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22 Most Popular Google Chrome Extensions

This post is an extension of the one linked above. Some of these Chrome extensions were suggested by you readers, and I am sure you will find them as helpful as the previous one.


10 More Popular & Useful Google Chrome Extensions

1. Google Reader Checker


Google Reader Checker is very much similar to TPGoogleReader, which we had seen in the previous post. This is from the same developer who developed the Gmail Checker extension for the Chrome web browser. It will display a new button in the Chrome menubar that shows the count of the unread news items in Google Reader.

Download Google Reader Checker extension for Google Chrome

2. AdBlock+

Probably one of the most useful Google Chrome extensions. We had seen AdSweep extension in the previous list, and you can consider AdBlock+ to be an alternative for that.

Download AdBlock+ extension for Google Chrome

3. FlashBlock


Personally, I hate those flash animations on websites which considerably slows down the page loading time. Add FlashBlock, and Flash elements won’t play unless you click them.

4. Google Tasks

The Google Tasks add-on integrates Google Tasks into Google Chrome by allowing the user to access the tasks directly from within the web browser without having to open the Google Tasks website. Simple and easy-to-use extension.

Download Google Tasks extension for Google Chrome

5. Google Wave Checker


A simple extension that will display the unread Google Wave messages in the Google Chrome status bar.

Download Google Wave Checker extension for Google Chrome

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6. LastPass

Few readers complained that ChromePass (which was included in the previous list) was tagged as a virus by Avira AV. In that case, you can try out LastPass. It is one of the best secure password managers and generators around.

Download LastPass extension for Google Chrome

7. Xmarks

Xmarks is a popular bookmark-syncing tool. It’s a longtime favorite of Firefox users, and the Chrome version – though only in alpha testing – looks like it will be every bit as good. You can encrypt and automatically sync your bookmarks.

Download Xmarks extension for Google Chrome

8. Vince’s Clock


Vince’s Clock adds a clock to your bookmarks toolbar. This is also useful if you set your taskbar to autohide but still want the time displayed somewhere prominent. Hover over the analog clock, and the extension also displays the current date.

Download Vince’s Clock extension for Google Chrome

9. gPDF


This extension allows the user to open pdf documents directly in Google Docs. This means that no pdf reader needs to be installed on the computer system to read pdf documents. Also, it will reduce the chance that the document exploits security vulnerabilities in the installed desktop pdf reader.

Download gPDF extension for Google Chrome

10. HotCleaner


HotCleaner provides browser add-ons for Firefox, IE, and now Chrome that add 1-click cleanup of your cookies, browsing, and history. Click & Clean sports several options, including the ability to launch an external application when you click the TP roll icon.

Download Click & Clean extension by HotCleaner for Google Chrome

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