A few days ago, we featured the best Android Podcast apps for users to listen to their favorite online shows, or to download news reports or music. Now we look at some similar apps, but at the other end of the road: iOS. Podcasts were introduced by Apple, and this trend quickly picked up, and more and more users begun downloading or listening to online podcasts.

Podcast users are looking for apps that offer ease of access to online content, from music, to shows and news. Also, these apps must have a simple and intuitive user interface, fast downloads and the possibility to create customized podcast feeds.

Best Podcast Apps for iOS

Unlike Google with its dedicated podcast app, Apple has continued its Podcast service and thanks to this, now it is one of the most used apps in the iTunes Store, for users that enjoy podcasts. Most of these apps will work for iPhone, iPod and iPad but check out the description of the app, to be 100% sure.

5. Instacastinstacast

If you have lots of video podcast feeds, you might want to take full advantage of your iOS device’s Retina Display. Intercast is optimized for such devices, giving you a retina-quality. Also, you have all the features and goodies you are used to from podcast apps, such as background download and playback or multi-language support (English, French and German currently supported).

One other cool feature of the app is the cloud integration with Dropbox and iCloud, so users can store their content for later listening and not fill up their devices. Also, this is a great option for those who want access to their podcasts on multiple devices and platforms.

4. Pocket Castspocket casts

We’ve met with this app when we showed you the top Android podcast apps, and seeing it again only attests to its quality and the amount of users that are happy with this apps. And they have reason to be. Pocket Casts offers a wide array of features and a beautifully designed user interface that is also faster than what we see in most others.

For those who have not tried this app yes, but are interested in what features it provides, let me give you a quick crash course: it provides multiple downloads, possibility to listen to video podcasts only with audio, variable playback speed, background downloading, AirPlay integration and many others. Still not convinced? Take it for a spin and you will be.

3. TuneIn Radio Protunein radio pro

TuneIn Radio is not usually regarded as a podcast app. Although it is one of the best radio apps in the world, TuneIn Radio also offers support for podcast listening, and it achieves quite great results. Even for Android users, TuneIn is perfect for the casual podcast listener. It allows users to add their podcast feeds and listen to them at any time.

But, because it is not a dedicated podcast app, its features are somewhat limited, but as I’ve said, for the occasional podcast listener, the app is perfect and it gets the job done. More so, it offers its users a radio app that is beyond reproach.

2. Podcastspodcasts

The official Apple podcast app is one of the best that users can use. Apple have been working constantly on developing this app, adding new features and making it better and better, and to some extend they have succeeded. The Podcasts app is better than most third party podcast apps on the iTunes Store.

The design of the app is similar to the one used in top news apps, a mosaic-like interface that lets you quickly find what interests you, and you can also see the top stories section with great ease. Overall, the Apple Podcasts app combines both ease of use and top notch quality to create one of the best iOS podcasts apps of all.

1. Downcastdowncast

Reliable, full of features and with pleasing design that makes it easy to use for anyone, Downcast is the best app for listening or downloading podcast, of all. Its features are more than perfect for the average podcast listener. You can set a schedule for your podcasts and let them download on their own, in the background and you can use your phone in the meantime.

Also, you have the option to playback podcasts at higher speeds (2x, 3x, etc), which is far better for searching a certain portion of a file, then the old fashioned fast forward button. The app has full support for gesture use, and with a very clever designed UI, Downcast is perfect for every user..

Now you can rejoice at the sounds of your favorite podcasts feeds. News, music or shows are just a few taps away, and by using these iOS podcast apps, you will never have to search for others again. Also, if you have other favorite apps, that should be featured on this list, please let us know and we will add them.

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