One of biggest disadvantages of Nexus devices is the lack of support for an SD card. This makes users unable to store more digital media and other files on their devices. Although Google thinks that personal data should be kept in the cloud, most of us still want the flexibility of an SD card. And Nexus users always had to deal with this problem, due to Google’s persistence in forcing people to utilize cloud services.

I myself fall victim to this problem, and I was very pleased to know that my Nexus device could use some form of external storage. Now I’ll show you how you can add external memory to your device. This will be particularly useful for Nexus 7 users, because the tablet, apart from not having SD card support, it has only 16GB or 32GB memory, but after formatting the tablet, you are left with a bit over half its size.

How to add USB storage to Nexus 7 devices and other Nexus products


For a good deal of time, I thought that this will be impossible, and that no matter how much I tried, I was only limited to internal storage and cloud storage. Well, you can imagine my reaction when I found out that it is doable, and that is very simple! There are two methods for doing this, or rather two apps that allow you to connect a USB storage device to your Nexus.

In order to add USB storage to your device, you will need:

  • Rooted or Unrooted Nexus device
  • OTG cable (this is a cable with a micro USB at one end that connects to your phone, and a regular USB on the other end, where you mount your USB memory). The USB On-The-Go cable is very cheap and widely available over the Internet.

Making the connection


Before you can add the new storage adapter, you will need one of these two apps. They are intended so that your Nexus device will be able to read the content from the USB storage. After downloading the necessary app, you can mount your USB flash drive or SD card reader and enjoy more storage than you ever had! Here are the apps that make this possible:

  1. [root] StickMount
  2. Nexus Media Importer

Keep in mind to download the one that is suited for your situation. For rooted devices, you must use [root] StickMount, and for devices that are not rooted yet, use Nexus Media Importer. Also, if you wish to root your device, be sure to check out our rooting guide or use a root utility. Also, these methods do not work for all Nexus or Android devices, so be sure to see if your device is compatible before buying a OTG cable.

I believe that these two apps will make lots of people around the world very pleased. All you Nexus 7 users out there who had to manage with a small storage for a long time, now a new world of opportunities just opened!

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