Getting infants to sleep or relax can be very difficult, which can also affect parents’ sleep habits because you may have to keep patting them to fall asleep.

However, using a smart bassinet is one of the best ways to work with newborns when it comes to getting them to sleep, as these cribs come with built-in technology to help with this.

best smart bassinets

Unlike a traditional crib that doesn’t move, the technologies in a smart bassinet simulate the caregiver’s behavior by making movements, sounds, and more to help soothe and relax babies. This can significantly improve both the baby’s and the parent’s sleep habits.

Unfortunately, choosing a smart bassinet can be challenging because there are so many from different manufacturers. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve selected and tested the six best smart bassinets in this article.

Before we get started, though, let’s take a closer look at the smart bassinets and the factors you should consider before buying.

What Are Smart Bassinets?

Some of us who have spent time with infants will be familiar with bassinets. Smart bassinets are often similar to them but have the main difference of being equipped with settings and algorithms that can create a comfortable and relaxing sleeping environment for infants up to 4 months.

smart bassinet
Image: Cradlewise

Smart bassinets, also known as baby sleeping devices, are cribs with built-in sensors that generate responses– –such as white noise (sounds), rocking (movement), and light based on the baby’s behavior in the crib to soothe the baby.

Not only that, but smart cribs can also be controlled and monitored via smartphone apps so you can keep an eye on your baby’s well-being.

Smart bassinets are designed for newborns and babies up to six months old. They are usually made of fabrics and are usually supported by free-standing legs.

The best thing about Smart Bassinets is that they provide babies with their sleeping area and are equipped with technologies (sensors, movement, sounds, and lights) that mimic the traditional methods of petting and putting babies to sleep.

Things to consider before purchasing a Smart Bassinet

Smart bassinets are largely identical, but there are a few features that set them apart and should be considered before choosing one. Here are a few factors you should consider when buying a smart bassinet:

  • Price: One of the things you should consider before buying one of these smart bassinets is the size of your wallet. We have some of these bassinets that cost more than $1000 and many that cost less than $500. Yes, higher prices generally mean higher quality and features, but there are also some that cost less and still offer good quality and features. It’s also a good idea to rent so you don’t waste money on something you won’t need once your child outgrows the bassinet.
  • Specifications: Your needs and expectations should also be considered when choosing a fancy bassinet. This is because these bassinets are made to different standards and needs; some offer rocking motion at different speeds and white noise at different intensities, while others have only white noise. So before you decide, you should consider all these factors, including the size of the bassinet nest.
  • Mobility: Mobility is one of the most important features of a smart bassinet; some parents need it, but others don’t. Usually, most smart bassinets offer different mobility options that you should check before choosing one.
  • Safety features: Not all smart bassinets have safety features, such as sleeping bags to keep babies safe or a net for better air circulation. So, pay careful attention to these features when choosing a smart bassinet.
  • Other factors to look out for are the warranty and the presence of a mobile app that allows you to monitor the bassinet’s well-being and your baby’s sleep data.

What are the Best Smart Bassinets to Buy Right now?

Are you looking for a way to provide a comfortable sleep environment for your child, who usually has trouble sleeping for long periods of time without interruptions, while making sure your sleep isn’t interrupted? Discover our selection of the best smart bassinets available:

Smart Bassinet Name
Key Features
Graco Sense2Snooze
- Intelligent cry detection technology
- 3-speed soothing motion
- 2-speed vibration
- 20 sound settings
- Mesh sides and reversible canopy
- Developed by Dr. Harvey Karp and MIT engineers
- Calming womb environment simulation
- Automatic adjustment to baby's needs
- FDA De Novo Approval
- App control
Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper
- 360-degree swivel
- Lowering bedside wall for breastfeeding - Calming sounds and vibrations
- Amber nightlight
- Lightweight and compact design
Cradlewise Smart Bassinet
- All-in-one bassinet and crib
- Baby monitoring system with camera and app
- Sensors for baby's needs
- Greenguard Gold certification
- Mimics baby's sleep patterns
Chicco Close to You Bedside Bassinet
- 3-in-1 design (bedside bassinet, portable sleep space, changing table)
- Nightlight, vibrations, and melodies
- Mesh side panels
- Adjustable height and wheels
Fisher-Price Baby Bedside Sleeper Luminate
- Smart Sensing System for baby's cries
- Customizable soothing modes
- Night-light features
- Modern design with mesh sides
- Affordable price

Graco Sense2Snooze: Best Self-Rocking Smart Bassinet

Graco’s Sense2Snooze intelligent bassinet is one of the best and most affordable smart bassinets. As the name suggests, the bassinet uses built-in sensors to detect baby’s moods and automatically rock them to sleep with soothing technologies.

graco sense2snooze smart bassinet

The Graco Sense2Snooze technology offers three-speed soothing motion, two-speed vibration, and white noise with ten lullabies and ten soothing sounds from which the bassinet can choose the best combination to rock babies to sleep.

