We knew this day was coming, and Microsoft has decided today that it’s time for Internet Explorer to step down. Despite what many of us were thinking (or maybe even hoping), Microsoft’s new browser isn’t called Spartan, but Microsoft Edge. The latest version of Microsoft’s new browser comes with a lot of new features and improvements, but it seems that Microsoft is very serious about burying the Internet Explorer brand. microsoft edge windows 10 browsers.

The new browser comes with web extensions, so, for example, Chrome extensions can be modified with little code to be used on Edge. Developers will probably know why Microsoft opted fir the Edge brand as Microsoft has used the same for the new rendering engine (EdgeHTML) that is present in its Windows 10 browser. Edge will be pre-loaded on all Windows 10 devices and Joe Belfiore referred to the name as “being on the edge of consuming and creating.”

Speaking of extensions, these will go into the browser toolbar, where they will be easily accessible by users. Microsoft wants developers to take their Chrome extensions or Firefox add-ons and, with “just a few changes,” port them to the new Edge browser. It’s kind of the same approach Microsoft is taking with Android and iOS apps on Windows 10.

Microsoft said it will keep its Internet Explorer browser for enterprise customers, but a new browser could be another reason for many to make the jump to Windows 10. The new browser comes with such features like digital ink annotation, Cortana integration, and also a built-in reading list, note-taking and sharing features.

At the moment, we don’t know too much regarding its full features, and my own guess is that Microsoft will keep working on it before it’s a ready product. However, from what we’ve seen, the company is on the right path to improve its brand and leave behind what belongs to the past.

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