It’s really awesome to know that you’re being taken care of whenever you’re buying something and even after you made the purchase. Apple is a master at these things, and if you’ve been at least once inside a physical Apple store, then you know what I mean – the bliss and friendly faces that you see are there to give you peace of mind, to let you know that you are a highly valued customer.

Apple has announced that it is rolling out an online support section where Apple Geniuses are there to chat and help you. At the moment, the new service is available for UK, Germany, Spain, and Brazil, but I am almost sure the next country on the list will be the USA. From what we can tell so far, they will help you make up your mind about your acquisition. We’re not yet sure if they are able to provide more vast technical help, but this is a start, at least.

apple store has online geniuses to offer support - apple geniuses online

Get online help from Apple Geniuses

Obviously, online is not the single option, you can also discuss directly with a specialist over the phone, and you can even watch the Specialist’s screen as he performs a personalized guided tour (no need for screen-sharing tools here). You can now get support from Apple’s Geniuses for you to decide if you need the iPhone 4S, the new iPad or you’ll be joining the Android side, which lures us with Samsung Galaxy S3 and the latest, Galaxy Note 10.1.

Apple said the following:

Now, there’s a whole new way to shop for an iPad or iPhone at the Apple Online Store. You can talk directly to a trained specialist over the phone, start a live online chat and even watch your specialist’s screen during a personalized guided tour. Get answers to all your questions, explore iPad and iPhone features, discover great apps and more.

If you buy an iPhone or iPad, the helpful folks will get you all set up and explain to you how everything works: configuring your email, setting up your iCloud account, and so on. Without a doubt, this new service will be loved by customers. Being able to chat with a real person is very comfortable and reassuring. If you’re a shy person, if you really don’t have the time, or if you absolutely love to buy gadgets online, then this is for you.

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