In addition, this smart bassinet has crying detection technology, where a built-in microphone — the sensor— – detects the baby’s cries and automatically responds to calm and soothe the baby.

One of the best features of this smart bassinet is the mesh fabric on the sides, which provides better ventilation and visibility. The reversible canopy on the top of the smart bassinet is also a nice touch, as it can be used to keep the light away from the baby.

Buy Graco Sense2Snooze

Why Graco Sense2Snooze

  • Features an intelligent cry detection technology that identifies and responds automatically to your baby’s cries, ensuring a faster return to sleep.
  • Provides 3-speed soothing motion and 2-speed vibration, tailored to your baby’s preference — a comforting cocoon your baby will love.
  • Offers 20 sound settings, including white noise and lullabies, to create a serene sleep environment.
  • Mesh sides and a canopy ensure superior ventilation and light regulation — sheer bliss for your little one.
  • Its high weight limit of 44 lbs makes it a valuable long-term asset.

Perfect for tech-savvy parents, Graco Sense2Snooze ensures calm nights and peaceful days!

Snoo: Best Overall Smart Bassinet

Snoo by Happiest Baby is a household name in the smart bassinet market, probably because it was one of the first smart bassinets and is one of the most feature-rich smart bassinets on the market.

Although it is the most feature-rich smart bassinet on this list, it is also the most expensive on this list. Snoo provides precisely tuned movements and sounds to soothe newborns and allow for easy sleep.

snoo smart bassinet

It also features cry detection technology that uses advanced algorithms to distinguish a baby’s cries from the sounds in the room and uses a combination of rocking motions and white noise to soothe the baby.

Not only is the bassinet a very comfortable place for newborns to sleep, but it also comes with an organic cotton sleep sack that holds them firmly in place so they can’t roll into an unsafe position. However, some parents may not want to use it for their child, so it is optional.

Like the Sense2Snooze, the Snoo Smart Bassinet also features mesh walls for healthy air circulation and a water-resistant mattress cover for your baby.

The presence of a standalone leg on the Snoo is not ideal, as it can be difficult to move around while a child is in it without disturbing them, especially when they are sleeping.

The Snoo Smart Bassinet offers an app that allows you to remotely control the bassinet, adjust the settings for your baby, and monitor their sleep patterns.

Buy Snoo

Why buy Snoo

  • Developed by Dr. Harvey Karp and MIT engineers, Snoo smartly and safely enhances baby sleep by an extra 1-2 hours each night.
  • It mimics the calming womb environment through safe swaddling, gentle swaying, and all-night shushing.
  • Snoo is responsive, meaning automatic adjustment to the baby’s needs, often pacifying fusses in under a minute.
  • The only bassinet with De Novo Approval from the FDA, Snoo ensures safe back-sleeping, science-backed by public health authorities.
  • Includes breathability, sound, motion levels, and a reliable motor to promote baby’s sleep.

Snoo is highly recommended for parents of newborns up to 6 months old who prioritize safety, responsiveness, and extra sleep hours.

Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

Halo Bassinet is another smart bassinet that is recommended for those who are looking for a comfortable yet smart sleeping environment for their baby. This bassinet has a built-in vibration function that relaxes babies.

While it doesn’t have as many sophisticated soothing features as some of the smart bassinets we reviewed, it’s still one of the best options if you’re getting by with a non-mobile bassinet.

halo smart bassinet

On the bottom of the bassinet is a control panel for the soothing functions: LED Light, Music, and Vibration. The bassinet is equipped with a mesh screen that allows you to see your baby from all sides and allows unobstructed air access when your baby rolls up against the walls.

It features a sturdy base that holds the bassinet leg, which swivels and extends vertically. The Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper’s ability to rotate 360 degrees and pull back and forth is a convenient feature.

The biggest downside to this smart bassinet is that it’s not portable as a whole, although you can always detach and transport the nest at any time. Besides this sophisticated model, there is also a basic version of this bassinet if you don’t need all the features that this baby crib offers.

