I can’t say that I’ve ever liked the iPhone. I won’t go into too many details about this, but I am going to say this: the iPhone is just about to receive one of coolest accessories it has ever had! A second screen! Even as a hardened Android lover, I must admit that this feature will give the iPhone a lot of personality and, I wish it would be implemented for more devices.

Just thinking of the numerous customization options it can provide makes me regret I can’t have one. The back screen is integrated in a case that draws power from the iPhone via the Lightning port, but don’t worry, it uses a very little amount of power. Meet popSLATE.

popSLATE iPhone Smart Case

So, Apple’s smartphone, iPhone, could receive a smart case, capable of adding a second screen to your device. Some might argue that this feature is somewhat useless and only consumes power, but has no real productivity. This couldn’t be further from the truth: by using the case, you could add certain features (like a map app) to the back display and use them with a touch interface.

The screen is always on, so it always shows an image or widget, but unlike what you might believe, it’s very power-friendly. The screen only uses power when it changes images, so, for static images, it basically consumes next to nothing, but the visual effect it creates is incredible.

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The tech behind the screen


The display uses E-Ink technology that renders black and white graphics with pretty high quality and it’s also touch sensitive, for interaction with apps. As mentioned before, it takes its power from the phone by connecting to it via the Lightning connector, and apart from this, it’s just a plain old “dumb case”. The screen is controlled via the popSLATE app, which you can use to take pictures or configure the screen.

The customization features are endless, and with the proper development and integration of the technology, it could have the potential to revolutionize the mobile industry and the way we see our smartphones. I truly hope that this accessory will succeed and become a reality. And if you’ve missed some of its features, here’s a quick reminder:

  • Always on scree
  • Low power usage due to the E-Ink technology
  • Touch sensitive
  • Perfect for bright light situations because it does not have a glossy finish
  • Customizable by adding images and apps

If you are the owner of an iPhone 5 and you think this accessory is worth it, they by all means, support the team in developing the product and you will have a chance to own one before everyone else.

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