Raspberry Pi, the credit card sized low cost mini-computer will be soon getting a proper Android port, according to a post on their official blog.

Raspberry Pi has been making a lot of buzz for being very inexpensive (just $35) low-power computer designed to run Linux and other open source operating systems. Ever since Raspberry Pi was released, others like APC & Gooseberry have tried to come up with Android based mini computers. Now, one of the developers has been able to successfully port Android 4.0 on to Raspberry Pi.

Android on Raspberry Pi


Though Android is a mobile operating OS, its ability to play multimedia files, browse the web, edit office documents & play games will be a big advantage for Raspberry Pi users. Considering the size & portability of Raspberry Pi, it makes sense to have a mobile OS as an option.

Just a few days back, developers released Raspbian OS, which promises to be 40% faster than the Debian Linux. The addition of Android port is a great news to the Raspberry Pi users, as Android looks really smooth and responsive as you can see in the video demo below.

According to the developers, most of the things like Hardware accelerated graphics and video are functional, but audio support is being worked on. They have not given the ETA for the Android port, but looks like that day isn’t too far off.

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