It’s that time of the week when we sit back and explore the most interesting iOS apps released/updated over the past week. The developers continue to churn out quality and useful apps for the iPhones and the iPads. This week we have a nice collection of productivity apps, a business card replacement app, a music streaming app and couple of high quality games. Check out and let us know which ones you liked the most.

ContactSaver (Free)


Here’s an interesting app which searches your inbox for contacts. That’s right. ContactSaver scans your email inbox to convert email signatures into address book contacts. Genius! The app is easy to use. You just connect your Gmail account to ContactSaver and then check off the addresses it identifies, if you want to save them to your address book. Just press ‘Save’ and you’re done.

Intro by (Free) is gearing up to disrupt the business card. Their new app, Intro, is a digital business card and gathers the information you have on your personal page, such as your picture and contact info, and puts it front and center on the app. You can then share that information with others. And of course you choose what information you give out to others on the app.

Immediately (Free)

Immediately is an email client designed for salespeople, businesspeople, and dealmakers. It lets you track when your emails get opened, get reminders to follow up with leads, offer suitable meeting times in a couple taps, and use email templates to turn your phone into a sales weapon. You can configure the app to send you push notifications when email opens occur by designating which emails you want to track with a push of a button in its “Compose” interface.

Blloon (Freemium)

Blloon is a new service which claims to have almost one million books across different genres – classics, short stories, science-fiction, romance etc. It also comes with an easy search and explore feature including handcrafted/curated Readlists. Although you can start reading for free, you’ll need to pay up for additional reading. But the good thing is that the users can earn ‘free pages’ by engaging in Blloon’s community, whether that’s writing book reviews or sharing ebooks. Note that the service is currently available in UK only for now, but you should already know how to create country specific new accounts, isn’t it?

Cloth (Free)

Cloth is a new app that lets users share their favorite outfits in an Instagram-like feed, letting them get feedback from friends (with likes and chat) and saving their favorite outfits to remember later. The app has been in beta for two years and just went public. If you are into fashion, downloading this app is a no-brainer.

Auxy (Free)

Auxy is a simple but deceptively powerful music-making app, where you create beats, bass lines and melodies then string them together into tracks to share online. Yes, there are many music making apps like Fruity Loops, but Auxy is simpler and more casual than most others. And yes, it’s free as well! We just wish they bring it to the iPhone as well. 5.5″ screen isn’t too small you see.

Tidal (Freemium)


Tidal is a premium music streaming service, and by premium, we don’t just mean that you need to pay for the service, but in terms of quality. Tidal is trying to differentiate itself from the likes of Spotify by offering lossless FLAC quality music. It also mixes videos and articles with music giving you a unique experience. For now it’s US and UK only and will cost $19.99 per month.

Code School (Free)

We have previously listed down the best online educational video libraries, and here’s something for you iPhone users. The new Code School app gives the ability to view Code School’s videos for more than 40 courses on topics like JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Ruby and Rails, Git, and iOS. Mind you, this app is aimed towards professionals rather than novices.

Audio Defence: Zombie Arena ($4.99)

Somethin’ Else’s spooky audio games are back. Audio Defence : Zombie Arena is a zombie shooter audio game where you can’t see anything, so have to rely on sound to know where to hit. Not the usual zombie shooter games you might have tried in the past, so sit back and enjoy this new journey.

Vektor (Freemium)

Vektor is an aggressive cyberpunk endless runner. You are a courier guy whose mission is to deliver “top secret” data to aid the fight against the corrupt corporate goverment. While streching through the endless highway, you battle against the corporate merceneries, who would not hesitate to use any means necessary to prevent you from delivering the “package”. The game is ad supported, and can be disabled with IAP.

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