iPad is always considered a great device for content consumption. It has got some of the best apps to gobble up the information and knowledge, be it in form of text, documents, photos or videos. But when it comes to content creation, it is still lagging behind. Simple tasks like creating or even editing a PDF file was not possible till now. Well, things are changing fast and developers like Readdle are trying their best to change all these, with amazing apps like PDF Expert ($9.99).

Edit PDF on iPad with PDF Expert

Managing documents is a pain on iPad. And there was no easy way to import, edit and sync back the PDF files. And that is exactly where PDF Expert comes to the rescue. As the developer says, PDF Expert is the ultimate solution for all your PDF needs. You can use it to Fill forms, annotate PDFs and sign documents on the go.

With PDF Expert, you have 9 different ways to import sync your PDF files as shown below


Once you sync your files, you can

  • Fill in PDF Forms
  • Sign PDF documents
  • Annotate PDF documents
  • Save bookmarks in PDF
  • Insert Stamps/Watermarks

At present, PDF Expert is the only iPad app which can fill in PDF forms and it does it well. Though, you don’t get to edit pdf files as you would do online or on a desktop, the annotating feature will surely help. You can add text into the PDF, change its color & size and even layer that text above the original content of the PDF.


Once you are done with editing, you can sync back the file to its original folder in the cloud (Dropbox, Sugarsync, Google Docs etc) or mail it as well. You are given an option to mail the edited PDF with annotations intact, so that they can be re-edited or you can flatten out the PDF which commits the annotations, signatures and form fields before emailing.

At $9.99, it might seem pricey, but PDF Expert is worth every penny you spend on it. Download PDF Expert from iTunes.

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