Over the last week or so, the buzz over the blogosphere is about a mysterious functionality discovered, unearthed, excavated within Windows 7 operating system called God Mode!

When I saw the tweets going viral on Twitter, the name implied much more powerful and potentially devious capabilities, as seen in most games these days. Instead, I found out that the “God Mode” folder for Windows 7 supplies just a tidy place to find nearly everything you can do within the Windows Control Panel.

Note: If you already know about Windows 7 God Mode, you can skip this post. I don’t have anything special to add here, this article is only for those who aren’t aware of Win 7 God mode.

How to Enable GoD Mode in Windows 7?

To access the special capabilities of the God Mode folder, create a new folder anywhere on your Windows 7 computer and name it:


Once renamed, the icon will change to a control panel looking icon, and when opened you will be presented with a plethora of different tweaking options as shown in the image below.


On my Windows 7 Ultimate edition PC, I could see 284 different options. It appears to hold the main keywords for each option to use the search function within the control panel. This works on Windows Vista 32bit as well but some says doing this on a 64 bit VISTA will crash the OS. For Windows 7 though, it works fine on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


Surprisingly, Microsoft has not released any statement regarding this feature. Keeping mum on this discovery makes us think this is legit, but it has so many more options than what you get through the GUI (Control Panel).

Use this at your own risk.

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