A new cloud paging technology will revolutionize the way you play games online. Instead of downloading the entire (or partial) game, you will be able to play by converting your computer into a mere console.

The above effort made by a startup, Numecent is fruitful in this direction. The company has filed for a patent on this budding technology. The gaming technology named – “Approxy“, enables you to play games without downloading the software into your computer. Thanks to the fast internet connections provided by internet service providers; with minimum coding on local computer, online games can be played.


Cloud Paging Technology, Next Step in Online Games

Hardware resources present at the nearest computer will be utilized to process the request from the user. The technology will not give major burden on network resources also as a nearest computer will be selected to perform the task. The new technology mimics client-server technology. If the local computer (from where you are playing games) is treated as a client, all the computers present in the network play the role of server. The new technology will target both consumer and enterprise market. By successfully implementing the new way of online gaming entertainment, it is possible to cut down game downloads to the extent of 40%.

The new technology necessitates higher bandwidth consumption by gaming companies. Even if users leave half-way in their gaming sessions, gaming company will pay for bandwidth. As local hardware resources (processing and memory) are utilized instead of dependence on streaming from a distant server, users will experience quick response rates. It is an altogether new experience as users will not download games but they will be able to play directly from their computers. The network based virtual memory manager will play the trick to implement this innovative technology. A fraction of the code will reside on the client computer.

Numecent Tries to Use the Power of Cloud to Improve the Online Gaming

Numecent should be appreciated for working on innovative technology which is also timely. Increased processing speeds, raising memory capacities and latest technologies in data transfer and latest developments, in cloud based technologies are encouraging factors for pursuing new gaming technologies. The push-pull paging technology will revolutionize the way games are played online. Instructions and data will be made available in the cloud as per the demand and they are available in real-time. This will lead to elimination of unnecessary and unwanted code in multiple computers across the globe. A lot of space can be saved in this process. Memory pages created on demand will be nullified as soon as the session ends.

Virtualization process will take new heights in the coming days as the software asset will be split into mini pages using server side technologies. These pages will be fed into the client’s browser through http or https access. Virtual memory management unit that, resides at client computer will take care of this functionality. This unit will take care of the implementation of new technology without the need of installation of software locally. The new technology also enables delivery of large scale applications even from small handheld devices like smartphones and tablets (acting as servers) to large PCs (acting as clients).

The new technology will expand the gaming horizon. In future many new web applications will be derived from the new cloud paging technology. These applications will revolutionize the way we interact with each other and the way employees work in an organization.

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