The most awaited Apple’s iOS 4 update is just few hours away available now. It is a major OS upgrade from Apple with loads of exciting features like multi-tasking, Fast app switching, Local Notifications and others.


Ever since Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone OS 4.0 (now renamed as iOS 4.0) will be made available to the public on June 21st, almost every iPhone and iPod Touch user is waiting with bated breath to upgrade his firmware to iOS 4.0 by syncing their iPhones to iTunes this midnight!

iPhone and iPod Touch Compatibility With iOS 4.0

iPhone 3GS: Full iOS 4.0 compatible except iPhone 4 specific features like Facetime
iPhone 3G: Partial iOS 4.0 support. Doesn’t support multitasking, wallpaper and Bluetooth keyboard.
iPhone 2G: No iOS 4.0 support. (Unofficial tweaking enables iOS 4.0 support but not recommended)
iPod Touch 3G: Full iOS 4.0 support except for iPhone specific features
iPod Touch 2G: Partial iOS 4.0 support. Doesn’t support multitasking, wallpaper and Bluetooth keyboard.
iPod Touch 1G: No iOS 4.0 support. (Unofficial tweaking enables iOS 4.0 support but not recommended)


Here are some of the suggested tips to do once you upgrade to iOS 4

5 Must-do things after upgrading to iOS 4.0

1. Update Apps – The iPhone app developers have been busy over the last few weeks in updating their apps to support iOS 4. So expect many of the apps to be updated soon. Hence make sure you upgrade all your apps as soon as the updates are available so that you can utilize those exciting features of iOS 4.0

2. Create Folders – One of the most asked-for features in iPhone all these days was the ability to create folders and add related apps onto them. Android already has this and now iPhone users can also boast about it. Simply drag one application over another to create a folder and it is named automatically. Needless to say that you can manually rename the folder to whatever you like.

3. Test Multi-Tasking – If you are like me, you would be desperate to check out how multitasking works on iOS 4! Steve Jobs had said that though they were late in bringing in this feature, they have done it the best. It is always better to check it out ourselves, isn’t it? And yeah, make sure you have upgraded all your apps before trying this out.

4. Single Inbox – These days, everyone will have multiple email IDs. With iOS 4, you can simply choose to club and stream all your mails into one inbox to avoid the hassle of switching between inboxes. You do have an option to let go this feature and have the older way of accessing your emails.

5. Jailbreakers stay away – If you have jailbroken/unlocked your iPhone or iPod touch, you must stay away from upgrading to iOS 4.0. We expect the jailbreaking tools to jailbreak iOS 4 to be released soon, so wait till then and avoid syncing your iPhone with iTunes for now.

Note: In case you are wondering how you can upgrade to iOS 4.0, here is a step-by-step guide for your help.

Direct Download Links for iOS 4.0

As expected, some people are finding the Apple servers to be overloaded and unreliable, in that case we are here for the rescue. Thanks to TNW, we have these direct download links for iOS 4.0

Download iOS 4 for iPhone 3GS
Download iOS 4 for iPhone 3G
Download iOS 4 for iPod Touch 2G
Download iOS 4 for iPod Touch 3G

Update 1: You can jailbreak iPhone 3GS/3G/2G running iOS 4 using JailbreakMe tool. Here is the guide.

Update 2: You can jailbreak iPod Touch 2G/3G on iOS 4.0 using JailbreakMe. Here is the guide.

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