The place where technological advances matter the most is medicine, and in fact, it’s probably the first place you will see applications of the newest technology in the world at any time. Of course, it’s only natural that technology should help human beings have a better life and benefit from the best possible medical care available. And here is where technology comes in.

Top 10 Medical Gadgets

Machines that analyze or come in our aid when we need them, machines that shorten the duration of medical procedures and reduce the risks involved. We call them medical gadgets, but in fact, they are lifesavers. 

10. AV300 Vein Viewing System

av300 vein viewing system

If you’ve ever had blood tests, you know that sometimes it’s really hard finding a vein. But imagine if the doctor wants to scan more of your veins to see clumps or other problems? That could be really difficult to do. But with the lightweight AV300 Vein Viewer, it could become just a walk in the park. You could carry this gadget anywhere with you thanks to its light weight, no need for a charging cord and its low profile. Also, it eliminates the need for sterilization, because it does not come into contact with the patient and with the hands free accessory, doctors can monitor a patient with only a gaze. Awesome medical gadgets for starters!

9. Zeo Sleep Manager

zeo sleep manager

Sleep is one of the most important processes in our lives. As a matter of fact, we sleep ⅓ of our entire lives, but still, we don’t know much about this process. Sleep is vital to normal functioning in every life form, without it, we die. And the quality of our sleep sets the mood for our entire day. And so, you can understand how important it is. And that is where Zeo Sleep Manager steps in.

It can provide us with vital information about our sleep patterns; how much time we spend in each sleep phase (Light sleep, REM – or Rapid Eye Movement, where we actually dream, and Deep sleep) and make a graph of our sleep patterns. It can wake us at the optimal time in our sleep cycle, using a innovative technology called SmartWake and many more. A great companion and medical gadget to make our lives more pleasant and our nights more peaceful.

8. BodyMedia FIT Armbands

bodymedia fit armbands

If you ever wondered just how much calories you burn in a day, or how much your walk to the office helps you stay in shape, then the BodyMedia Armbands will be something that you only dreamed about. State of the art sensors pick up even the tiniest detail and can send it to your smartphone for a complete graph of your calorie burn over the day. A great tool to have if you are preparing to take a diet. You will end up running in the park to beat yet another record…

7. Panasonic R1-W

panasonic r1-w

Panasonic truly has “Ideas for Life”, for example, the R1-W Hearing aid. This top of the line hearing aid has so much tech that it can run circles around its predecessors. The R1-W brings to the table a host of new features, amazing sound quality and a great and stylish design, but with a user friendly interface.  A great medical gadget for those that have problems with their hearing.

  • Revolutionary battery management – The easy care battery tool protects battery drainage while in the dehumidifier and batteries can last up to 300 hours
  • Voice memo recording option with Bluetooth Interface and microphone input
  • Record 5 files – 2 minutes and 40 seconds each
  • Patients can record reminders such as doctor’s appointments, phone numbers, etc
  • Broader fitting range – mild to severe hearing loss

6. Lifecomm Mobile Personal Emergency Response System

lifecomm mobile personal emergency response system

All around the world, hundreds of people die every day because of the late intervention of medical staff. Be it someone alone in their house with no means to call emergency services, or on the street where no one is around. It is a sad truth and something that can happen to anyone. Lifecomm MPERS (Mobile Personal Emergency System) could change all of that. It consists of a cellular transmitter that you can carry around you all the time, small, easy to use and non-intrusive. The MPERS is in fact a “panic button” that you can carry around you in 3 forms: a watch, a pendant or a belt clip, all very small and stylish. It has an impressive array of features that give you, most of all, peace of mind:

  • Automatic Fall Detection – Device sensors can detect an accidental fall and automatically connect the User to an Emergency Response Specialist.
  • Cellular Communications and GPS – The MPERS solution merges GPS technology with comprehensive wireless coverage, enabling the device to operate anywhere in or out of the home.
  • Expert Emergency Response Specialists – Users have one-button access to industry-leading emergency support services, ensuring proper aid is quickly received – 24/7/365.
  • Arrival/Departure Alerts – Using Customized Web Applications, the Caregiver can create up to ten location zones with the option to receive alerts whenever the User enters or departs a defined area.
  • Activity Overview – The User and Caregiver can monitor the “Number of Steps Taken” and “General Activity Levels” each day or for the past 30 days.
  • Find My Device – The User and Caregiver can receive help locating a misplaced device by using the Find My Device feature or by calling a Customer Care Specialist.

