[How to] Extract Images From Word Document

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

When Microsoft launched Office 2007, they also announced a brand new way to store their documents in a XML-based file format called DOCX. Retrieving images from word documents have never been easy and straight-forward, be it .doc or .docx formats.

Extracting images in .DOC based documents involved dragging and dropping of images onto the desktop or by saving the document as .HTML, but things are much easier with .DOCX documents.

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Extracting Images with Word 2007

As I mentioned earlier, .DOCX is an xml based format and when you save a document in Word 2007’s default DOCX format, you are in effect saving a zip file that contains all the elements of the document. You can easily extract the files from that zipped file by opening it with a zip utility such as WinRar or Winzip – or if you change the file extension from DOCX to ZIP recent Windows versions should be able to open it directly.

So, here is a simple guide to extract images

  • Make a copy of your docx file. In case its not DOCX, save the file as DOCX.
  • Now rename the type from .docx to .zip
  • Right Click and extract where you want.
  • Now open the folder where you have unzipped and navigate to word >> media
  • You will find all the images available in this folder.


The images are named as image1, image2 etc. Rename them as per your wish and voila you have all the images you wanted to save from the DOCX!


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  1. Thanks for the tip. I never would have figured this one out. I’m a graphic designer and I am always given Word files with images instead of the native image files. This solves a lot of problems. Thanks again.

  2. I applied the same procedure but unfortunately my word file has been corrupted, i d’nt know how it has been done. Can you tell me how i can retrieve back my word document.