iPhone 3GS vs. Motorola Droid Phone – A Detailed Comparison

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

Motorola Droid is the first phone from the DROID series and will be the first phone to be powered by the new Google Android 2.0 operating system and will be available, starting from Nov 6th for $199 (after a $100 rebate) with a two-year contract on Verizon.


Over the last few years, several devices, from the BlackBerry Storm to the Palm Pre, have hit the market hoping to be an iPhone killer, but none of them have so far succeeded. And now, Motorola Droid is hoping to pose a serious challenge to iPhone’s supremacy in the ever-growing smartphone market.


Amongst the wannabe iPhone killers, Motorola Droid is probably the fastest and has one of the best display screens available. So does the Motorola Droid has enough in it to place any pressure on the iPhone?

iPhone 3GS vs. Motorola Droid

1. Hardware

Droid runs on the TI OMAP 3430 processor, one of the top processors on the market, which is also used in the Palm Pre. In addition to its application-switching capabilities, the TI OMAP 3430 is also a very fast processor. Infact, Droid is pipped as “the fastest Android device till date”.

iPhone 3GS uses Samsung S5PC100 processor which also runs at 600MHz and includes a CPU, a graphics processing and a memory controller all on one chip. Even the iPhone’s processor is capable of application switching functionality, but Apple hasn’t utilized the feature as yet.

Round 1: It’s a draw, though Droid has a slight edge because of it’s application switching capabilities. But Apple can use that anytime.

2. Operating Systems

iPhone’s OS has always been rated high by the experts for its reliability and ease of use. On the other hand, the Android OS is still relatively unknown, being used and tested by different devices and manufacturers hasn’t helped its cause either. Moreover, Android 2.0 OS is being used for the first time in Motorola Droid.

Round 2: For the time being, iPhone operating system is still the best OS around. We need to wait and see if Android 2.0 will match up with iPhone OS.

3. Keyboard & Screens

Many of those who dislike iPhone, don’t like it for the fact that it lacks a physical QWERTY keyboard. Using this to their advantage, Motorola Droid provides its users a full horizontal slide-out keyboard that features broader keys than devices such as the BlackBerry Tour.

As for the screen, Droid displays video at 854×480 pixels, which is higher than the 640×480 pixel display that is used by the iPhone 3GS.

Round 3: It’s Motorola Droid all the way. Atleast by the initial reviews and tests, Droid’s keyboard and screen are a notch higher than iPhone 3GS. Let us wait and watch how it works out in real life.


4. Applications

Apple’s app store has been around for few years now and there are more than 95k apps currently and it has served more than 2 billion downloads approximately. Android as well, has an app store, but it is not even comparable to that of Apple’s “as yet”. May be, we will get to see more applications in the coming months, when more and more Android based phones come out.

Round 4: Without a doubt, iPhone wins here.

5. Camera

iPhone 3GS features a 3 mega pixel camera with video recording and editing capabilities. Though it’s good enough for a smart phone, it succumbs meekly in front of Motorola Droid’s 5 Mega Pixel camera. One thing to note here is, though Droid comes with video recording capability, but no editing feature as yet.

Round 5: Discounting the video editing feature, Motorola Droid features a much better camera than Apple’s iPhone 3GS.

6. Battery Life and Talk time

iPhone 3GS is powered by lithium-ion battery. On 2G network, it can provide a talk time of upto 8 hours, while on 3G network, it provides 5 hours of talk time.

On the other hand, Motorola Droid is also powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, but Verizon claims that on its 2G network, it can provide talk time of upto 12 hours and on 3G network, talk time of upto 6.4 hours.

Round 6: Motorola Droid. Though both of them features lithium-ion batteries, Droid wins over iPhone on the basis of talk time. Note that this is just as per the claims made by Verizon and Motorola.

Final Take

It is very tough to beat Apple on the music and applications front. But looking at the specifications and initial reviews of Motorola Droid, it does have lots of things going for it that previous devices have not. We need to wait and watch if Droid matches up the hype and expectations. If the Droid doesn’t get the basics down, then its flashy extra features won’t mean much.


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  1. Honestly, No Flash Player is the straw that broke the Iphones back… Sure the Droid lacks this feature but it is coming soon where as Apple won’t even work with Adobe to get Flash…

    Another area where the Droid rules is features! If you drop it in the media dock the interface changes and gives you an excellent media experience that will play aac files as well as mp3 files (if my blackberry can convert my Itunes music then I’m sure the Droid can as well)!!! Also, if you drop it into the car dock it turns into a full featured GPS and these two ideas alone make it a better setup than the IPhone for flexibility alone.

    Of course the biggest area where the phone excels isn’t just the physical keyboard (which I like by the way) but it is the Multi-tasking and Freedom of the App developers… With Apple you get a Nazi Regime that can refuse your application for no other reason than you list it as being a big hit on the Droid and applications that won’t multi-task unless they’re built by Apple!

    Anyway, watch how this plays out because this is Apple vs MS all over again and Apple continues to make the same mistakes they did back then but ultimately Freedom and Flexibility will win out!

  2. Oh and one more note, Apple isn’t far ahead… In fact they’re behind! They keep adding features that other companies have had for years and their faithful just seem too blind to notice!

    Seriously, cut and paste? That was on the original Palm, Win Mobile and Blackberry Phones for years! MMS and Picture Text? Most camera phones feature this and Apple added it what 4 months ago? I don’t get why people think this phone is all that unless I reason they’re not doing research on their own!

  3. I waited through the iphone hysteria at work and bought the droid. I couldn’t be happier there is nothing this phone can’t do by comparison. No jailbreak required. Masculine design excellent operating system. Maybe a monkey couldn’t figure it out. Thankfully I’m not a monkey and I don’t have to be talked down to by the apple geniuses.

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