Consumer Electronics have continued to amaze people around the world with its innovative creations and High-end Technology. South Korean brand Samsung is one company which is making no compromises on the quality with which it delivers its products. The company has made its journey beginning with the communication industry (Cell phones, Smartphones, Tablets) and from there on to the Entertainment sector (LCD/LED Television Sets). And now, it has come straight to the humble household kitchen with its high-end technology through its latest smart refrigerators. When I say smart, it literally is SMART. How often have you heard of refrigerators that are Wi-Fi enabled? Never? Well, Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of such a product in US (soon to be launched all around the globe) which helps you tweet, forecasts the weather, lets you surf recipes and has much more on board to offer.

Samsung’s coolest of its refrigerator collection, Futuristic RF4289, is a breakthrough product with many unique features in the unit one can ever think of in a refrigerator. Samsung is aiming to create a new trend with the release of RF4289. It’s astonishing features include Wi-Fi connectivity on the home network, an 8-inch LCD touch screen embedded on the left panel door and an astonishing sleek design with French four doors of fine finish.

According to Samsung, the LCD touch screen has all the kitchen relevant applications on it. The special apps provided make your whole kitchen experience more interesting added with a fun element. Some of its other features are Pandora music, Google calendar, AP news, Weatherbug forecasts, quick Twitter access, Epicurious recipes, and Picasa photos. You can even listen to your favorite music while you cook, tweet a quick feed, check out recipes, make note of important dates, upload /share photos or catch the latest news.

samsung's internet refrigerator

Now, you might just think Samsung took more time boasting and promoting the unit’s net-enabled applications rather than its internal features. Well, that’s not entirely true. These cool promotional features will have a tendency to create more curiosity to know more about the product among its customers. Coming to its internal structure, it’s slim with a 28-cubic feet capacity and offers twin-level cooling. It keeps the freezer colder and maintains the humid levels in the fridge while improving freshness. The freezer has an easy access and storage with its internal sliding drawer. The middle drawer makes for a quick access for items you frequently use. It can also be maintained at various temperatures. The ice maker makes quick cubes and the unit warns you when the door’s not closed and is open for long. It’s not cheap indeed; it comes with a price tag of $3500. Though it is not very affordable, you can still give this model a higher rating compared to the rival models in terms of innovation and creative technicalities.

It was a few years ago when LG launched its internet refrigerator. It combined the idea of using a PC along with a Fridge which didn’t really work with its consumers and invariably became a flop. Then the popular home appliance company Whirlpool came up with its version of internet fridge with an expensive tag. It seems like the internet fridge has finally arrived and only Time will tell the future of the Samsung’s cool internet fridge.

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