Microsoft PowerPoint is a very useful tool for creating presentations easily and delivering information in a simple to understand way. It offers users a host of features that allow them to create graphs, tables and add images, video and sound in order to make their point in a clear way. However, in order to find the best PowerPoint templates, you need to do a little digging, and furthermore, in order to use these templates to their full potential, you have to understand the software and how it works.


PowerPoint has a lot of features, and for those who don’t know how to use it properly, it can be somewhat confusing. Luckily, there are lots on online resources that can help you with this problem. Online learning videos are a great way to learn new skills, but there are lots of services that provide this service and the user has to filter through the information in order to find what he is interested in. So, where to find the best PowerPoint tutorials? Today we’ll be answering this very question.

Collection of PowerPoint Tutorials


Finding the right tutorial is sometimes a problem. This is because the services that offer these tutorials either offer only basic learning, or expert level. The middle ground is not covered by some, which makes it hard for the average person to learn how to use PowerPoint efficiently and how to create the best presentations.

The best part about the web is that there is a lot of free information available to those who search for it, and with only a few keystrokes, we were able to find a host of PowerPoint tutorials that cover everything from the basic layout the program and all the way up to creating complex animations and other expert level elements. This free information is available for anyone who wants to learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint (versions 2007 and higher). Here are some of the free resources you can use:

  • GFC-LearnFree – PowerPoint 2010 Training very well explained
  • Articulate – A complete course for PowerPoint
  • BrainyBetty – Tips, tricks and how-to’s in PDF format
  • EllenFinkelstein – From beginner to expert, all you need to know about PowerPoint
  • ElectricTeacher – A beginner’s guide to PowerPoint

In the search for knowledge, don’t neglect the most obvious source where you can find learning videos for free: YouTube. The video sharing platform offers an incredible number of PowerPoint tutorials, completely free and widely available. All you need to do is type in “PowerPoint Tutorial” or any other query that interests you in the search box and you have all the information you need right there.

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Also, for those who take it seriously, there are some other paid training websites that offer lots of PowerPoint tutorials. These have the advantage of offering much more information than their free counterparts. For a monthly fee, you can access training tutorials and video tutorials on a host of subjects, therefore you are not limited to PowerPoint only. If this is the way you want to go, take a look at our list of PowerPoint Tutorial sources.

These websites offer users great resources and the very best in online training, but at a cost. Although, some of them have the upper hand thanks to the ability of providing users with many more tutorials for the same subscription fee. So, take a look at the advantages of each of them before throwing your money. You might get more for your buck on some of them.

 Keep track of deals


Before you commit to one learning website, check all of them out. Some of them might offer tree trials or offer you a big discount for some services. For example, Lynda offers a free trial and users can access the content of the training courses for free for a period of time. Other websites also have this policy and this allows the user to get a feel of how the tutorials are structured and how well they can learn from them. Look around for this preview of their services, or even go as far as ask the websites for a free sample before you give them any money.

PowerPoint is one of the most used tools for creating presentations. It is easy to use and widely available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. This has made it an invaluable resource for most and mastering its secrets can add a plus of professionalism to any project. These online PowerPoint tutorials will give you the upper hand next time you have a project that requires a presentation.

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