That is a question, I am sure, many of us would have asked at one point or the other. Whether it is to appreciate the stability and reliability of a website or to complain about a domain owner who is scraping your content, one would have asked this question – “Who is Hosting that Website?”

Easiest way to find out who hosts a website

Who is Hosting This? is a very simple web service whose sole purpose is to tell you the company that is hosting a website. You just type in the URL of the site you are curious about, and press ENTER – you will get the answer. Simple and cool web-tool!


According to the site, they answer accurately over 98% of the time. I tested for around 15 websites for which i know the web hosts and except for TechPP rest of the results were accurate!

Easy but not so accurate way of knowing the host of a website is an online tool similar to but with lesser accurate results. You can consider to use this in case WhoIsHostingThis is down or not accessible.


Tough but accurate way of finding the Host of a website

Go to any website which offers Free WhoIs Search of a domain. For Example, DomanTools. Enter the URL of the website and click on lookup.


It will give all the details w.r.t the domain. but look for the details specific to the webserver’s IP address (as shown below)


Click on “whois” hyperlink, which will fetch the whois record for the IP address.


This shows the Original Webhost. Yup!! TechPP is hosted on Knownhost VPS!

Of-course I suggest you to follow the third way only if the first 2 doesn’t work for some reasons. Do you know any better way? Let me know in your comments!

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