The iPhone has many features that delight its users, but one feature has eluded them on every Apple product so far: dual SIM capability. This is one feature that no iDevice has had, and we don’t expect it to be installed too soon either. Regardless of why Apple is not adding dual SIM capabilities to its devices, users want this feature and until recently, there weren’t too many ways to get it.

We all know it’s pretty frustrating to carry around two mobile phones, and the creators of this gadget are very much aware of this also. This is why they put their thinking caps on and developed the SIM+. This is an iPhone 5 cover that supports two SIM cards and allows users to use them both with no hustle and no SIM changing. Although this project is not yet in full throttle, the developers are using Kickstarter to gather the funds necessary to mass produce it.

What is SIM+ and how does it work?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, SIM+ is an iPhone 5 case that allows the user to install two SIM cards and use them on their iPhone without the need for swapping one with another. This eliminates the need to have two phones with you at all times, or to have an extra SIM with you. The plastic iPhone 5 case is very stylish and sleek, and it is composed of three parts: the plastic cover that is main part of the gadget, the tray that houses the two SIM cards and the aluminium cover that goes over the SIM tray.

These parts come together in harmony and they create a very good looking case that also adds a new feature to your iPhone 5. Although users will not be able to use both SIM cards at the same time, with only a few taps they can switch between them or add a schedule that switches the SIM cards automatically at a specific time.


To activate each SIM, users must navigate to Settings > Phone > SIM Applications > Switch on Timed interval and from here, they can either select what SIM to keep active or set up a time interval for the SIM cards to switch automatically. This allows users to monitor each SIM card independently. However, if you are using one SIM and you receive a call on the other one, you will not be notified until the other SIM has been activated.


This is due to the technical limitations of the iPhone, but still, it has its appeal and many might find it very useful. Also, the SIM+ cover does not require a jailbroken device, so it will work on every iPhone 5 out there (keep in mind that it is not backwards compatible with other iPhone versions). The tray can hold one nanoSIM and one microSIM card, so be careful what type of SIM cards you plan on using.

The case will come in two main colors: black and white and the aluminum cover will be in three flavors: black, red or silver. This allows users to customize their case and add a plus of personality to it. In terms of price and availability, there is no information yet, but if you like the design and you want your own SIM+, you can pledge $52 and you will among the first to receive one.

Note: There are cheaper alternatives like this dual-sim card adapter on Deal extreme ($9.90) and this dual-sim adapter with case on Amazon ($16.99), but the Kickstarter project looks easier to install and yes, it comes at a much higher cost.

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