Everybody should have a toolbox in their house, that’s a known fact. But in many situations, it will stay in the garage only when you will need to fix a broken door or to do whatnot around the house. A traditional toolbox doesn’t help much when it comes to our modern lifestyle. And that seems to be the idea behind Coolbox – a mix between the good old toolbox and modern features.


Coolbox comes with classic storage and compartments, but features a rugged design and a bunch of features and tools that make it a truly reliable equipment when you need to recharge your smartphone, to put your tablet on a stand and much, much more. Here are its main features and tools that it comes with:

  • Whiteboard
  • Dual handles, wheels, magnetic lid
  • Integrated power bar, internal battery
  • USB ports
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Clock
  • Bottle opener
  • LED flood light
  • Tablet stand/dock
  • Retractable power cord

In case you were wondering, the magnetic lid helps you keep track of loose screws, bolts and the other magnetic bits, and I am sure you get annoyed by this all the time. The whiteboard and the tablet stand are also really useful, as you can watch a tutorial online and write down the steps you need to take. So, for any Do-it-yourself lover out there, this is the perfect gift.

The Coolbox weighs 14.4 lbs (6.53 kg) and has a maximum load of 65 lbs (30kg). The Coolbox comes in your choice of red/black or green/yellow and 120v/240v models. You can get one for $179 and besides the special features mentioned above, it also comes with traditional tools such as a Signature edition hammer, screw driver set, hex key set, 3-piece plyer set, tape measure, level and utility knife. However, you will have to pay $39 more to get them.

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