As a student, I had to write countless papers and had lots of assignments which took a lot of time, especially the researching process and citing the numerous information sources. But I don’t need to tell you this, I believe that everyone is pretty familiar with this process. Luckily, for our help, here comes the best friend a student can have: Google. And, particularly, a Google tool designed for students that helps them find the information they need: Google Scholar.

Many of you are already familiar with this tool, it has proven its worth time and again and it has provided us with great information, and now, a tiny update will make it even better. It can easily slip your eyes if you are not looking for it, but the “Cite” button can render you a very well written citation.

Where to find the “Cite” button and how to use it

cite screenshot

The button can be found under each search result. After you click it, it will show you three citations styles, MLA, APA, or Chicago that you can copy and paste to your document. Although a small update, this button adds much needed functionality and gives the very useful Google Scholar one more feature.

As the Google Scholar official blog says, this tool will simplify your research and let you focus on what is more important, and that is the research:

We hope that simplifying the chore of citation formatting will let you focus on what you really want to work on: writing a great paper!

New citation styles will be available in the near future, and we also look forward for other such upgrades that will make this student research tool even better and useful than it is now.

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