It’s not easy to keep things under wraps for a long time. Ask Microsoft, and they’ll tell you how impossible it is, when it comes to the launch of a new Windows OS version every single time. NewEgg, the popular online retailer has spilled the beans this time, leaking the pricing for OEM copies of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro, and also the date they go on sale!

First reported by ZDNet, the details at reveals the following details – Windows 10 release date is on August 31st 2015, and the pricing for the OEM copy of Windows 10 Home is $109.99, while Windows 10 Pro is priced at $149.99!

Update: Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 free upgrade will be available starting July 29th! You can reserve your free Windows 10 upgrade right away.


Of course, Microsoft can still alter both the pricing and the release date, but assuming they won’t, the small system builders can grab a copy of Windows 10 Home/Pro by pre-ordering on NewsEgg for the above mentioned prices. Just in case you’ve forgotten, the prices are $10 more than what we saw for the respective editions of Windows 8 back in 2012.

Microsoft has already clarified that the Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for all the qualified users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, but what’s not clear still is whether the Redmond company will offer paid upgrades to those who don’t qualify for a free upgrade. There were reports of Microsoft offering free upgrades to pirates for a year, which was eventually quashed few weeks back.

Now that NewEgg has jumped the gun and open for pre-orders, we won’t be surprised if other retailers follow suit and cash in on the excitement Windows 10 has been generating. In case you are wondering how to upgrade to Windows 10, our guide should clear up a lot of things for you. Of course there are several other editions of Windows 10, but Home and Pro are something which should interest most individuals.

Update: Official confirmation is here. Windows 10 Home will be priced at $119 and Pro will set you back $199; to upgrade from Home to Pro, you will need to pony up $99.

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