits. Of course, you can create karaoke version of your favorite song, but doesn’t sound exciting or straightforward either. Actually, it is now. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, you can produce a vocals-free karaoke file in a jiffy. Here’s how.


The web utility we will be employing throughout this process is intuitively called “PhonicMind”. It takes an audio file as the input, segregates the vocals with the help of a series of Machine Learning algorithms and yields two outputs — the verbal sections it extracted and the music-only file which you’re looking for.

Create Karaoke Version of Your Favorite Song with PhonicMind

To get started, head over to the PhonicMind website. Click the ‘Try it now’ button. Drag and drop the audio file of size not more than 30MB stored on your computer. There are a bunch of formats supported right now including *.mp3, *.aac, *.wma, and *.flc.

Once it has finished uploading, you will have to wait for a few seconds so that the AI elves can do what they do best. Now, you have a couple of options. You can either preview the results, download a 30-sec trial file and once you are completely satisfied with the quality, download the entire karaoke file by paying $2.


For that, click the ‘Choose a Bundle’ purple button, select the plan, and you are done.[stories-so-far title=”Also Read” post_ids=”67251, 39867, 20639, 20604″] If you intend to use PhonicMind again, I would recommend opting for the premium packages as they significantly bring down the ‘per song’ price. PhonicMind will also preserve your tracks online after you configure an account and thankfully, these can be retrieved at any time without having to have a premium account.

The developers behind PhonicMind mention that this karaoke app is constantly being trained by listening to music at a rate of twenty minutes every second. I did try it with two tracks, and PhonicMind managed to compose accurate results in both the cases. Although, the dearth of a lyrics tracker is quite disappointing since you are eventually going to use the tracks for karaoke. That being said, PhonicMind doesn’t have any comparable competitors yet.

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