5 Apps to Lock and Hide Files on iPhone

by: - Last updated on: December 17th, 2016

Privacy, privacy, privacy. The word on everyone’s lips is making its way to our smartphones. And after seeing which are the best apps to hide or lock files on Android devices, we turn our eye on iPhone Apps that can accomplish this task. Although limited by its iOS, the iPhone can still accomplish this task with the help of a few apps. Few in number, these apps are a great way to protect personal content, like photos, videos and other personal data stored on your iPhone.

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Because of the way smartphones have evolved, now holding more information about ourselves than any other device we own, the need is great for safety and privacy. Such apps allow you to hide these files and they make them available only for the owners.

Why Use Such Apps?

The question has a obvious answer. To protect your files from the peeking eyes of others. Many of us have sensible information on our smartphones, and we wouldn’t want to that information to be at anyone’s disposal, so these apps help us keep those folders private. Everybody has its secrets…

Top 5 iPhone Apps to Hide or Lock files

5. Hide Calculator

hide calculator

A clever tool disguised as a simple calculator. For anyone roaming through your phone, it will seem like a normal app, but in fact that app is a vault where you can safely keep your files. You can hide anything from pictures, videos or any other file type and it can keep it perfectly safe due to its great password protected system. Many won’t even guess that it is a secret vault, and for those who do, the password will be sure to keep them out. So give it a try and see for yourselves just how safe your files can be.

4. Folder Lock

folder lock

Folder Lock is a simple and very user friendly app that allows you to store files in safety. Being password protected, it can provide the best level of security for your personal data. Its simple and intuitive interface lets you upload files from your computer or Mac in just a few seconds, and also download files directly to your vault. Folder Lock also allows you to view photos or videos stored in the vault directly, with no need to move the files. This simple tool can give you all the protection you need against weary eyes.

3. Private Area

private area

Notes, photos, contacts, videos and many more can be kept safe using Private Area. This app gives you your own safe place on your iPhone where you can store anything you want to be out of people’s view. A tiny corner on your iPhone all to yourself and fully protected. Also, the simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to manage your files and add or remove files from the vault.

2. iDiscrete


One of the best known iPhone Apps to lock files out there, iDiscrete provides users with top of the line performance and security. This digital safe can keep all your files safe and away from anyone else, giving you the peace of mind you need, knowing that all your data is safe. It can support virtually any file type, so you can add just about anything to your vault, quickly and with no effort.

1. My Hidden Folder Pro

My Hidden Folder Pro

And it comes down to this: the best iPhone app to hide lock files is My Hidden Folder Pro. This app offers excellent security, great performance and the very best stability. It keeps your files safe with not one, but two passwords (one real one fake) to throw anyone off that would attempt to get access to your personal data. If you are in the need of a good app to keep your files safe, then My Hidden Folder Pro is what you need.

What Files Can we Hide?

Just about any file type can be hidden with these apps, from pictures, videos to text files. Some apps even hide SMS messages and contacts, for more security, making them available only by inputting the right password or the correct lock. I would use this applicating to hide messages that I’ll want to read later.

How do These Apps Work?

These apps keep your files safe by securing the folder which contains them with a password or it moves the files in an invisible folder that can be accessed through the app only. Normally, these apps are disguised as other tools, and have a secret code or a number of taps in specific places that open the folder which contained your personal files.

Now, armed with these apps, you can feel assured that all your personal data is safely stored on your iPhone and that none, except yourselves can access those files. Most important, what these apps give you, is the peace of mind you need and the great feeling knowing that your files are private once again.

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  1. You never know when you are going to lose your phone and have all your private info exposed. These are some great tools when it comes to phone security.

  2. What are the apps you mentioned that hide SMS messages? This is the main thing I’m searching for without “unlocking” my phone.

  3. I run a private school/treatment center for adolescents and we are trying to use iPads in classrooms and must restrict students from the internet/contacting “outside” quite a bit. Apple makes that very hard to do! (Yet there is so much benefit to having the technology in the classroom.)

    Could I use any of the apps described in this article to hide/lock up apps that are native to iPads but can’t be hidden/restricted. (All of our iPads have restrictions set. Students are still able to access music bc it can’t be turned off – thanks to the new iOS 7 update. Based on the rules of our program, they have to be at a certain level to listen to personal music. It would be wonderful if I could “lock up” the icon for it and “unlock” it when the student earned his level! Along those same lines, the iMessage feature has caused issues as they are not allowed unsupervised contact to anyone but parents. On some IOS systems, imessage can’t be turned off. Again, it would be fabulous if I could “lock it up” since I can’t delete it! Gamecenter is another one…)

    Any help would be great! Thank you!