It’s that time of the week when we shower the best of Windows applications and browser extensions for your computer. These applications are tested and confirmed to work before we make any recommendations. If you ever find a great tool, you can pitch the app to us using our contact page, or just reach any of the writers.

This week we are looking at an application that allows as many as 20 people to collaborate on an drawing app, we will also see how to run several iOS apps on Windows, as well as help you remove Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview from your handset. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Desktop Software

Driver Booster 2 (Type: Free)

driver booster 2

We have talked about Driver Booster before. It’s an application that allows you to update the drivers. As you see, updating other programs isn’t much of a jarring task, however, most people don’t care about updating the installed drivers. Well, they don’t care, because it’s sort of difficult to even figure how to do it. Driver Booster makes that process a breeze. The new version — which, although is still in beta — offers a new user interface, and allows to update game drivers as well. The download speed has gone up, and it now offers you the option should you want to rollback to a previous update version.

File Governor (Type: Free)


On several occasions while deleting, renaming or moving a file, you will be told that the operation can’t be done as the file is locked. It’s pretty similar to a program called Unlocker, but as we have recently learned, Unlocker is now seeding out Delta toolbar — which is more clunky and spammy than being of any use. File Governor lets you investigate on why a process is struck, and how you can unlock the operations.

Recordit (Type: Free)


Whether you want to make a meme, or help someone guide or provide more information with small animated files, GIF files have found their own unique purpose of existence on the Web today. However, capturing those moments could be tough, as there is no built-in feature in Windows that will allow you to do that. For that, you could use Recordit. The free version of this application allows you to capture files of as long as 5-minutes. The compression ensures the file size remains small, and doesn’t compromise much on the quality either. Once installed, Recordit sits at the system tray, from where you can easily initiate the process. Upon saving, the files automatically get stored in Recordit’s server, from where you can either view or download the file pretty easily. You can also password protect your files if you are concerned about the privacy.

Digify (Type: Free)

Dropbox has been in the news recently after Edward Snowden pointed out the privacy loopholes in it. Dropbox is “hostile to privacy’, he claimed. Part of it is because of the appointment of Condoleezza Rice — a former United States Secretary of State — as a chief of Dropbox. If you too are concerned about your privacy, here is a neat little tool for you. It’s called Digify, and it automatically deletes the files after a specific amount of time. Besides providing the self-destruct abilities, it also adds an additional security layer — which is so sophisticated that it doesn’t even let you grab a screenshot of it! We have talked about self-destruction tools before, and this completely belongs to the best of the leagues. Not just Windows, but it is also available for Mac, Android and iOS.

BrightExplorer (Type: Free)


In our previous issue, we talked about Q-dir, an application that brings 4-different panes to your viewing and productivity pleasures. However, if you find that interface a bit clunky — as a normal user could definitely find the interface heavy — you can use BrightExlorer instead. The said application adds tabs — much like any browser — to the Windows Explorer. As a result of which, it becomes terribly convenient to switch across one place to another. Take it out for a whirl, and let us know how you like it.

DrawPile (Type: Free)

There are lots of document editing services that offers collaborative features. But what if you want the same functionality on the sketch you’re making? A cross-platform application DrawPile allows as many as 20 people to collaborate and work in synchronous on the same canvas. While it looks like an amazing feature, it should be noted, that DrawPile is no Photoshop. It doesn’t offer as many features. Though, it does have brushes, pens, annotation tools, opacity adjuster, and several pictorial diagram making tools. There’s a text chat feature built-in which will allow all the participants to communicate.

iPadian (Type: Free)

iPadian is an app that allows you to run iOS apps on Windows. The emulator is free, light, and surprisingly seems to work like a charm. However, it should be pointed out that it does not gives you an access to the Apple’s App Store. But you do get a bunch of apps — such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and several more including popular game titles.

Nokia Recovery Tool (Type: Free)

Microsoft started the rollout of Windows Phone 8.1 and Lumia Cyan update earlier this month. But users who had installed Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview aren’t able to snag the said updates. Microsoft is working on a fix, but it’s been a couple of weeks, and we are yet to see the patch rolling. If you can’t wait and need to have Lumia Cyan update — which bundles Windows Phone 8.1 OS update as well as several Lumia exclusive features — you can use the Nokia Recovery Tool (US). It will allow you to get the operating system of the device rolled back to Windows Phone 8, a state which makes your Windows Phone handset eligible for the Lumia Cyan update. Do note that Nokia Recovery Tool could download as much a gig of data (or even more, depending on your handset model), but fret not, as it is completely normal. If you’re not living in US, you may want to find the right version for your region.

Browser Extensions

StyleLess Copyer (Chrome)

Whether you are trying to traverse data from Web to Excel or any other Office suite, or for any other reason you don’t want to borrow the original format of the text, StyleLess Copyer will help you with that. It removes any embedded formatting from the text and gives you the unformatted, clean version of it.

Notes for Gmail (Chrome)

Notes for Gmail is a Chrome extension that lets you add snippets across emails. You can use these snippets to add texts and links to use it as a reminder tools the next time you check those emails. It’s free, let us know if you find any other use of it.

Software Updates

Over the week several applications snagged updates. Here is a quick rundown on what’s new. Opera 23 is out, adds a new option to heart button, as well as brings stability. Speaking of browsers, Firefox 31 is also available, brings a search box to the new tab page, and improves download securuity. VirtualBox picked another update, now brings support for Blu-ray for Mac hosts. Also, Paint.NET also picked an update, squashes bugs, ups the performance.

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