Migrate Your Drivers from Vista / XP to Windows 7 With Double Driver

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

As you might know by now, most of the Windows Vista drivers would work on Windows 7. And if you are looking to migrate those drivers from Windows Vista or XP to Windows 7, then check out Double Driver, which can make the whole process quick and easy. Double Driver makes the backup of all drivers and then pack them all in a compressed zip file.

By default it will detect and select all the recommended drivers, all other listed drivers will be third party drivers installed by various applications or system drivers which you probably won’t need in Windows 7.


Once compressed backup of all drivers is ready, you just need to extract this zip file in Windows 7 and run Driver Backup to restore them instantly. It will restore the drivers one by one and would take some minutes to complete.

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Features of Double Driver:

• Provides full details of the drivers like name, version, date, provider etc.
• Backup or restore many drivers in one go.
• Freeware.
• View, backup, restore, save or print drives.

Download Double Driver

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  1. I have a graphics tablet works with windows XP, it’s latest driver for windows XP only, the hardware manufacture doesn’t support the driver for windows 7, if I use the double driver to migrate my tablet’s driver from XP to windows 7, Do you think the tablet work with windows 7 well?