It’s well-known that each time someone offers you their business card, it surely ends up forgotten in a pocket or in the wallet, where you will never look for it again (or sometimes it even gets lost). Due to the fact that we are living in the era of technology, many people choose to create virtual business cards, as this concept becomes more and more popular all over the world.

It’s much easier to “hand” someone your online business card than a traditional one, because in this way, you can make sure that it won’t get lost or thrown away easily. So, stay along and read the next article to discover how to create your own virtual business card and how to use it properly in order to have the best results in your affairs.

How to Create and use Virtual Business Cards


There are many advantages of using a virtual business card, instead of a common paper-made one, and they don’t have to be neglected. First of all, by using the online domain, you become more eco-friendly, because no trees will be cut in order to create your personal business cards. Secondly, if at a certain point you believe that your business card needs some improvements, you can easily customize it without having to create new ones that must be printed.

Moreover, by having virtual business cards instead of traditional ones, will save lots of money, as this is the most cost-effective way of creating and sharing your business card.

Create a Virtual Business Card And Send It Using Your Phone


It was never been simpler to give somebody your business card than now, when the latest technology is at just fingertips. The classical encounter with a fellow business man always ends up by giving one another their business cards. The bad thing is that nine times out of ten the business cards are misplaced, lost or thrown away.

That’s why, some good guys thought about a simpler and undiscovered way to share this kind of information, so they created a way of sharing the business cards via mobile phones.

How is this possible and how does it work? Well, the innovation is that when you end up a conversation with your new acquaintance, you just share your business card via SMS. To begin with, you need to create your own business card on Contxts like this:

  1. Go to Contxts official page and create your own account. Note that the service is still in the beta phase and because of that now is totally free, but in the near future it may perceive a monthly payment.
  2. Select “get it free” from the upper menu and start writing your information which has to come under 140 characters. It’s very important to know that at this moment this service is only available for US numbers.
  3. After only two minutes of customizing, your virtual business card is ready to use. There are two methods of sending them:
  • The first one implies that the virtual business card is directly sent by its owner via SMS. To do this, just text “send (ten digits phone number of the recipient)” to 50500 and the other person will automatically receive your information.
  • If the other person knows your Contxts username, it’s enough that they send a SMS message containing only your username to 50500. You will receive a confirmation message before the other person receives your virtual business card. It’s good to know that this feature, regarding the confirmation request, can be turned off from the Contxts settings.

Use Especially Designed Applications


The CardCloud application is very easy to use, because all you have to do is log into your account or sign up in CardCloud and then start creating and personalizing your business cards. There are two ways in which you can do that: by selecting your personal contact information stored in your phone’s address book or by writing those pieces of information manually.

One of the best features of this app is that it allows you to create multiple cards, which enables you to share information with contacts from your business group. In what concerns the customization of the cards, you should feel free to edit any field you want, such as contact info, logos, profile pictures and also profiles from social networks (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn), according to your preferences.

If you want to send your business card to someone who does not have this app installed on their mobile phones, there is nothing to worry, because Cardcloud permits you to do that by sending the card directly to an email address. Also, you are able to beam your card to those Cardcloud users near you and in the same time store contact info in your address book, allowing you to remember more things about the person you met, such as when, where and how.

By adding a simple note to a contact you just met, you will know exactly when it happened and on what occasion, so you will be able to bring that out when talking to that specific person, in case they do not remember you very well.

If you are interested in this kind of application you should know that it’s available only for the Android users’ community and that can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. Good to know is that users can create a new account in two ways: either using the application or from the official webpage.

Also, another good service is the Bump application which offers a great way of sharing all kind of information (files, photos, contacts). All users have to do is to bump their phones one into another and their info will be automatically sent. This is a great solution and a very fast one too that can be used on both Android and iOS devices for free. For more information please visit their website by going to this link.