Buy Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

Why Halo Bassinet Swivel Sleeper

  • Unmatched 360-degree swivel providing you constant and easy baby access
  • Convenient lowering bedside wall perfect for breastfeeding and mobility-challenged parents
  • An impressive library of calming sounds and vibrations operated at a button press
  • A welcoming amber nightlight creates a cozy sleeping environment
  • A lightweight and compact design, ideal for small spaces.

This ideal sleeper suits birth to nine-month babies, making it a splendid choice for new moms and C-section patients. Superior convenience and safety!

Cradlewise Smart Bassinet: Best Bassinet-Crib Combo

The Cradlewise Smart Bassinet is an all-in-one baby crib that can be used as a bassinet and a crib. When you use this bassinet, you won’t have to worry about weaning your baby off the crib until he or she is 24 months old, making it even more valuable.

cradlewise smart bassinet

The bassinet measures 34 inches high, 40 inches long, and 24 inches wide. Depending on whether it is a bassinet or a crib, the depth can be adjusted to 10 cm or 22 cm.

The bassinet is also well made; it has a mesh containment, just like the other smart bassinets we have tested in this article and comes with a water-resistant sheet and mattress cover.

The baby monitoring feature of the Cradlewise Smart Bassinet is one of its standout features. It is made possible by a camera pointed at the bassinet and the smartphone app developed for the bassinet.

This way, you can easily see and keep an eye on an infant inside the bassinet, even if you’re in the kitchen and the child is in the room. This smart bassinet also has a sensor that detects when your baby needs rocking or white noise to soothe.

Buy Cradlewise Bassinet

Why Cradlewise Bassinet

  • First off, it doesn’t just serve as a bassinet, but the creative design allows conversion to a crib, providing utility for up to 24 months.
  • Second, it comes with a standout baby monitoring system with a built-in camera and smartphone app, letting you keep an eye on your little one anytime.
  • Third, innovative sensors detect when your baby needs rocking or white noise to soothe.
  • Fourth, its health-conscious design, backed by Greenguard Gold certification, ensures it’s free from over 10,000 harmful chemicals.
  • Last but not least, it effectively learns and mimics your baby’s sleep patterns, offering automatic responses to soothe and settle them back to sleep.

For the tech-savvy, health-conscious parent seeking a value-for-money solution, this bassinet is for you!

Chicco Close to You 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet: Best Affordable and Portable Smart Bassinet

Another comfy bassinet for infants that we recommend is the Chicco Bedside Bassinet, which is also the most easily transportable option. This clever bassinet is quite inexpensive compared to some alternatives, and the attractive features it offers for that price are extremely interesting.

chicco smart bassinet

The Chicco Bedside Bassinet includes soothing features such as vibration, music, and an electronic nightlight module to help soothe babies and create a calming atmosphere when needed.

The smart bassinet has a mesh side panel that provides adequate ventilation and a good view of your baby from the sides. It’s also adjustable in height and has swivel wheels so that you can move it from room to room with ease.

This bassinet is equipped with a hand-operated brake on the side for added safety and to prevent accidental movement. Plus, you can customize the depth of the bassinet for flexibility in deciding how accessible you want your baby to be.

You won’t regret buying this bassinet because it’s an affordable solution to provide your baby with a comfortable place to sleep.

Buy Chicco Close To You Bedside Bassinet

Why Chicco Close To You Bedside Bassinet

  • Compact and Versatile: Three modes of use serve as a bedside bassinet, portable sleep space, and a changing table.
  • Comforting Features: A built-in nightlight, soothing vibrations, and six melodies are at your command.
  • Visibility and Ventilation: Mesh side panels provide both visibility and air circulation.
  • Easy Mobility: Adjustable height, built-in wheels, and a handy brake make it a breeze to move around.
  • Laspe-proof Care: Its machine washable, zip-off fabrics and waterproof reversible mattress simplify cleaning.

Ideal for parents who value space-saving solutions and convenient functionalities, you’ll find it perfect for small apartments and frequent traveling.

Fisher-Price Baby Bedside Sleeper Luminate: Best Budget Smart Bassinet

fisher price baby bedside sleeper luminate bassinet
The Fisher-Price Bassinet is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a sturdy and stationary bassinet that comes with soothing features for babies.

This stationary smart bassinet is designed to be used in bed. The Fisher-Price bassinet features a comfortable mattress that ensures a comfortable sleeping environment for your child and a mattress pad that can be easily wiped clean.

