The death toll from wildfires in Victoria State, Southern Australia has reached at least 170, the worst in the country’s history. Entire towns in Victoria state were destroyed as fires were fanned by extreme temperatures and wind. Thousands of firefighters, aided by the army, are battling the bush fires.

bushfires google map

Google Maps came to the rescue by tracking the deadly bushfires and help take off the traffic load to the official emergency service websites in Victoria. The maps contain real-time information about the fire locations and their status from the State of Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA) website via an RSS feed with address search functionality.

bushfires google

The Flash map is also available as a Google Gadget and If you want to embed the gadget containing this map on your website, you can do so by clicking here

If you wish to DONATE to the RED-CROSS to help the Bushfires victims, you can do so by visiting their site HERE.

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