You should also take a look at CardFlick which has over 20 beautiful and very customizable (you can even choose photos from your Facebook and Instagram profile) templates for your virtual business cards. The best thing about it is that the other person that receives your business card doesn’t need to have the application installed. The application is free for download and it’s available only for iOS devices.

Create Your Virtual Business Using Your Favorite Email Client


If you usually use Mozilla Thunderbird as your primary email client to read and write emails, you should know that is possible to create a virtual business card directly from it. The application permits users to create a basic virtual business card, which is also known as vCard, where they can add their personal information. In order to automatically send your virtual business card with every email you send, follow the next simple guide:

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird and choose the email account on which you want to do the modifications. Right-click on it and select “Tools”.
  2. Once appeared, choose from the left drop menu “Account Settings”.
  3. In the right part of the menu, search for the “Attach my vCard to messages” option and check it.
  4. Now, press “Edit Card…” and start adding your personal info. When finished, don’t forget to save the changes and from here on every email you’ll send will contain your vCard.

In case you don’t want to attach your vCard to every email you send, you can always uncheck the “Attach my vCard to messages” option and add it manually. To do this, you will only have to select the arrow near the “Attach” button while composing a message and select the “Personal Card (vCard)” option.


If your favorite email client is Microsoft Outlook, you should know that if you want to attach your virtual business card to every outgoing email you have to follow the next step-by-step guide:

  1. Firstly, open Microsoft Outlook and select “Contacts”, which can be found on the left-side of the screen.
  2. Secondly, click on “New Contact” and enter the information which usually appears on a business card: first and last name, business title and name, business address, fax, phone number, email address and more.
  3. Save it and search it in the address book and highlight it by clicking on it.
  4. Now, look up for the “Business Card” button, which is placed on the upper-side of the screen, and click on its icon.
  5. Just fill in the desired information and even change the picture with the logo of you company, by selecting “Change” under the “Image” section.
  6. When everything is finished, select “OK” and then “Save & Close”.
  7. Now it’s time to add it to your outgoing emails and to do this click “Options” from the “Tools” menu.
  8. Go to “Mail Formats” and click on the “Signature” section where you have to choose the “Business Card” option. Select your virtual business card and from now on, your vCard will be automatically sent with every outgoing email.

If you are not interested in sending your vCard with every email, you have to stop at the sixth step of the guide. To add it manually, just select it from the “Business Card” menu from the “Attach Item” section whenever you compose a new email.

Create and Share Your Virtual Business Card Over The Internet


IdentyMe represents a great service that enables you to easily create, better organize and distribute your personal contact information. This services is much appreciated for creating a perfect virtual business card for yourself that you can personalize with one of the dozen amazing themes offered by them or with a unique and original one, developed by you, in accordance to your needs and preferences.

Apart from the fact that it’s a service for the creation of vCards, it also has other amazing features that must be taken into consideration. First of all, you are able to import contacts from your phone address book or from your email client with a lot of ease, in just a couple of seconds. Also, if you want to unite the contact information from your mobile phone and the ones from your many social profiles, IdentyMe is ideal because it saves you a lot of time by doing this operation in your place.

Secondly, if you are looking for a job and you want to have an accurate portfolio that will be shared with some potential employers, you should definitely choose this service, because it helps you manage your portfolio in a very organized way. Also, if you have customers and business partners that you want to share your virtual business card with, IdentyMe is exactly what you need because it helps finding the person you need in just a matter of seconds.

Moreover, this service allows you not only to place all of your contacts in a single place, but also to find contacts near you or sort them depending on their location, by using “MAP”. It is a very easy-to-use service available for every person who wants to have a perfect and personalized virtual business card that can be easily shared with others on the online platform.

Furthermore, you can always download the classic vCard (press “Get vCard”) directly from your IdentyMe personal page and send it via email. This interesting service can be used either as a free service (but with a limited number of features) or as a paid account for a monthly fee of $5.95 or for a discounted price of $64.95 for a year.

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