5. EarlySense Proactive Patient Care

earlysense proactive patient care

A dream came true for doctors and nurses all over the world. The EarlySense Proactive is a system that allows medical staff to fully observe a patient’s vital signs without the need to be in the same room. The medical staff can monitor a patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, movement and many more.The quick transfer of information and the ability to observe multiple patients at the same time have a great impact for hospitals and nursing homes, reducing the time between an accident and the response from the medical staff. This technology has the potential to save lives all over the world, and I would love to see them installed in every hospital in the world. A medical gadget that has potential to be used for individuals and hospitals all over the world.

4. Xtensor


From an exercise tool to a medical gadget that helps you rebuild thickened tendons, the Xtensor is a great tool for people who do repetitive motions, such as typing or guitar playing. These repetitive motions thicken the tendons in the arm and makes your muscles stiff. Xtensor maximizes blood flow to these areas and regenerates the tendons to make them slick and flexible. As we grow older, the same damage to our muscles and tendons appears, and Xtensor can prove useful even in these situations. Making pur grip stronger than ever and out hands more flexible. One medical gadget ready to save your tendons.

3. Didrick X-Finger

didrick x-finger

A great advancement in prosthetic limbs comes in the form of the Didrick X-Finger. The X-finger is a prosthetic finger that can operate just like a normal finger, offering finger amputees a chance of having a normal life again. Didrick can produce custom fingers, but their ultimate goal is to allow its users to regain “complete control of the flexion and extension movements”. The X-finger is self-contained device and due to its silicone base, it imitates the natural movement of the finger with stunning accuracy.

2. I-Limb


I-Limb is a complete prosthetic limb that can mean the world to an amputee. It mimics the natural movement of the hand and allows its user to do just about anything they could have done with their natural hand. It comes in different designs, from full hands to 4 finger designs. The I-Limb promises a new life for amputees and it can certainly deliver on that promise due of its impressive arsenal of features:

  • Gesture selection allows users to create custom gestures
  • Upgraded biosim-i and biosim-pro control software, with powerful new features
  • Three new tripod grips for increased user flexibility
  • Auto grasp feature to prevent objects slipping
  • Hand automatically moves to a natural position after period of inactivity
  • Two i-limb skin active coverings
  • Power management, extending daily battery usage by 25%
  • Dedicated clinical support for prosthetists and therapists

1. EPOC Neuroheadset

epoc neuroheadset

EPOC Neuroheadset is a truly revolutionary system that promises a host of applications in many fields. The headset has a unique human – computer interface that allows its user to wirelessly control a computer using only their mind. This gadget has the power to bring a new era for disabled patients who cannot move. It could allow them to operate an electronic wheelchair or a virtual keyboard and many more. The headset comes with games that allow users to better familiarize themselves with the human – computer interface. They can manipulate virtual objects, create music or virtual environments using only their mind. These are just a few of the features that EPOC Neuroheadset has:

  • 14 saline sensors offer optimal positioning for accurate spatial resolution
  • Gyroscope generates optimal positional information for cursor and camera controls
  • Hi-performance wireless gives users total range of motion
  • Dongle is USB compatible and requires no custom drivers
  • Lithium Battery provides 12 hours of continuous use

All of these medical gadgets have the power to ensure us a better life and medical care. Without the advances in technology, medical care would not be able to help patients. But seeing how technology is advancing, the future seems more bright and healthy.

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