In case you are looking to bring Facebook onto your desktop, look no further. We have evaluated and listed the 15 most popular and best Facebook desktop applications, which let you update your status, track your friends’ updates, watch Facebook videos and photos, and almost everything you can do with the online version of Facebook (and sometimes even more!).

Some of them are sophisticated, and some are simple and straightforward. Some are based on Adobe AIR, while some are natively ported onto Windows. So check out these cool desktop clients and decide for yourself which is the one for you. Do not forget to let us know which one you choose.

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15 Most Popular Facebook Desktop Applications

1. Fishbowl


Fishbowl is built on Microsoft Silverlight 4 and features photo browsing and zoom, photo slideshows, drag-and-drop image uploads, and a completely ad-free way to browse and update the news feed. It works on XP, Vista and Windows 7, and just became available for download. The Mini-mode offers an unobtrusive way to stay connected and a fluid, snappy user interface to navigate photos quickly.

2. Facebook Desktop


Facebook desktop is a small application that uses minimal memory to provide updates to the user’s Facebook profile, such as messages, pokes, wall posts, and friend requests. A nice little app that does all the basic stuff you would like to do on Facebook.

3. Seesmic for Facebook


Originally based on Adobe Air, Seesmic released a native Windows app a few days back, which seamlessly integrates with Windows to bring Facebook (and Twitter, too) onto your desktop. It uses Facebook Connect to let you update your status and view friend status updates without surfing to the Facebook site.

4. TweetDeck


TweetDeck lets you send a message just to Facebook, just to Twitter, or to both simultaneously. It includes a column displaying friends’ status updates, and it offers the ability to chat with them via Facebook chat directly.

5. Notifications 2


Facebook Notification 2 is a free desktop application that notifies you when you receive any new message, friends request, or any other new activity on your Facebook account. Through Facebook Notifications 2, you can quickly access the Facebook page, compose messages, check your newly received messages, etc.

6. FBQuick


FBQuick is a quick and easy way to get all your Facebook notifications right on your desktop without having to open the website. It’s simple and easy to use and quite light on the system resources.

7. Bloom


Bloom is a multi-platform application that allows you to upload photos, download other albums, and view your friends’ photos without surfing Facebook pages. It allows you to add captions to images, rotate them before you upload, and tag different people. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface.

8. FB Photo Uploader

FB Photo uploader is a java based desktop application that can upload photos onto Facebook, including tagging photos before you upload. It’s not the best-looking app, and it’s a little buggy, but still impressive.

9. Flair

Flair is a Facebook notification app that lets you know when a friend wants to add you, or you receive a poke and is extremely lightweight. It comes with a cool design too.

10. Facebook Tray Notify


Facebook Tray notify is a lightweight app that sits in your taskbar awaiting Facebook notifications. Once it receives them, alerts pop up, letting you know about the updates. If you want to act on them, you’ll need to go to the Facebook site to do so.

11. FaceDesk


Facedesk is a straight forward application that can run Facebook directly in the app instead of your browser. Yes, it acts like a browser, but it runs only Facebook, so you won’t be able to open any other sites.

12. iSeeYoo


iSeeYoo Facebook is a free desktop application that allows you to update your Facebook status without having to log on to the web. With iSeeYoo, you can also see the status of your friends, even when you’re on Facebook. You can pretend that you are offline if you wish. Get the update automatically every 10 minutes.

13. Gabtastik


Gabtastik is a WebKit-based app that lets you chat with your Facebook buddies from your desktop. It also supports Google Talk.

14. Zebr

Zebr is an Adobe AIR-based application that allows you to update your status without going to your profile page, and it keeps track of your friends’ status automatically.

15. DeskBook

Deskbook is a Windows app that allows you to access Facebook features and information without accessing your profile page. It is a complete Facebook experience on desktop.

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