AI art has taken the world by storm lately. Whether you’re an artist or not, these new AI art generators are so good that they’re hard to miss. These apps and websites work like magic and can create art from a simple prompt and nothing else. These art generators can create anything from anime to realistic-looking images, which sounds scary at first, but it’s worth exploring.

best ai art generator websites

In this blog, we’ll introduce several such websites and apps that can create and generate art online. We’ll look at how good all these apps are when given the same prompt, and you can judge which art looks best. We’ll also find out if free websites or apps are better than paid ones for generating AI art.

So, if you’re interested in AI and want to know what these apps or websites can do when it comes to generating images out of thin air, this article is for you.

Dream by Wombo

Dream is the first app in our list of AI art generator websites. It used to be completely free, but recently added support for AI video creation and combined that with several things like multiple output options and premium styles to choose from, and voila, Dream now has a premium membership. But if you don’t care about these features and can wait a bit, Dream might be a good option for you.

dream by wombo homepage

When it comes to generating art, we gave the same command to all AI generators and show you all the results here. The command we gave is “A pizza delivery boy with green hair and 3 swords fighting a dragon“. Dream did a great job with this image, check it out:

dream by wombo image sample

The only drawback to Dream is the announcement of a premium membership. There are only a limited number of art styles to choose from and only one variation can be created at a time, which can be increased to four in the premium version, and it can also take some time to create the art. Otherwise, Dream by Wombo is one of the best AI art generators around.

Check out Dream by WOMBO

AI tools can do so much, from transcribing audio and video to creating photorealistic images with services like Stable Diffusion, which is not free on its website, but many websites use the same AI art generators and let users demo them for free. is one such website. It uses Stable Diffusion to create photorealistic images without the user having to pay for them. uses Stable Diffusion as an AI art generator. We tried out whether our prompt “A pizza delivery boy with green hair and 3 swords fighting a dragon” looks like art, and the results speak for themselves.

art created by hugging using stable diffusion ai

It just creates art and works best when you get three things right: the artistic medium, the subject, and the color. If you give Stable Diffusion these things, it will produce the best image possible. The best part is that there are a total of four outputs to choose from, and you can simply right-click to save the image.

Check out HuggingFace


ZMO.AI is a credit-based AI tool that can do a variety of tasks, from creating AI images to designing rooms and enhancing real photos. This tool can do everything, but all of these features come at a price: with the free plan, you can only create 10 images per day, and credits are consumed every time you create an image, and you can only get 6 credits per day when you log in. Although there is an annual plan, there are no such restrictions.

To make a long story short, ZOM.AI is the most feature-rich AI generator in our list of AI generator websites. It can create images from text input, modify and enhance images, which also works incredibly well, literally swap faces, and much more.

We gave it the same prompt as above to see how well it performed compared to others in the list. And the results did not disappoint. This thing is really powerful!

zmo ai text to image sample

That’s impressive, so we tried it with an image input instead of a text input, and it worked again, but that’s not even the best thing about this website.

image to image enhancer in

The best thing about this site is that it gives you crystal clear instructions that you can follow to generate the image you’re thinking of. If you enter the right amount of information for the website to work with, it will give you the best results you can imagine.

The only downside to this site is that you can’t create images until you login with your account. Also, we don’t like the credit feature because even after using the credit, you are limited to 10 pictures per day.

Check out ZMO.AI

Starry AI

Starry AI is another tool that converts your words into images. It’s also based on a freemium model, and while it gives you the functionality of a text-to-image generator, it works best when you give it an image, as you can see here.

starry ai homepage

The problem with this app is the same as with ZOM.AI: you can use the free version, but it too is based on a points system, and you can either buy credits or log back in after some time to earn more credits. Because of this limitation, you can’t use the app without logging in, and if you have a free subscription, you can only generate images in 4:5 canvas.

starry ai image sample

If we put all that aside, the app becomes a great tool for creating artwork that takes time, but the results are worth it. It’s one of the best tools in our list of AI art generator websites because it can turn normal images into whatever you want. It’s also one of the easiest-to-use AI tools in our list of best AI art generator websites, and you should definitely give it a try.