It also has an intelligent sensor system that detects your baby’s cries and responds with different soothing options such as music, white noise, and gentle vibrations.

All of these features can be controlled via the bassinet’s app using a smart device.

The bassinet is also equipped with a crib light and a motion-activated lighting system. The latter ensures that the bassinet remains visible when someone approaches the baby in low-light conditions.

This is really an example of a smart bassinet that lulls newborns to sleep. However, it is important to note that there is no convenient way to access the baby from the bed, and it does not offer mobility features.

Buy Fisher-Price Smart Bassinet

Why Fisher-Price Baby Bedside Sleeper Luminate?

  • Its Smart Sensing System: This feature picks up on your baby’s cries and sends an alert to your smartphone, allowing an immediate response.
  • Customizable soothing modes: You can select from three soothing settings with music and vibration, adjustable via the bassinet’s control panel or the companion app.
  • Night-light features: An automatic motion-activated floor light and a soft amber light within the bassinet offer an ideal night-time lighting solution.
  • Design and build: The modern, clean aesthetic coupled with breathable mesh sides make it safe and visually appealing.
  • Affordability: Priced under $200, it packs premium features without the hefty price tag.

Perfect for parents seeking a modern, budget-friendly smart sleeper solution!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Smart Bassinets?

Smart bassinets are amazing products because they provide a cozy and soothing sleeping environment for infants. However, as many advantages they offer, they also have a few disadvantages.

Here are some of the pros and cons associated with smart bassinets:

Advantages of Smart Bassinets

  • Improving Infant Sleep: The Smart Bassinet is an effective way to get babies to sleep and facilitate sleep training.
  • Extended Sleep Opportunities for Parents: It provides parents with more space and time to sleep, ensuring more restful nights.
  • Enhanced Monitoring and Soothing Technologies: The bassinet is equipped with sensors that detect when your baby needs attention and has built-in technologies like sounds and rocking that soothe your baby.
  • Sleep Monitoring: Many smart bassinets are accompanied by a mobile app that allows parents to effectively monitor their baby’s sleep habits.

Disadvantages of Smart Bassinet

  • Limited Lifespan: These bassinets become outdated as babies outgrow them within a few months, so they may not be used in households where no offspring are planned.
  • Transitioning Challenges: with transition: transitioning out can sometimes be difficult, although many bassinets offer a weaning mode to ease the transition.
  • High Cost: Smart bassinets come with a high price tag.
  • Excessive Reliance: Parents may rely too much on these devices, which could have a negative impact on the baby’s development.

Final Thought

Smart Bassinets offer fantastic solutions to soothe babies and let them sleep in a cozy, safe space. Out of the many options available, we’ve picked out the six best ones for you, along with short reviews describing their features. However, it’s important to know that smart bassinets aren’t suitable for every child. Also, you’re better off borrowing one than buying one unless you plan to use it for future family additions.

FAQs about Best Smart Bassinets

1. Are smart bassinets worth it?

Whether a smart bassinet is worth it depends on whether your baby needs it. If your baby can sleep independently, a bassinet may only be necessary if you need an exclusive space for your child that a simple bassinet can provide. This is because smart bassinets are often quite expensive. However, if you consider the additional features that smart bassinets offer important, the cost is a good investment. They provide an optimal relaxation experience for infants and allow you to monitor your baby’s well-being while he or she sleeps in the bassinet, which is more than anything for some parents.

2. Are Smart Bassinets Safe?

Most smart bassinets are designed with safety in mind, making them a safe choice for your baby. An example of a standard safety feature of these bassinets is the mesh sides, which usually ensure that your baby is well-ventilated even when he or she moves to the sides.

3. What is the best Smart Bassinet?

The Cradlewise Smart Bassinet is an excellent bassinet, and we recommend it as the best option for two compelling reasons: it can be used as both a bassinet and a crib, making it more versatile than other options, and it has extensive features.

4. Do pediatricians recommend the SNOO?

Yes, pediatricians absolutely recommend the SNOO! In fact, it was created by esteemed pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp. The SNOO is more than a smart bassinet – it boosts sleep with gentle rocking and soothing music, helps to reduce dangerous rolling with its unique swaddle, and has been FDA-approved for keeping babies safely on their backs. Pediatricians often highlight these qualities when recommending the SNOO to parents, emphasizing the extra sleep and peace of mind it provides. So, if you want a safer and smarter sleep solution for your baby, SNOO comes highly recommended by professionals in the pediatric field!

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