Microsoft PowerPoint is the most commonly used presentation software globally. And while it’s super-intuitive to use, you can get a lot more done faster and more efficiently if you know some of the keyboard shortcuts that PowerPoint offers.

microsoft powerpoint shortcuts

To help you get around this, we have curated a list of some of the best PowerPoint shortcut keys in this guide that you can use to work faster and more efficiently on PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint includes a wide variety of keyboard shortcut combinations that allow you to access most of the program’s functionality without using your mouse. If you use PowerPoint frequently, knowing how to work faster and more efficiently will improve your productivity.

1. Frequently Used PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

Let us first have a look at some of the most frequently used PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts. These PowerPoint shortcuts are fast and easy to use, from adding a new slide to selecting text to format. The following table contains shortcuts that you may frequently use daily.

Action Shortcut
Create a new presentation.

Ctrl + N

Command + Shift + P
Add a new slide

Ctrl + M

Command + Shift + N

Make selected text bold. Ctrl + B Command + B
Change the font size for selected text Alt + H + F + S Option + H + F + S
Cut selected text, object, or slide

Ctrl + X

Command + X

Copy selected text, object, or slide

Ctrl + C

Command + C

Paste cut or copied text, object, or slide

Ctrl + V Command + V
Undo the last action Ctrl + Z Command + B

Save the presentation

Ctrl + S Command + S

Insert a shape

Alt + N + S + H Option + N + S +H

Select a theme

Alt + G + H Option + G + H
Select a slide layout

Alt + G + H

Option + G + H

Go to the next slide

Page down

Page down

Go to the previous slide

Page up

Page up

Go to the Home tab.

Alt + H

Option + H

Go to the Insert tab

Alt + N Option + N

Start the slide show


Command + return

End the slide show



Close PowerPoint

Ctrl + Q Command + Q

2. Ribbon PowerPoint Shortcuts

The ribbon bar is a common feature in many Microsoft Office programs where you can locate commands and tools for designing, formatting, and editing content. The ribbon shortcuts will help you navigate the ribbon bar in Microsoft PowerPoint quickly. To use these PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts, you need to have the ribbon bar displayed. To ensure it is, click on the View tab in the Ribbon toolbar and then select Customize Ribbon.

Action Shortcut
Open the File menu.

Alt + F

Option + F

Open the Home tab

Alt + H

Option + H

Open the Insert tab Alt + N Option + N
Open the Draw tab Alt + J + I Option + J + I
Open the Design tab Alt + G

Option + G

Open the Transitions tab

Alt + K

Option + K

Open the Animations tab

Alt + A

Option + A

Open the Slide Show tab

Alt + S Option + S
Open the Review tab Alt + R Option + R

Open the View tab

Alt + W Option + W

Open the Recording tab

Alt + C Option + C

Open the Help tab

Alt + Y + 2 Option + Y + 2
Open the File menu.

Alt + F

Option + F
Open the Home tab

Alt + H

Option + H

Select the active tab Alt + N Option + N
Move the focus to commands on the ribbon Alt + J + I Option + J, I
Activate a selected button Alt + G

Option + G

Open the list for a selected command

Alt + K

Option + K

Move to the next command.

Alt + A

Option + A

Expand or collapse the ribbon

Alt + S Option + S
Open a context menu Alt + R Option + R

Move to the submenu

Alt + W Option + W

Get help on the currently selected command

Alt + C Option + C

3. PowerPoint Shortcut Keys for Text blocks

If you find editing text in Microsoft PowerPoint time-consuming, then the following table is worth checking out once. It contains the fastest keyboard shortcuts to use when editing large text blocks in PowerPoint without having to touch your mouse and lift your hands off the keyboard.

Action Shortcut
Delete one character to the left Backspace Backspace
Delete one word to the left

Ctrl + Backspace

Command + Backspace

Delete one character to the right Delete Delete
Delete one word to the right Ctrl + Delete Command + Delete
Cut selected object or text Ctrl + X

Command + X

Copy selected object or text

Ctrl + C

Command + C

Paste cut or copied object or text

Ctrl + V

Command + V

Duplicate an object

Ctrl + D Command + D
Undo the last action Ctrl + Z Command + Z

Redo the last action

Ctrl + Y Command + Y

Copy formatting only

Ctrl + Shift + C Command + Shift + C

Paste formatting only.

Ctrl + Shift + V Command + Shift + V
Copy animation painter

Alt + Shift + C

Option + Shift + C
Paste animation painter.

Alt + Shift + V

Command + Shift + V

Open the Paste Special dialog box. Ctrl + Alt + V Command + Alt + V

4. PowerPoint shortcut Keys for working with tables

Anyone who isn’t new to PowerPoint would know that tables are a necessary component of every presentation, and it is essential to use them correctly. The following PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts will help you work with tables seamlessly in Microsoft Powerpoint. So let us have a detailed look at them below.

Action Shortcut
Move to the next cell Tab key Tab key
Move to the preceding cell.

Shift + Tab

Shift + Tab

Move to the next row Down arrow key Down arrow key
Move to the preceding row Up arrow key Up arrow key
Insert a tab in a cell Ctrl + Tab

Command + Tab

Start a new paragraph



5. Paragraph Alignment Keyboard Shortcuts

The following table contains some of the most commonly used PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts for paragraph alignment, like justifying a paragraph, centering a paragraph, and aligning a paragraph.

Action Shortcut
Center a paragraph Ctrl + E Command + E
Justify a paragraph Ctrl + J

Command + J

Left align a paragraph Ctrl + L Command + L
Right align a paragraph Ctrl + R Command + T

6. PowerPoint shortcut keys for Slideshows

These keyboard shortcuts will be helpful once you have completed your PowerPoint document and are ready to view the presentation. Considering how important it is to use slide transitions effectively in presentations, the following table contains some handy shortcuts that will help you add and edit slide transition effects.

Action Shortcut
Play the presentation from the start F5 Command + Shift + Return
Play the presentation from the current slide Shift + F5

Command + Return

Annotate using a Pen tool while playing the slideshow Ctrl + P Command + P
Move to next slide while playing the slideshow N or Page Down N or Page Down or Right Arrow or Down Arrow
Return to previous slide while playing the slideshow P or Page Up P or Page Up or Left Arrow or Up Arrow
Pause the slideshow and display a Black screen B B
Pause the slideshow and display a White screen W W
Stop the slideshow S (press again to resume) S (press again to resume)
End the slideshow Esc Esc or Command + .

Work Efficiently using PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

As you saw, there are a plethora of Microsoft Powerpoint shortcuts available that you may not have been aware of despite using PowerPoint for a few years now. These are not only fast to use but also help you save time. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself working faster when you know the PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts in the following sections.

Do let us know in the comments below if you found these keyboard shortcuts helpful and if you will start using them the next time you are working on a presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Like Microsoft PowerPoint, Word also has a ton of keyboard shortcuts making your life working with documents ever so easy.

Most of the keyboard shortcuts we mentioned should work just fine on Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, barring a few new keyboard shortcuts.

If you still face issues with shortcuts, we recommend upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint as you get access to brand new features and fixes.

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