Apple has finally announced the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c with the usual incremental updates, but as always, the Cupertino giant has also released some serious improvements. The iPhone 5s comes with a first of its kind 64-bit A7 processor along with the M7 co-processors meant for motion-sensing purposes, a fingerprint sensor and an improved camera.

Even if Apple has added three new colors for the iPhone 5s: grey, gold and silver, replacing the traditional black and white, you might still look for some cases, mainly in order to offer your new smartphone the protection it needs or just to add an extra style. Even if pre-orders for the iPhone 5s have just started, the are already cool cases available, probably because the iPhone 5s retains the same size, despite of many previous rumors that were suggesting Apple is going to increase it.

Apple’s own leather cases

iphone 5s cases

Apple has its own cases for the iPhone 5s and they come in six different colors: brown, beige, black, yellow, blue and red. And Apple hits the nail on the head when it says the following:

The iPhone 5s has a stunning exterior. So any case that dares to conceal it should be equally appealing

This goes for all the cases in this list and that was the rule that we have followed. The Apple-designed leather cases will set you back for $39. Apple stresses that they have used only premium leather which looks and feels luxurious. Also, it doesn’t make your iPhone 5s feel bulky. The leather case covers the buttons for volume , on/off  and the chamfered edge of the iPhone 5s.

Naked Tough from Case-Mate

naked tough iphone 5s

Case-Mate is one of the best known companies that make cases and covers for smartphones and tablets. We have also included the company in our article describing the best custom case designing services. Also, we have reviewed in the past some other capable cases for Apple products from Case-Mate, the Barely There Case for iPhone 4/4S and the Case Mate Venture for the iPad.

The Naked Tough iPhone 5s case made it to our top because it keeps the original color of your iPhone thanks to its smooth transparent finish and ultra slim design. It has a minimalist design that also contributes to its lightweight. But this doesn’t mean this case is not resistant. It comes with an impact resistant hard shell that should be your iPhone 5s’ guardian against impacts and falls. Also, the case comes with some stylish metallic chrome buttons. You’ll have to invest $35 to get this transparent, stylish iPhone 5s case.

Survivor Skin from Griffin

survivor skin iphone 5s

Griffin has always been good at creating awesome accessories for smartphones and tablets, the latest examples being the MultiDock and the WoodTones gadgets that we’ve seen at IFA 2013 or the Helo TC Helicopter. The Survivor Skin case from Griffin is one of the best known iPhone cases which isn’t too expensive either, at $20. The case is made of extra-thick silicon which protects your iPhone 5s’ back, sides and edges. Survivor Skin has been put to a couple of shock and drop tests: an iPhone with the Survivor Skin has been dropped onto concrete floor from a height of 6 feet and it has managed to protect the iPhone.

However, at the moment, there’s  drawback with the Survivor Skin and not only. Some cases might not allow you to make use of Apple’s fingerprint sensor, because they might cover the home button entirely or they just don’t fit that extra ring. But I’m sure case makers are going to take care of that as soon as possible.!

SmartFlex Shine from Speck

smart flex shine iphone 5s case

Without a doubt, the SmartFlex Shine from Speck is one of the best looking iPhone 5s cases out there. Available in six different gorgeous, “lustruous” colors, this stylish iPhone 5s case will set you back for $35. The SmartFlex Shine consists of a special metal constructions that gives its colors a glossy look while mainting a slim fit for your iPhone 5s. The edges are raised to keep your screen safe and to cover the shield buttons, Speck has included a rubber material around them for that.

Defender from Otterbox

iphone 5s otterbox defender

Otterbox is another name that you can count on when looking for the right iPhone 5s case. And the Defender series cases from Otterbox won’t mess around with your iPhone 5s Touch ID ring, either. At $60, this is not the cheapest iPhone 5s cases, but as the name suggests, there is a reason to it. First of all, the case is made of different parts: the outer layer/slipcover, the inner layer/shell and the belt clip; you can select different colors for them all. This iPhone 5s case will protect against drops, bumps, dust and scratches, as it also has a built-in screen protector.

Urban Shield from Cygnett

carbon fiber cygnet iphone 5s case

We dealt with products from Cygnett as well, having reviewed the Glam & Windsor case for the iPad. The Urban Shield iPhone 5s case from Cygnett will cost you around $30, but you’ll get yourself a case built out of genuine carbon fiber, which is known to be a very resistant material. Not only that, but the Urban Shield case for your iPhone 5s smartphone also comes with a screen protector that will guard your display from annoying scratches.

Wingman from M-Edge

wingman iphone 5s case

With a clever marketing slogan: “whether it’s a dogfight in an F-14 or just a night at the bar, never leave your Wingman behind“, M-Edge’s Wingman case wants to be the next you put on your iPhone 5s. And for $35, you get the following: construction of two layers for increased protection, tough plastic outer shell, reinforced silicone corners and shock-absorbent inner silicone layer. But what’s really appealing about it is its design, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me by looking at the above picture.

Real Bamboo Wood Case from Snugg 

iphone 5s bamboo case

No metal, no hard plastic, no multiple layers of a magical material. What about wood? This case from Snugg is made out of reall bamboo wood and comes with two interlocking pieces. Of course, there are cutouts left for ports, buttons and speakers which seems to be pretty well-crafted. Currently selling for $30, down from $40, this case is hand-made and comes with a recomforting lifetime guarantee to it.

Hampton Flip from Sena

hampton flip iphone 5s case

This one here is a real classy case for your newly acquired iPhone 5s. Coming in four colors: red, black, tan and brown, the Hampton Flip case from Sena will definitely add a luxurious feel to your iPhone 5s. The case is made out of full-grain leatherand comes with a protective front flap that should give it some sort of protection, in case it falls down. Also, there are three credit card pockets in the case, as well. It doesn’t come too cheap, though, as you’ll have to pay $60 out of your pocket for it.

Drop Tech from Gumdrop

gumdrop iphone 5s case

Judging by the name, you probably guessed it already – this is one iPhone 5s case that has a lot of rubber inside it. Designed for those that love to get lost in the woods, the Drop Tech case from Gumdrop comes with reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners and also includes an integrated screen cover to protect against scratches. Gumdrop says that this is one of the most durable iPhone 5 cases on the market. And for only $23, you could definitely give it a try.

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