Summer is almost on our doorsteps and some of us are thinking about the next vacation. Where to go, what to see, what to take with us and so forth. It seems the planning for a good vacation has no end, and when you finally go, you realize you forgot to take the charger for your video camera, or the kid’s toys. For some, having to make the list for a vacation can be a nightmare, figuring out which airline to choose, or what hotel to book.

Top 10 Android Travel Planning Apps

And for those who hate doing all of this, we have gathered a few useful tools. Seeing that the smartphone is something you never leave home without, it’s obvious that its the best place to keep your list. There are lots of Travel Planning apps available for your Android device, and here are just a few samples that can prove really handy when you get started in planning your trip.

10. Travel planner

travel planner

A great list keeper that can keep track of all the things you have to take with you on your next trip. Easy to read and easy to use, Travel planner for Android allows you to forget the hustle of having to remember if you packed everything you need. Just take a quick look at the list and check out. A great tool for removing all the problems of packing for a vacation.

9. Camping Trip Planner

camping planner

Getting ready for your camping trip? Everything packet? Or isn’t it? That question haunts everyone who goes camping. Have they forgotten anything? The answer for this problem is this great Android Travel App that allows you check a customizable list of items necessary for your camping trip. Browse the list and never fear again of forgetting something.

8. Backpacking Planner Checklist

backpacking planner checklist

Any outdoor person that likes to have backpack trips and enjoy mother nature in all its glory has to have this app. When you go hiking, you need lots of equipment and a lot of easy to forget things, but with the help of Backpacking Planner Checklist, you will never again be unprepared. The integrated lists contain lots of items you will need on your trip, and the possibility to add and remove items makes it very user friendly. Also, you can set alarms so you will definitely remember to pack everything you will need.

7. Fishing Planner Checklist

fishing planner checklist

Now that it’s warm outside, those who are passionate about fishing are thrilled. And for their next fishing trip, they will have at their disposal a great tool that can save them time and worries. Fishing Planner Checklist gives them a full list of everything they need for a successful fishing trip in the form of easy to read and follow lists that contain just about everything they need. Also, the app gives them flexibility with the lists, allowing them to add, remove or rename items.

6. Distance Calculator

distance calculator

Before going on vacation, you might want to know just how much you will have to travel. Especially if you plan a car trip, and want to know how much money you will have to spend on gas. Distance calculator can give you this useful information: the distance between any 2 points. This aspect is vital on any trip, so give it a try when you’re planning your next vacation.

5. TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor is one of most complete travel apps you could ever have. Featuring a nice interface, easy to use and with lots of options of finding anything from hotels, restaurants or airline tickets. The options of booking online and also calling for reservation are a great advantage. TripAdvisor for Android can also show you pictures of the region or the location you want to go to.

It allows users to read and write reviews of places they have been to or where they plan to go. Another nice feature of the app is that it can search for places around your location, and you have the option of picking by sorting after price or rank. The airline planner is also great, it can show all flights depending on your departure and arrival points and it allows you to book tickets and sort after price. A must have app on your Android device.

4. Route Planner

route planner

The simplest way to get from point A to point B is by the road you know best”. This is what my mom told me. But now, I can prove her wrong by using Route Planner for Android. All I have to do is input my departure location (or current location) and my destination. And there it is: the simplest and fastest route, complete with travel directions and traffic information. A lovely app that is a must have for any traveler. if you can’t navigate using a paper map, then say goodbye to it and switch to Route Planner. There is no way to get lost with this app.

3. TripIt – Travel Organizer

tripit - travel organizer

The complete Android Travel Organizer in your pocket. Tired of keeping track of all your stops, all your tickets? TripIt is the best solution. It holds all your trip’s information: route, duration, distance, method of travel and point of departure and arrival. Also, you can access your travel plan via email and you get notifications about each stop and all major events on your trip. The days of a pencil and notebook to organize your trip are gone, now you can use TripIt and get a full guide directly on your Android device.

2. Skyscanner – All Flights!

skyscanner - all flights!

Searching for flights can be a daunting task. Looking at many airlines and prices can be confusing. But Skyscanner – All Flights! is a great tool to have, allowing you to search all the airlines at the same time. It shows you an objective list of flights and airlines you can take, complete with prices and stops.

All you have to do is select your departure and arrival and it will show all your options of getting there. A great tool to have, especially if your vacation has more than one stop. Also, the best thing about Skyscanner – All Flights! is that it does not favor certain airlines, it shows every option you have and you can select the cheapest way to get to your destination.


If you want to have a vacation, one of the most important aspects is where you will stay. And there are lots of options in every vacation location. It’s hard work browsing through hotels, facilities, prices, availability etc. It’s a nightmare! But this is where for Android pops in. This great app allows you to search for locations in just about every location.

The information it gives is very extensive. From availability, facilities prices and pictures. Also, if you find a good hotel, you can book what rooms you want, and for how many night you want to. It gives you the price of your order and all the hustle of finding a hotel is gone. The process of finding them is also easy, just input the location and sort by price or rating.

All you need now is to decide on the location, the planning is much more easier using these great Android Travel Planning Apps that can take care of the things you hate the most: keeping track of all the things you have to take with you and how to get there.

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