Typing is boring, everyone knows this. I myself am getting more and more tired of typing. What is the answer to this problem? Well, for computers, there are lots of answers and built-in programs that can write for you. But what about for your smartphone? Which in a sense is a miniature computer. Well, there are a few apps that do this, and quite well, I might add.

Top 10 Android Dictation and Voice Recording Apps

And if you own an Android smartphone, then the following list will most certainly catch your eye. Some of these apps are more than simple voice recorders, some offer the possibility of voice to text. Keep in mind that speech to text apps are still in development. Even the best apps will make some mistakes and will not understand at some point, so don’t be too judgemental.

Here are our top picks for Android Dictation Apps:

10. Write SMS by Voice PRO

write sms by voice

Not much to say about this Android Dictation App, it does exactly what it promises: write text messages with no need of typing. All you have to do is to say your message and the recepient and it will do all the work for you.

9. Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

tape-a-talk voice recorder

This simple tool allows you to record audio with good sound quality very simple, with just a few clicks and export it to WAVE/PCM and 3GP, send it to Dropbox or other ftp services and set it as ringtone. Also, the app allows you record in background (when the screen is off) and store your recordings to your SD card. A great choice if you are looking for a simple app to record or modify existing recordings.

8. netMemo Voice Recorder

netmemo voice recorder

Ever had a brilliant idea and nothing to write it on? Or in a hurry and no time to write down a thought? That is going to be history if you start using netMemo. This Android Dictation App allows you to record quick messages and send them via email to friends or yourself. The app records in MP3, OGG or WAV format and thanks to its intuitive and simple interface, you can get the job done very quick. Also, the premium version allows you to record up to 60 minutes at a time.

7. Winscribe Digital Dictation

winscribe digital dictation

Winscribe is trying to create a “full spectrum app”. What does that mean? An app that extends its uses beyond one task. Making it useful for a number of things, sort of a digital toolbox. And the first steps are made: barcode scanner, picture attachment and geo-location, and of course, a great Android Dictation capability. All of these allow you to create a document complete with pictures and information only by voice, with no need of typing.

6. WAVE Recorder

wave recorder

WAVE Recorder is one of the simplest tools you will ever use for recording voice. It has a simple interface that allows you to record in high quality PCM/WAVE formats and send your recordings via email. A great feature of this Android Dictation App is the fact that it allows you save your recordings directly on your SD card, a feature that some other apps does not provide.

5. Livo Recorder Pro

livo recorder pro

Livo Recorder Pro is a great voice recorder that offers users very good quality audio and very good fidelity. Although some might think $4 might be too much to pay for a simple voice recorder, know that this Android Dictation App can record in WAV/AMR/3GP formats, it can add to previous recordings and much more. A great app, and I think it deserves your attention and it’s worth every last cent.

4. FlexT9


FlexT9 is a remarkable app! it offers users support for speech to text with good accuracy I might add, swipe writing and old school taping. The speech to text feature works pretty good, with not so many misspells (lots better then other apps although). And I think with the future updates it will climb on top of all the Dictation Apps for Android lists.

3. Dictadroid


Dictadroid is a cool dictation app for android devices that not only provides a good, quality recording, but also it provides sharing options, via MMS (multimedia message) or Dropbox. It seems SoftEight thought that a simple text message isn’t good enough, but rather a recording is much more appropriate. If they had a good idea, it remains to be seen. I think that hearing a message is much more better because you can hear the person’s tone of voice.

2. ShoutOUT – Speech-to-Text


ShoutOUT is a pretty good dictation app that lets you “write” SMS messages without touching a key. Of course, speech recognition is still in its early stages and might make a few mistakes here and there, and so does this app, but if you look at it as a whole, it might just surprise you. I think it’s far better than other apps out there. Give it a try and tell us what you think of it.

1. Voice Recorder

voice recorder

Surprising, no? Well, it seems that the simpler tool is also the better. Voice Recorder is one of the simplest tools you can use and it gives you excellent results, plus the option of emailing your recording directly through Gmail. Also, you can pause, stop and play your recording at any time and you can start a recording very easy via the widget or set it as your ringtone.

Of course, these apps are great, but remember that you have on your Android smartphone a feature that lets you speak your text messages. This feature is integrated in the new Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich in the default keyboard, so give it a try before moving on to third party apps.

And there you go, the coolest Android Dictation Apps you can find. Now texting and emailing will seem like a breeze. no more fiddling with tiny keyboards or mistyping when you are in transit, just talk to your phone and it will do all the writing. If you have tested other Android Dictation Apps and are pleased with the results, let us know by using the Comments section.

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