Frequent readers might have already noticed that the comment system looks different. That is because TechPP is now powered by Disqus Comments.


Comments are like fuel to run the blogging vehicle. Your comments have always helped us to get better and with Disqus we hope that your commenting experience on TechPP is enhanced.

For all you loyal TechPP readers, you can still comment in the same way as you used to before by simply providing your name and email address. But now, you can also subscribe to all the comments without logging in, either by email or by RSS feed, and all of these in just 1 click!

Having a Disqus profile helps you track and manage your comments on various website better, but if you choose not to have it, you can still log in with Facebook Connect, Twitter or Yahoo.


Another cool feature which comes with Disqus is when you log in with a Disqus Profile, you can reply by email. When you receive the email notification that a new comment has been posted, you can just reply directly to that email to reply to the comment.

Personally, I would recommend Disqus for other webmasters and bloggers. I found Disqus to be very simple to setup. It imported several thousands of comments from the Wordpress local within minutes and also provides sync back option so that no comment is lost in case you decide to get rid of it at a later time. You can customize the comment display easily, though the default options should be good enough.

We hope you enjoy our new commenting system. Feel free to post your comments below if you have any questions related to Disqus.

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