Yahoo mail has got one of its biggest updates ever. Yahoo has just updated its mail service across all platforms – PC, mobile & tablet which includes a fresh design which mimics the hugely popular Yahoo weather app, a new compose experience, cross-platform theme support, better threaded conversations and 1TB of storage. The new app is rolling out across the web, Android, iOS and Windows 8 devices beginning today.

Yahoo Mail is one of the most used email platform with more than 281 million users across the globe, but has been facing the heat in recent times from Google’s Gmail which is seeing frequent updates and new features being added every other month. Yahoo mail though got its last major update back in 2012, so this is like a big release from Yahoo.


New Design

The new design will bring theme support which use either solid colors or images shared from Flickr, much like the Yahoo Weather app for Android and iOS. Yahoo admits that the new design is inspired from iOS 7’s transparency effects and parallax effects.

1TB Storage

Yahoo has bumped up the storage limit for all Mail users, who will now get 1TB of space, which roughly translates to around 500k-1M attachments and ’6,000 years’ of inbox for the average user according to Yahoo. Just recently, Yahoo had bumped up the Flickr storage for free accounts to 1TB as well.


Yahoo ‘Mail Plus’ goes free

Features like disposable email addresses, POP email and mail forwarding were part of Yahoo’s ‘Mail plus’ premium feature. Now, basic (free) account holders will be getting these features. Those who are already subscribed to the Mail Plus plan will continue to get ‘Ad-free’ experience for $19.99/year, while those wanting to get the same adless experience should cough up a whopping $49.99/year fee.

Other additions/changes include a nice update to the Mail Compose experience both inside and out of conversations. You can now quickly reply with one click at the bottom of threads. The threaded conversation view has got some changes as well. It now lets you see all of the messages you’ve traded with that person without having to ‘open’ the full view, pretty much the way it works on Gmail at present.

It’s not easy to switch email providers, but those who have been loyal to Yahoo for years should welcome this new update and those looking to get a new account now have a new compelling option to consider. Are you excited about this update? Let us know via the comment section below.

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