Check out Starry AI.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe is a company known for creating software that every creative professional relies on, and Adobe Firefly is their latest product to conquer the AI art generator boom. Firefly is a prompt-based image generator that uses machine learning to generate images from natural language, just like every other website on our list, but what sets Adobe Firefly apart from other AI art generators is its ability to integrate seamlessly with the Adobe product ecosystem.

adobe firefly homepage

While companies like Microsoft have integrated AI into Windows, Adobe has gone a different route and created a separate AI generator for everyone that also integrates seamlessly with its products.

Once you sign into Adobe Firefly with your existing Adobe account, you can create images from text, just like the other tools on our list of the best AI generator websites. You can choose and play with different styles, aspect ratios, and effects. Once you’ve created an image, you can simply download it or save it to your library.

Once you save an image to your library, you can use it in other Adobe applications like Photoshop and Illustrator. That’s where its real power lies. Adobe Firefly opens up a world of possibilities for creative professionals who are tied to Adobe products.

If we take all the Adobe parts out of Adobe Firefly, it’s still a very powerful and standalone AI art generator that follows the same tendency of a credit-based system where each user gets 25 credits for free and all Creative Cloud members get 100 credits.

Check out Adobe Firefly

Lexica.Art is a completely premium app in our list of AI art generator sites, which is considered one of the easier AI art generator websites to use. It supports a free version, but you can only search for and download images if you want to. These images are created by other users and can be used for free, but if you want to create your own AI art, you have to subscribe. There are 3 plans, and you can create up to 7000 images per month.

If you’re a free user and you just want to find an image, you simply click on the search bar and type in your query and it will start searching for images in the database. If you are a premium member, you can also generate images, and that is just as easy as searching for images. You give AI the prompt for the image you’re looking for, and it generates multiple images for you – it’s really the simplest implementation of all the AI art generators.

Check out 


yodaya explorer page
For those of you who are into anime: Yodayo is another one of those credit-based AI art generators, but instead of giving us 20 or 30 credits, we get 300 credits by default and a one-time 150 credits every day, based on UTC (Universal Time Coordinated). The credits in Yodayo are called Yobeans (probably in reference to Senzu beans).

To create an image, you must give it a detailed prompt and a negative prompt and choose between different characters and styles to generate an image.

Once the image is generated, you can simply download it. The software is pretty easy to use and a real goldmine for those who want to create anime graphics specifically. Just like Lexica AI, you can visit the Explore tab and find anime artwork of your own. Yodayo is one of those AI art generators that is specifically tailored to an audience, and it delivers.

Check out Yodayo

Free AI art generators vs. Premium AI art generators

top 7 ai art generator sites

As we have seen in this blog, there are many different AI generators, but figuring out which ones work better is another story. All of these AI generators work well because most of them are based on popular AI generators like Dall-E 2 or MidJourney, whose text-image generation capabilities are on the same level as most consumers. The main difference is in the form or purpose for which you use these AI generators. If you just want to play around a bit and try out these AI generators, the free generators are the best choice.

But if you are looking for an AI generator for your work or for professional use, then the free generators are not for you because they are all limited and will not meet your needs.

FAQs about AI Art Generator Websites

1. Are AI art generators free?

Well, not exactly. There are AI art generators like Hugging Face powered by Midourney, but they are not the full version and only work for demo purposes, while other art generators that let you generate images are mostly credit-based and give the user limited access, so AI art generators are not free.

2. What is the role of prompts and negative prompts in AI art generators?

Prompts and negative prompts play the most important role in AI art generators. Prompts help the AI to understand what you are looking for, so always try to give as much information as possible while typing a prompt. You can write anything you want in your image and focus more on the artistic medium and subject.

Negative prompts are the things you don’t want the AI to generate in your image. For example, you don’t want a poor-quality image, or you don’t want your image to look like an oil painting. You need to specify each and everything very clearly to get the best results.

3. Could we use AI art for commercial purposes?

Yes, we can use AI art for commercial purposes, but to do so, you will either need to sign up for a premium membership or try to query AI art with the right keywords, such as ” no copyright” and “commercial use.” In some cases, it is important to find out whether the particular image generator allows commercial use of AI art at all because all AI art generators use the Internet as a resource and cannot create art themselves.

4. Are there any AI art generator apps?

Yes, there are many AI art generator apps that you can use. Some common examples are Dream by Wombo, PixAI, and Remini. These apps offer the same features as their websites, are free to download, and are available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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