Some of the silliest questions in the world are, “Do you like music?” and “Do you like movies?”. Everyone loves these two types of entertainment, and life is definitely a lot easier thanks to them. No matter what your favorite music genre or type of movie is, you’ll always have a hard time keeping your collections organized if you like to gather a lot.

Friends will pass you their favorites, you will buy or download your ones, and by the end of the year, you’re going to have a collection that’s a bit hard to organize. In order for you to keep track of each CD, artist, movie type and director, you’ll need a few good apps and tools like the ones below.


Data Crow

The first one on the list is a tool that hasn’t been specifically created to help users organize their movies and music collection. However, Data Crow can be used to keep all sorts of data organized, no matter if it’s serious data from work or files that you use for your entertainment.

Data Crow is a smart crow that comes for free and can be installed on Windows, as well as Mac OS X. You can find all version on its website right here, where you will also learn more about the tool. Just to familiarize you with it before you give it a try, you should now that this one is a cross-platform app that also comes with a portable version.

You will be able to create catalogues for your music, software, movies, books, games, but also stamps or photos you collect. It automatically retrieves information about the items you’ve entered by checking websites like Amazon, IMDB and many more. It also supports many languages including English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian and French.

Delicious Library


Although it’s been especially appreciated for its usefulness in terms of organizing movies, this app can help you with a lot more than just that. You can use Delicious Library to organize pretty much everything from books and movies to music and figurines or photos in case you love photography.

You can basically create a virtual bookshelf by adding all of your songs or movies by category. You can easily import the list from the web or export it to the web once it’s done, so that all your friends can see what you’ve got in store.

Delicious Library is also useful for those planning to sell of them their items on Amazon or similar websites, as it allows you to quickly send the library to such websites. You’ll be able to take advantage of this tool on devices running on Mac OS X only, and the price to get it installed is $40.

Collectorz Movie Collector

Suitable for both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, Collectorz Movie Collector is an amazing tool that only costs $30. This one will let you create databases with both movies and television series and keep track of everything you have without wasting much energy or time.

It also allows its users to scan barcodes in order to add a movie to the list a lot quicker.  The tool supports tagging, so that you can set each movie as owned or wished, but also on order if you purchased it but it hasn’t arrived yet.

DVD Profiler


DVD Profiler is great for those using Windows on their computer, and it costs $30 to get it downloaded and installed in a few minutes. The tool also comes with a pretty generous trial, so you can test it before you make a decision.

To put it shortly, DVD Profiler lets you organize your movie collection by adding all movies one by one. You can either enter the title or use an URL to help identify the film you’re trying to add. If you’d like to analyze the data a little more into detail, you can see how much money you paid for each film, a genre breakdown, as well as data sets based on the year when the movies were launched.

It also comes with a feature called Movie Pick that lets you write down your personal opinion about a movie. You can rate it, but also add reviews that are going to be used next time you’re looking for suggestions in terms of movies you should watch next.


After looking at so many tools that require you to pay a fee in order to use them, it’s time to learn more about Libra. This one is totally free to install and suitable for Windows users only. While it doesn’t come with a mobile version, the one for your PC will be extremely useful in terms of organizing your movies, books, CDs and even games.

Once you turn the webcam on, Libra will automatically scan any barcode placed in from of the camera. This way, adding items to your library will only take a couple of minutes, and you can add tags to made searching a lot easier – for example, add “kids stuff” as a tag for movies that you watch with your children.

If you want to share your collection, you can easily export it to mostly any web page or share it on social media. To make it easier to show your friends what movies or music you own, you can also print your libraries. Find out more about this tool and get familiar with its features on the official website!



Those who love music and are also fans of Python, will adore MusicBrainzPicard. This is the only cross-platform tool that has been created using Python in order to help music lovers organize their collections a lot better.

It supports various formats that include MP3, M4A, OGG, WMA and many others, it lets you look up your entire music collection for a specific file and comes with features that allow you to stay organized. You can use the AcoustID feature to identify music files using audio fingerprints, and it’s a great tool for tagging.

Adding the right tags corresponding to each music file can take a lot of time, but thanks to MusicBrainzPicard, you can save some time. This one will let you add the correct genre, identify the artist and song, as well as the music album. You can install this one of your PC as long as you’re using Windows, and you can learn more about the requirements from the official website.

iTunes Match

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you most probably use iTunes for your music. This is a great way to keep your music organized and set it by playlists. Besides, it also does a great job at adding tags like music genre, album and artist without making you waste too much time.

iTunes Match is a great way to stream your entire collection from one device to the other. Although this may seem like it doesn’t have much to do with staying organized, you can’t imagine all the mess you’d go through if you had to copy your music files one by one from your PC to your mobile device. You’d most certainly end up having some files there and some others there, and you’ll lose track of what you have.

In order to avoid that and make sure that you don’t ever lose any important albums from your favorite musician, you can use iTunes Match. This is a tool that costs $24.99 per year and can be used on your iOS device, as well as your Mac and PC. It helps you store all the music to the iCloud, so that you’ll always have access to your library and have it more organized than ever before.

Google Play Music


Before we upset Android users, we should mention that Google Play Music is very similar to iTunes Match. It is basically the Android version of the previous tool and lets you upload a maximum of 25,000 songs to your collection that will be saved to a cloud.

Contrary to the tool before, this one is absolutely free to use, but it does pretty much the same thing. By saving all your music files in one plays, it lets you stream the music from one device to the other as long as they have internet connection.

Apart from letting you organize your music in one plays, the same as iTunes does it, this tool will also let you delete or reorganize files directly from your computer. You can also do it from your mobile device, and it works with Android, as well as Mac and Windows. In case you don’t have a Google account, you’ll need to create one here so that you can take full advantage of this tool.

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